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Drug Music

Lil Wayne f/ Young Money – “Open Shop

Backpack rap is better than “A Milli” . Can someone please ID the livin’ like it’s ’88, tap water drinkin’, antelope antler wielding Apple Street animal who demolishes the heart missing no love second verse? I am officially sleeping on Wayne’s people. (PAWS)

Produced by Develop.

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11 Responses to “Drug Music”

  1. ceedat Says:

    Bro, it MACK MAINE!

  2. blehblah Says:

    This shit is wack as fuck, how do people consider this lame ass the greatest rapper?, this shit isn’t even music and it sure as hell isn’t fucking hip hop, fuck this wack ass shit

  3. noz Says:

    “Bro, it MACK MAINE!”

    Really? He sounds more mature than on the old joints.

  4. Tray Says:

    Hey, speaking of Mack Maine, where can I find more work by that guy who made Push Ups (With My Money)?

  5. eauhellzgnaw Says:

    I’m feelin the 1st 2 verses. Chorus stinks, though.

  6. m-greezy Says:

    2nd verse is the best. he def. didnt kill it, but its better than waynes gurgling. im not going to listen to it again

  7. ANU Says:

    mack maine is a genius

  8. DocZeusX Says:

    I think “A Milli” is the very first song in history to be miraculously really dope and unbelievably annoying at the same time.

  9. V4g4rd Says:

    I´, soooo glad Currencys gone, so that Weezy can focuse more on Raw D.I. and Mac Maaaaaine. Mac got a couple of hot verses on the lil weezyana tape, Noz.

  10. XXLmag.com | Hip-Hop On A Higher Level | » This Robot Can Move Says:

    […] with 8 from the last four months. He’s been riding auto tune auto pilot, getting outshined by his weed carriers and clones, and generally phoning in his verses. Wayne has always spit punchlines but only recently […]

  11. Brian Dawson Says:

    mack maine is all over wayne’s mixtapes since like 2000 or 2001. the hottest shit is Weezy and Co. over the Knuck If You Buck beat on his LilWeezyAna mixtape from 2003 or 2004. He definitely is the illest Young Money artist besides Weez. He doesn’t mind being off the wall…but I guess hangin’ with the CokeFace Killah aka Wayne, you’re bound to saw some wierd shit..

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