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Freshman Orientation, 2014


The latest XXL Freshman List was announced earlier this week and by now I don’t have to tell you that this is most important thing that can happen in hip hop. It’s more important than Jay-Z selling you something and more important than Nas fondly reminiscing on the days when he could still sell you something. It might even more important than Kanye West going on a field trip or two rappers you’ve only ever heard of via Twitter bickering on Twitter. And most certainly this announcement is more important than all of the rap music ever released including both “Top Billin'” and “True Fuschnick.”

The last time I wrote about this very important list was in 2012. I drank a whole twelve pack of Mountain Dew as research or the project and was struck by how so many of the rappers chosen were even worse than the aftertaste. But over the time since I’ve grown to appreciate that 2012 Freshman selection, not because those rappers are any good – anyone even a little bit implicit in Iggy Azalea’s recent ascension deserves to be fed alive to angry koala bears – but because XXL was at least trying to stitch together an accurate representation of what rap’s mutating audience had been or was about to be listening to.

Following the success of the great rapper Kendrick Lamar, whose entire body has since been encased in gold, the XXL staff put those goals aside last year and just tightened their backpack straps one some Rasheed Wallace I DON’T FOOL WITH THE YOUNGE THUGS AND I ESPECIALLY DON’T FOOL WITH THEM EYE EM SUEZ shit. Instead they propped up a bunch of dudes who would’ve been locked away in the S.O.B.’s walk in freezer if they had been born fifteen years earlier but who today have the right management or page views or whatever to get themselves on the cover of a once prominent rap magazine. I was going to write one of these things around that cover but I literally fell asleep while trying to do so. (Literally literally.) This year is a lot of the same, more of the boring, but because I love you all and hate myself I decided to peel my eyelids back with one of those Clockwork Orange gadgets just long enough to kick a few dumb jokes about my droog my droog Rich Homie Quan.

Chance The Rapper
Bio: He’s sensitive, Hank Hill voice.
Age: 21
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Label: Unsigned (Is any man truly unsigned?)
Past Freshman Predecessor: Best case scenario Kendrick Lamar, worst case Charles Hamilton.
Twitter Followers: 579k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 9/10 The best technical rapper to make this list in at least three years.
Creativity: 8/10 “Paranoia” was well executed and smart enough to shut down a million concerned think pieces about Chicago but he’s also creative in the way that might inspire someone to, say, wear overalls with no shirt underneath to the highest profile photo shoot of their career. This also means Woody Woodpecker adlibs, Mos Def yodels and mad adventurous Soundcloud beats. He could prove to be the most brilliant rap experimentalist of his time or he might tip all the way towards Clefdom and wake up on a new Ducati singing “Kumbaya.”
Marketability: 6/10 His success has been pre-ordained by tastemakers in much the same way that Odd Future’s was. This is to say that a bunch of white critics and and armchair A&Rs and Reddit users who all discovered rap in 2006 and never listen to the radio are certain that he’s going to be bigger than Drake and U2.
Sustainability: 8/10 Chance the Rapper is close friends with Childish the Gambino.

Rich Homie Quan
Bio: A young man from Atlanta.
Age: 24
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Label: Probably Def Jam, but nobody has told him yet.
Predecessor: Roscoe Dash
Twitter Followers: 257k
Highest Charting Single: Type Of Way (Hot #50 / HH #12)
Skills: 5/10 I feel no type of way about his rapping ability.
Creativity: 6/10 Initially it took me a long time to embrace Quan because of the obvious debt he owes to Future but as he’s doubled down on that approach – and Future has started to move elsewhere – he’s managed to carve out some interesting shit in that space with regards to both style and emotions.
Marketability: 9/10 This is XXL’s token established radio hitmaker safety net choice (putting him the same space as luminaries like Kirko Bangz and Rich Boy) and he feels especially out of place as the only rapper on this entire list with a charting hit single. And that’s not even accounting for his dominant presence on what might be the last pure rap crossover hit ever – YG’s “My H-Word.”
Sustainability: 5/10 Maybe he’ll manage to make it over Future hill or maybe he’ll be shipped off to the Island of Forgotten ATLiens by next summer. (The island is located in the middle of a fountain at the Lenox Square Mall. There J Money and OJ The Juiceman share a bunk bed and an Iphone charger.)

