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Long Rap Songs

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Siah & Yeshua Da poED – “A Day Like Any Other”
from Gravity EP (Fondle ‘Em, 1996)
Family Four – “Rap Attack”
from Rap Attack 12″ (Tyson Records, 1980)

Two really long, really dope songs you should be up on.

The first is from Siah & Yeshua’s first and only EP on Bobbito’s legendary Fondle ‘Em label. “Day Like Any Other” was the records centerpiece, clocking in at about 11 minutes it features the duo trading tales of mythological proportions over about as many different beats. Yeshua has been doing his thing with Wee Bee Foolish for a minute, but after this EP and a subsequent solo 12″ (also on Fondle), Siah dropped off the face of the earth, apparantly on some sort of religious mission. My cohost Gainsey called siah “the jewish q-tip”, and I kinda agree. (and yes, that is a skip you hear, and no, that’s not my record, thank god…)

The other one i don’t know much about, except it appeared on last years uber hush hush disco rap compilation Original Style. While that comps out of print, there’s a bootleg 12″ floating around now, and you’ll probably have to settle for that as the OG clocks much loot on the rare ocassions it does turn up.

So I guess someone forgot to give me the memo, but dope hip hop is back in the building. I completely stopped paying attention, but after a few hours on soulseek this has become very obvious. Theodore Unit is the album ghostface fans have been waiting for. 213 is a near return to form for three near legends who never really reached their near potential. Beanie Sigel dropped an incredible mixtape (expect no less from philly philly’s finest STATE PROP. now if they could just get their album game up to par). Terror Squad even has it’s moments. Houston’s doing it with Mike Jones & Slim Thug. And even the Young Buck LP is oddly appealing. And on the underground tip – L’Roneous and Masta Ace both dropped sick LPs recently.

Edan‘s got a new Mix CD with a crazy concept – every cut samples JB’s ubiquitous Funky Drummer break. Definetly looks like one worth peeping, but it seems like it’d get just a little redundant.

And more insanity – NYC based british record dealers attempt to list every hip hop record ever. I think Jada said it best… why?