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Based On A True Story

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

It’s been a minute since we’ve formally checked in on Lil B. He’s still moving a the speed of fios, dominating the World Star front page, rocking SXSW, spreading positivity and generating a fair share of internet hate along the way. But at the same time he’s gaining in influence. One of the more exciting things about his Based Freestyles is their low cost of entry. Even more than the Jerkin or Crank Rap explosions, a Based Freestyle is something any kid anywhere can knock out in an afternoon all in the name of personal expression. We’ve already heard Soulja Boy’s entry into the Based cannon, but lesser known aspiring rappers all over the world have been tossing up their own Based Youtubes as of late. Of course, as with B’s own work, ease of creation is quality control’s worst enemy. But quality output is rarely high priority for a teenager.

Hit the jump for a selection of those clips. And, just to be clear, these videos are posted for purely anthropological purposes. I am not necessarily cosigning any of these artists. The music they’ve created, I don’t really listen to it. But the fact that they’re making it, I respect that. If you hated Lil B these are not for you. If you like Lil B these are probably not for you either. (more…)