Isaiah Rashad
Bio: Alternate timeline Kendrick Lamar in which he is shipped to the south as an orphan and adopted by David Banner.
Age: 22
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Label: TDE
Predecessor : Big Krit
Twitter Followers: 67.1k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 Potentially a very good rapper and an attentive enough writer but he’s currently trapped inside a self made prison of Kendrickisms and wordy cipher rat gibberish like “as the verbal appears its reflecting my perspective.” Who could’ve guessed that Canibus would be a more influential rapper than Jay-Z in 2014?
Creativity: 5/10 Full disclosure I am going to harbor some heavy biases against any artist who names his songs after Scarface and Webbie but records and mixes them with all the energy and thump of a Little Brother record.
Marketability: 4/10 Multiply Kendrick Lamar’s commercial appeal by Big Krit’s commercial appeal. (So what is eighty four times zero?)
Sustainability: 6/10 TDE is not going anywhere.

Ty Dolla $ign
Bio: No matter how many times Ty Dolla $ign tells the world that he’s a singer and not a rapper people keep telling him the opposite. Even his record label seems to think he’s a rapper, which is why they put him on this cover.
Age: 29
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Pushaz Ink/Atlantic
Predecessor: I don’t fucking know. Barry White?
Twitter Followers: 139k
Highest Charting Single: “Paranoid” (Hot #29 / HH #9)
Skills: 6/10 I’m no sing critic but he seems like a pretty good singer.
Creativity: 8/10 He coined the word “boogerwolf.” What have you done with your life?
Marketability: 8/10 The only thing the masses love more than DJ Mustard is hating women.
Sustainability: 6/10 The Mustard wave must crash eventually though when it does I could see Ty washing ashore in some critical darling capacity ala Kelis or Solange. He has good taste like that. And maybe one day he will make a song that’s better than “My Cabana.”

Lil Durk
Bio: The kid next to Chief Keef in that one video. No, not him. The other kid.
Age: 21
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Label: Def Jam
Predecessor: Future
Twitter Followers: 483k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 He can rap I guess. I don’t even care anymore though. A lot of motherfuckers can rap. Skills mean next to nothing to nobody with half a brain today and this is why we no longer do the word the honor of spelling it with a “z” or of listening to his year end Rap Up songs.
Creativity: 7/10 Durk always seemed like the most capable and accessible hook writer out of the Drill Movement, even before the Drill Movement was a movement. He’s a true master of the sadotune anthem but hasn’t been able to translate that talent to much commercial success. “L’s Anthem” alone seems like it could’ve should’ve would’ve been as big as any of those Quan records had it been given the right push.
Marketability: 4/10 He doesn’t have much of a personality to work with beyond the tragic rebel/knucklehead narrative that both haunts and propels all of his contemporaries. But maybe the songs will be enough.
Sustainability: 6/10 Chicago is not going anywhere.

