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No, Tracy Chapman

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Murs – “Dreadlocks
from Murs For President (Warner, 2007)

I don’t want to cry “sellout.” Because selling out is good business.

And it’s certainly not ignorant rap. He suggests reading about Selassie. And shouts out college graduates. And it’s a damn De La hook.

About 2 steps and a walk out away from from the socially aware dance craze we discussed last week?

I guess the issue is an aesthetic shift. Dude dumbed down his style.

But his style wasn’t ever that complex, not in this decade it wasn’t.

Come to think of it Murs has always been rapping about sort of smart shit in a sort of dumb way. Or maybe the other way around.

He’s been open about the fact that Murs For President is his underground exodus record, but I was expecting something closer to early CMW than late CMT.

Realistically I expected him to make a third rate Rhymefest record. And this is much more interesting than that.

But it’s still not that great.

Rick Rock’s slap is slightly more engaging than 9th Wonder’s snoozers, but it’s about equally generic.

It’s weird. If this was an unknown act, or The Pack, I might cautiously ride for it. But it’s Murs. So I’m mostly confused.

It’s not like it’s a dishonest record. I don’t doubt that this is the record he wanted to make. So more power to the dude. It’s not like Sunspot or whoever is doing anything BUT keeping it real.

I assume.