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New Rap Music

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I am doing this again now. Sometimes. Shouts out to Jimmy Pitchfork and Jaron Lanier.

Joey Badass f/ Ab-Soul – “Enter The Void”

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from Waves single (Cinematic, 2012)

I’ve already said my piece about Joey Badass and it’s not the word to play but here his new jack old head style is stripped of its borrowed aesthetic and left butt naked next to the most underrated retired keystyler in the TDE camp. Joey was even kind or foolish enough to let Soul rap first here. And rap he does. It’s always great to hear him spitting about chakras and shamen, especially if you are like me and keep an Abstract Rude poster hidden behind your Gucci Mane poster like that Bo Derek shit concealed by a Rand McNally world map in a 1970s jail cell. (∞ NHJIC) But more than that he just sounds great while saying these words over this sort of low bitrate blaxpo tension that’s somewhere between Product Of The ’80s era Sid Roams and Pilot Talk era Ski Beatz.

I bought this off itunes because I always make a point to support independent music before I bootleg it. Strangely though the file took a good hour to download and for that alone I guess I have to begrudgingly salute Joey Badass’ loyalty to even the dial up modem technology of the days he fetishizes. (Prod. by Lee Bannon)

Freshman Orientation, 2012

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Today is a day! It might even be the day. The greatest day in all of hip hop, even. The one in which XXL Magazine and Diet Mountain Dew announce their esteemed annual Freshman cover, highlighting some of the best and brightest rising rap talents. Their selection is as diverse as its ever been this year, too, featuring wide variety of rappers from the ones who are presently signed to Interscope to those who are about to announce their signing to Interscope.

Make no mistake, the XXL Freshmen isn’t about forecasting, or even recommendations. It’s about creating an argument and using that argument to remind us that XXL does still exist. Yes, this post only helps to perpetuate that cycle but whatever, it’s also a good excuse to analyze the careers of a few buzzed about rappers. And several “buzzed about” rappers. Hit the jump for the report cards. (more…)

Interview: Danny Brown Talks About Rap Pt. 2

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011


If you missed Part 1 of the Danny Brown interview, check it now.

So going back to your timeline, how do you jump from the Bay to Rawkus?
That was just my hip hop timeline. My pops he trained me not to listen to just one genre of music so I was always listening to other shit. I was going through music phases just like everybody else who was a music nerd. I went through the whole grunge shit, I went through the whole Rage [Against The Machine] phase, I went through the whole Korn, System of a Down rap-rock shit. I went through those phases right along with the people that wasn’t listening to hip hop, all the way up to when they was bumping M.I.A. and shit like that. I was a music nerd bro. I studied all this shit instead of just one genre. That’s really how I run my shit. I run my shit more so like an indie rock artists than a rapper.

How did that play with other hip hop heads, if you were to bring around Korn or something?
You know, niggas ain’t fucking with it. It’s the same shit though. These niggas don’t really understand what hip hop is supposed to be. It’s just like my music. The people that fucked with all the shit I named and still branched out into all those other genres and shit, that’s who fuck with my music. It ain’t the super hip hop heads who think hip hop is just supposed to be what it is. They think hip hop is supposed to sound the same way and it’s supposed to be what it was. Really I thought hip hop was supposed to be an expression of youth. If you just doing something that’s true to yourself then that’s hip hop. (more…)

Interview: Danny Brown Talks About Rap Pt. 1

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Danny Brown – “Radio Head” (Internet, 2011)

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Danny Brown is a very talented rapper from Detroit. His The Hybrid was one of last year’s strongest mixtapes and he’s currently preparing an Itunes rerelease with bonus tracks for Feb. 8th. Rather than do the regular straight forward new rapper Q&A, I sat down with him to talk about rap, music and rap music for the latest installment in CB’s TALKS ABOUT RAP series.

What was your first rap tape?
Kid N Play 2 Hype. I bought it from the gas station for ten bucks. I had young parents. My pops had me he was 16, my moms was 18 so he always listened to [rap]. He was a house DJ too and I always had that house and techno. Being from Detroit that’s like our little underground scene, that’s our world. It was always Ghettotech around. But he always had the little hip hop tapes here and there [too], he had a wide range of what he’d listen to. He was bumping Ice-T for a minute and then it went to NWA and all that shit and then before you know it changed to Tribe Called Quest. By the time Tribe Called Quest came around I was old enough to start buying shit for myself. I think that the first tape that I got into on my own was Spice 1. I didn’t know that type of hip hop existed, Bay Area hip hop. I was listening to West Coast shit but it wasn’t Bay shit and for some reason when I heard that Spice 1 shit I knew there was something out there that was different. That’s what the independent scene was to me at the time, the Bay shit. In the Bay niggas had like 415 and Richie Rich so I was just getting into that type of shit. And then from there that’s when the whole Death Row shit came around. And then once I heard Wu-Tang it was over with. That’s when CDs first came out. My pops bought me my first Wu-Tang CD Enter The 36 Chambers. Then I got into Nas. Then came the whole Rawkus stage, then like Slum Village as Detroit hip hop started progressing and getting recognized. I was into that because that was hometown shit. But then after that stage I was into Def Jux, I got into it from Rawkus, listening to a lot of Rawkus shit. Then from the Def Jux stage it went over to the London shit, I started listening to a lot of Grime and a lot of Dubstep because I was influenced from the techno and the house shit from when I was younger. So I easily gravitated to that. And after that? I was doing hip hop on my own. So I guess I just got influenced by all that shit I just named.

Yeah you just about ran down the last twenty years of hip hop completely.
[Laughs] (more…)