Kevin Gates
Bio: For all the advanced computer technology at their disposal it’s almost impressive how XXL still manages to remain so far behind the curve when it comes to regional rap trends. In addition to just now fully embracing the Drill thing after two years of concerned parents wringing their hands about it, they’ve also finally acknowledged the existence Kevin Gates who has been dominating the south and making some of the most powerful rap music anywhere for some time now (and who I worry might’ve peaked creatively with his pair of semi-albums from last year.). Now that New York rap media has finally and begrudgingly acknowledged the existence of Boosie whoever put him on the first Freshman cover is probably patting themselves on the back as if Boosie wasn’t already a street hero on his fifth album at that point. And that’s about where they picked Gates up too. But cut them some slack because it takes at least six or seven years to travel from Manhattan to Baton Rouge by foot and with all the budget cuts at Harris Publications everyone has to make some sacrifices.
Age: 28
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Label: Atlantic
Predecessor: Lil Boosie
Twitter Followers: 183k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 8/10 He raps like Juvenile trying to crawl out of Chamillionaire’s throat. And yes this is a good thing.
Creativity: 8/10 He creates more feelings per song than all of these other bums combined. Just look at where he falls on this FPS graph.
Marketability: 5/10 Gates’ depth does him no favors in a time when most music is first experienced in the context of a frantic social networking binge. The minor success of “Satellites” could very well prove to be his mainstream ceiling.
Sustainability: 9/10 That’s not necessarily a problem though. As long as he doesn’t fall off or sell out he’ll be a king in Baton Rouge and probably every small town and hole in the wall venue in a 500 mile radius until the day he dies. And maybe if he builds that audience quietly for long enough he can bully his way in like Boosie is doing right now.

Troy Ave
Bio: New York City is the original birthplace of hip hop and rap music.
Age: 28
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Anyone who needs to make a Youtube video about how they aren’t signed to Def Jam is probably signed to Def Jam.
Predecessor: Lord Jamar
Twitter Followers: 40.5k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 He can rap I guess.
Creativity: 3/10 Dude is riding in that Freddie Gibbs lane of token boom bap conservative neanderthal talking head, and with that comes both a narrowness of creative vision and a general sour grapes attitude that will only continue to seep into his middling music. Admittedly i was pretty funny that time he said “Kendrick wears his shorts above his knees” but only until you remember that Kendrick is arguably the greatest rapper of his generation and Troy is a guy who needed to buy a Lloyd Banks verse to get radio spins in his own city.
Marketability: 2/10 ed-lover-cmon-son.gif
Sustainability: 6/10 He has a long career ahead of him, one full of desperate Hot 97 bids by way of Jeremih collabs and/or infinite Vlad TV interviews about how all of the young people are faggots.

Vic Mensa
Bio: Like Chance The Rapper but with fewer chances and more rapping.
Age: 20
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Label: The Internet (which is now a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings)
Predecessor: Chance The Rapper
Twitter Followers: 47.1
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 8/10
Creativity: 7/10 Vic is every bit the technical rapper that his Save Money rhyme partner Chance is but he lacks both the spiritual depth and necessary eccentricity to fully connect with the blogo indie rap mafia. It’s strange that he’s on this list at all really, given their similarity and allegiances, but hey Chance is shimmering so brightly in what is otherwise a dark age for emerging rap talent that even his little brother is landing cover stories in the refraction.
Marketability: 5/10 It seems likely that Vic and Chance developed their very similar rap styles mutually. In fact I’ve heard some suggest that Vic was rocking with it first but I’m certainly not going to spend any more time with the horrible Rootsy rap jam band that launched his career to see if they’re right. Either way you can only own a rhyme style until someone more famous than you embraces it. (Ask Young Chris.). And since Chance came first and will always be two steps ahead career wise it’s going to be difficult to assert Vic as a rightful peer and just not a biter or weed carrier. The one thing he does have going for him is that he seems more grounded, his santiy could come in handy if Chance does end up at the bottom of whatever rabbit hole he’s been peeking into.
Sustainability: 5/10 Let’s see if I make it to the end of this sentence.

