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Ain’t No Replacement For This Killer

Monday, January 16th, 2006

Philly’s Most Wanted f/ Beanie Sigel – “Suckas Pt. 2
from Cross The Border 12″ (Atlantic, 1999)
Beanie Sigel – “Peep The Steelo
from Best Of Beanie Sigel Mixtape (1999?)
Beanie Sigel – “Freestyle
unreleased (roc-a-fella, 1999?)

Just a quick shot about Philly’s finest and one of the hungriest rappers to ever hold a mic. I posted “Suckas Pt. 2” a few years back, but in cased you missed it, you can hear Mac Mittens murder the now milk carton worthy Philly’s Most Wanted on their own shit. “Peep The Steelo” is another banger off the all too premature Best Of Beanie Sigel mixtape, but the freestyle is the real gem. Short and sweet, beans spits smoother than Jerome on Martin over a 45 king beat. Dude delivers one of my all time favorite nonsequiters in the history of rap with the infamous “ate a million dollars, and shitted four million quarters” line. I believe this track originally appeared on one of those first week six track bonus cds that def jam was tacking on to cds in the late 90s. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Up until recently I don’t think a lot of heads really noticed how dope Beanie is. So I was really glad to see The B-Coming pop up on so many year end lists after the extended critical neglect. Siges has an almost Scarface like appeal in that even when he spits a would be corny line he says it with such emotion that it still sounds dope. (If that Mac & Brad album they were threatening to drop a few years back ever came to fruition my head would explode.) Hopefully his criminal activity or the alleged industry blackballing of Dame Dash doesn’t fuck up his career, because I’m really looking forward to some new shit from him. Rumor has it the G-Unit juggernaut is looking to snatch him up, which might actually be a good look for both parties.

It might just be (post-)roc week here, but I’m not sure how dedicated I am to that concept. We’ll see…

“He likes the way I walk”

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z – “Dear Summer
from 534 (Roc-A-Fella, 2005)

The existence of Memphis Bleek is so confusing. The guy debuted professing his love for the jiggaman, and in return he got one of the hottest beats on Jay’s third record and cuts three mediocre and unpopular albums for the hottest east coast record label, stays active on the roster, while artists with super potential (both commercially and creatively) sit patiently on the shelf – just ask these guys.

Name one other rapper who can make three consecutive flops for (the same) major label without one legitimate hit single and not get dropped. Don’t get me wrong, Bleek is not a terrible rapper, but he’s also not a great one or a popular one. This is rap, and as much as I hate to admit it, the game’s not about cultivating artists, it’s about making hits.

Coming Of Age had that one song that I can’t remember. The Understanding couldn’t move units even with one of the better outtakes from Jay’s Vol. 3 (“Is That Yo Bitch?”) as a lead single. Very few people were even aware that M.A.D.E. ever dropped, I honestly forgot that record existed until I googled this guy (even though now that I think of it, it did have some bangers, namely “Just, Bleek & Free” – see if you can guess who the weak link in that triptych is).

Shouldn’t this dude be sitting in rap purgatory with Amil and Sauce Money (who was actually pretty dope) by now? Or at least be putting out wack mixtapes with his imaginary get low crew on koch (by the way JT’s calling – he wants his record label name back). How or why is he still throwing up that dynasty sign?

Oh right.. it’s so best rapper alive Jay-Z has a venue for which to drop solo heaters while in “retirement” (could you imagine Cam’ron, when he was there, giving a whole cut to Jay? Shit even Amil squeezed her 8 bars or whatever into “4 The Fam”). This cut is sandwiched between a bunch of Bleek tracks that I haven’t bothered listening to. But, Jay’s back on leave from his “brand new bitch corporate america”. The JUST BLAZE beat’s mad soulful, might be 9th Wonder (who was supposed to have a hand in this project) and Jay basically serenading the season he ruled for so long (remember when you could expect a summer jigga single like clockwork? it seems like ages ago. but rap moves fast). And he ends with the plea to “please show the same love to my friends”. But if history’s any indicator I’m thinking it’ll be another loveless summer for Memph Bleek.

I’m not sure when 534 drops officially, but rest assured, when it does, you won’t hear about it. If I get around to listening to the rest of it, I’ll be sure to let you know how bland it is.

Jigga been cold as fuck before ice

Friday, February 25th, 2005

not before christ / but a long fuckin’ time…
High Potent – “HP Gets Busy
from HP Gets Busy (Get Live, 1986)

Well here it is, the rarely mentioned, first recorded appearance from the Jiggman (The Jaz, too). It’s pretty corny (although not quite as corny as “Hawaiian Sophie”, recorded some three years later), but it’s a damn significant artifact. Who could’ve possibly predicted that this kid would one day become the best rapper alive?

This record is nearly twenty years old. So how old does that make “Young” Hov? Discuss.

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