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Chipmunk Season

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I was looking around No ID’s uncomfortably named but otherwise great COCAINE 80’s blog when I stumbled on this clip of old school house DJ Ron Hardy pitching up a loop of Patti Jo’s “Ain’t No Love Lost.” The all too concise Chi-town producer weighed in on it’s influence:

“When I started DJing I would spin Chicago House Music… We used to play this record… Just an example of where the speeding up of the songs influenced my early style of production… We used to speed records up and find parts to repeat that sounded good…”

(No ID, for those not paying attention, mentored Kanye. Kanye inspired a generation of idiot bedroom beatmakers to playing their Mom’s Teddy Pendergrass records at 45. “Chipmunk soul,” it was labeled.) (more…)