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Shock G has a long myspace blog where he details (and I mean details) the creation of “I Get Around.” In it he reveals an unreleased extended mix with “music drop-outs, long drums-only sections, delays & echoes on sound bites, different vocal effects, etc.” and even admits that Pac wrote his rhymes:

The “satin on your panties” line was another cool sounding line but I really didn’t know what it meant when I was saying it, I just spit it confidently anyway, which is the rule when riming. Later, I imagined he meant that, before a girl was a fan of d.u., before she heard Sex Packets and Freaks of the Industry, and/or before she had sex with me personally, she wasn’t conscious of the fabric of her undergarments, or the sexiness-value of them, but ever since the “aftershock” she now wears satin panties regularly. (ha ha, Pac you a fool for that one!!) So as it turns out, the most popular punch-line of my career was penned by Tupac.

This is excerpted from Shock’s forthcoming Pac book “Producing A Young Genius,” which looks like it could use a good editor/ghost writer. (Shock… holler!)

Live performance of the track after the jump

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25 Responses to “Round & Round”

  1. drug pollen Says:

    shock – holler 4 rill

  2. hash pappy Says:

    Like I said kid, dowhatchalike?!!? Unless this record is being referenced 2 on a blog… the beat will keep on knockin’ & we aint gonna stop until the panties drop… : )

  3. ANU Says:

    Between shock and pac, i think the real genius is shock…
    And the other genius he produced isn’t pac, but it’s saafir…

  4. Streetwearisdead.com Says:

    This is excerpted from Shock’s forthcoming Pac book “Producing A Young Genius,” which looks like it could use a good editor/ghost writer. (Shock… holler!)

    LOL. That’s so real, he spelled rhyming, “riming”.

  5. wheatstraw Says:

    nah, “put the satin in your panties” is an old-head phrase meaning get your panties wet. slang didn’t start with hip-hop, all due respect.

  6. Tray Says:

    Rap, ANU, has got to be the only genre where, on the basis of one good album and some great impromptu performances, we call someone a genius. As for Pac not being a genius, well of course.

  7. tommy Says:

    Aren’t those skidz Shock is wearing?

  8. deej Says:

    why do bloggers hate 2pac?

  9. noz Says:

    While Pac’s musical genius may be debatable, I think it’s hard to deny that dude was a genius of marketing, publicity, theatre, etc.

    As for Saafir even being in the same conversation… wow… LOL… A LOLerskating Jam Called Saturdays.

  10. padraig Says:

    “bloggers” hate tupac b/c tons of his stans confuse his music with his persona/legend and think that everyone is required to acknowledge him as the greatest MC ever to walk the earth. I would never deny his greatness as a maker of myths or brands but I find his rapping to be mostly boring and heavy-handed and many of his beats to bad and/or irritating. I don’t see what the big deal is – other people can still irrationally love him.

    and i’d never argue for saafir over him but I’d much, much rather listen to “boxcar sessions” than anything out of pac’s catalogue.

  11. Tray Says:

    Okay, I’ll give you his being a genius of self-promotion. Which puts him up there with 50 Cent and Madonna.

  12. noz Says:

    Saafir is more important than Madonna.

  13. padraig Says:

    the difference is that tupac was very sincere about his beliefs, as confused as they may have usually been. actually comparing him to 50 is interesting b/c they’re kinda polar opposites; pac the fake thug who in a sense achieved realness via his obsessive neverending quest to proove that realness vs. 50 who’s gone in exactly the opposite direction to become a safe, glowing corporate billboard.

    and I don’t know that Saafir’s more “important” than Madonna but if they battled he’d destroy her.

  14. MiRKED Says:

    dope story…

    o yea TUPAC = G.O.A.T.

  15. ANU Says:

    I talked bout saafir only because he was shock’s protege too.
    I’m not compairing career, style or anything else.

  16. thugg lyfe Says:

    this is yalls 19 year old white boy revisionist history. back in the day pac had the final say. out here in the west, i dont give a fuck where, we hung on his every word.
    man i do not know why yall are testing his credentials either. the boy lived that life. any yall ever taken a fuckin bullet? he never snitched. he was fuckkin with death row. he never backed down.

  17. thugg lyfe Says:

    and i am approaching his music and cred separately, not stannish.

  18. Tray Says:

    I think Madonna was pretty important. Just the damage she did to Kane’s career alone is more important than any impact Saafir had on hip-hop.

  19. drug pollen Says:

    word tray
    wheres the fuckin tray blog anyways

  20. Tray Says:

    I’ve been thinking about it, but writing a blog’s got to be a little harder than making tons of semi-articulate blog comments. There’s also so little good new rap coming out (IMO) that I don’t know what I’d write about – post after post on the greatness of The Infamous and Ice Cream Man perhaps?

  21. padraig Says:

    well, clearly someone using the name “thugg lyfe” has nothing but credibility when it comes to discussing tupac. anyone who tries to excise the part of tupac’s life where he grew up not on the streets but as the son of a black panther and then went to art school is not only deluding themselves but doing the man himself a disservice. I’m not saying he lacked integrity, just that he was, like Ice Cube or Mobb Deep, an intellectual who took on the thug persona as a career move – only in his case it was more than that b/c he strove so hard to actually live it as well. whatever, put me in the “pac was a genius” column. he just wasn’t a good rapper, but there are plenty of other geniuses who weren’t good rappers either.

  22. Thrug Lyfe Says:

    yes padraig, i am aware of his background. my point is that he also did fully live that life, and consciously chose to do so

    theres more to rap music than hip hop. a great mc will make a cool hip hop album. but a true thug mc doesnt need to tongue twist. poetry isnt about syllable counts and perfect timing. he was the best rapper. twista or some shit is best mc, i dunno, jayz, i dont really give a fuck. thats on that bullshit. i listen to the content more than the sound.

  23. cocaine hyacinth Says:

    yeah well there is plenty of well written blogs tray

    i wouldnt mind have a comment field to talk to myself about ghetto d and dont fight the feelin and docs da name 2k

  24. Keenon! Says:

    He’s not talking about the 7″ remix, right?

  25. The Son Of Heaven Says:

    The Son Of Heaven…

    …a good post over at . . ….

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