Lil Bibby
Bio: Hell Rell’s great-grandson.
Age: 20
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Label: We spell unsigned with a question mark around these parts. Kemosabe/Sony
Predecessor: Meek Mill
Twitter Followers: 95k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 Bibby is still figuring it out and sometimes it seems like his stylistic aspirations sometimes outpace technical capabilities but he’s gradually becoming a good rapper. And at the risk of sounding old as shit it is nice to have a new class of kids injecting some rapping ass rapping into a street rap scene that has so often favored other things.
Creativity: 5/10 Good flows, relative paucity of ideas. The elephant on this cover is the presence of Bibby in the absence of his clearly superior rhyme partner Lil Herb. This feels a little like putting Phife instead of Tip on the 1989 Freshman cover and calls into question either the reach or the scope of the Freshman franchise. Is it possible that Herb turned the cover down? And if not did anyone at XXL get fired when “Chiraq” dropped?
Marketability: 3/10 He could probably sell some mixtapes in a barbershop if it were still 2002.
Sustainability: 5/10 Chicago is not going anywhere.

Jon Connor
Bio: The internet has long suggest that XXL is and always has been nothing more than a promotional front for the Aftermath/Interscope empire and I’ve often tried to dispute that tin foil hat shit but damn they really aren’t helping my case with this selection.
Age: 29
Hometown: Flint, MI
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
Predecessor: Jay Rock
Twitter Followers: 32.5k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 He sounds like Game on Kendrick juice. Are these those “bars” I’ve been hearing so much about?
Creativity: 2/10 His name is almost the same as the kid from Terminator 2 but he probably doesn’t even own a Public Enemy t-shirt.
Marketability: 5/10 I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that you can’t underestimate the commercial potentiality of a mediocre rapper with a strong promotional push. Assuming this kid doesn’t get Cashised out of the Interscope offices he might could sell a few copies.
Sustainability: 2/10 I’ve already forgotten his name.

Jarren Benton
Bio: Remember when underground rappers used to offer an aesthetic or at least thematic alternative to mainstream rap? This guy Jarren is the exact opposite of all that. If you don’t want to listen to whatever’s popular as a statement alone you can listen to a proudly less popular dude try and make the exact same music that popular musicians make (plus he added some extra dubstep wobbles if you are into X-Games and Xbox).
Age: 32 Really though?! Is there a narc in the Freshman dorm?
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Label: Funk Volume
Past Freshman Paralllel: Dizzy Wright
Twitter Followers: 47.6k
Highest Charting Single: N/A
Skills: 6/10 He can rap I guess.
Creativity: 3/10 Some of his better songs sound like outtakes from the Slim Shady LP.
Marketability: 4/10 Funk Volume stans are just internet savvy Juggalos which means they wear no face paint and have no buying power.
Sustainability: 7/10 It’s a known fact that a Juggalo’s love lasts longer than a mother’s love.

August Alsina
Age: 21
Bio: August Alsina is not a rapper. August Alsina is an R&B singer. I can’t say I was too familiar with him beyond his big hit “I Luv This Shit” and his recent display of sassiness on 106 & Park which made it seem like he learned how to be a human from watching Chris Brown interviews. I was fully prepared to hate because of that alone but his major label debut album (which by the way is not a thing that XXL Freshman are supposed to have) is not at all what I expected. I’m half disappointed to report that it’s actually pretty good for what it is – maudlin folksie came-from-nothing narrative R&B. It’s also a mostly classicist and organic R&B record on some true young John Legend shit, with only the slightest bit of rap flows creeping in and almost no trace of the clubby ratchetness that I had expected. This of course raises the question: Why the fuck is this guy on this list of rappers? But then why does XXL ever do anything at all ever? To fund Simon Harris’ insatiable and now completely anachronistic habit for pressing up breakbeat records, that’s why.
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Label: Def Jam
Former Freshman Parallel: David Ruffin
Twitter Followers: 264K
Highest Charting Single: “I Luv This Shit” (#48 Hot 100 / #13 R&B/HH)
Skills: 6/10 He sings R&B like a real R&B singer would sing. This is that real R&B shit none of that fake shit.
Creativity: 5/10 Passionate and honest in the service of broad cliches.
Marketability: 8/10 I don’t even know man. Who do I look like? Don Cornelius?
Sustainability: 8/10 He’ll absolutely definitely be successful forever and ever until the planet implodes unless he gets ugly with age or stabs his own eye out with a fork.

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  1. Bob hall Says:

    Rap is weird

  2. CrowleyHead Says:

    I imagine the voting process involved “Migos” being listed as one person.

  3. secrete nephew Says:

    “Age: 32 Really though?! Is there a narc in the Freshman dorm?” :)

    Like Chance The Rapper I steered clear of Kids These Days for ages cos Im shallow and theyre shit names but man alive Kids These Days really were not good. cdjs>>>>>>>

  4. corpsey Says:

    I’d like to see a Cocaine Blunts freshman list as a counterpoint to XXL’s.

  5. xxxx Says:

    yeah noz, could we see a cb list of freshman?

  6. STEVE Says:

    12 young thugs, 12 pairs of uggs

  7. lar206 Says:

    another execution. also, what xxxx said

  8. kareem Says:

    what xxx said, as well.

  9. InspectahGadget Says:

    Dope article. I know you are unimpressed with whats going on in rap these days, but it’s always entertaining to read your opinions. Thanks for posting!

  10. noz Says:

    “12 young thugs, 12 pairs of uggs”

    what he said

  11. Tr Says:

    That new Eye Em Suez album is pretty dope man

  12. WhateverOG Says:

    This article was garbage. The critique of the artists made it clear you weren’t familiar with their work, yet that didn’t prevent you from commenting on them with the utmost authority. Just lazy and half-hearted writing, and your attempts to downplay them and be funny came off as bitter and corny. Shit was trash.

  13. Aqua Says:

    Man, a Cocaine Blunts Freshmen list would definitelly be dope…

  14. StevenK Says:

    It read as a critique of xxl, to me. This cover shot is a fucking panic-attack, dude. Kevin Gates is awesome!

  15. Asher Says:

    WhateverOG is Jarren Benton pass it on

  16. Rozenswag Says:

    I listened to Vanessa, head of whatever whatever at XXL on the Breakfast Club. Negative points her for:
    1. Not knowing the year Kendrick was on her own cover (her guess: 2009, you wish XXL)*.
    2. Calling up IamSu! and Sage The Gemini but not putting them on the cover. They have albums out now, fine, but she explicitly said she hadn’t heard much of them. Talk about a far walk from Manhattan. Like them or not, HBK is getting spins out here.
    3. Mentioning Riff Raff and almost putting him on but deciding against it for fear of him trolling XXL. Of course Riff Raff is trolling – he knows no other way.

    *Negative bonus points to Vanessa’s underling and the Breakfast Clubbers for not correcting her.
    **Double negative bonus points for not putting Lil Debbie on the cover. She’s set to blow.

    First time reader, nice stuff. Also, look into Disqus for your comment section. It’s easier for semi-anonymous commenters like me to see all their hard commenting work pay off in one convenient location. Plus I almost googled the answer to “[ ] x 7 = forty two”

  17. Rozenswag Says:

    Plus you can’t edit in these comments. Undo send!

  18. nico Says:

    i too woould enjoy the CB freshman list becoming a real THING. pz

  19. chaz Says:

    noz would you please fucking write more? i’ve been reading your shit for like 6 years and i feel like a got dam bozo for having to go back and read old cb articles and your snarky ass twitter. i don’t pay for shit whether it be rap or healthcare and all i want is for you to talk about rap on the regular and ill pay for it. stop whining about everyone being a mark ass busta ass trick ass fake and give us the knowledge ya stupid fuck.

  20. Tr Says:

    lmao@”A young man from Atlanta.” btw. A+

  21. skerbz Says:

    kendrick lamar’s gold saved jerusalem from saladin

  22. AK Says:

    Can we talk about how XXL’s photographer managed to somehow make every single person on the cover look deformed, aside from Quan who suddenly looks like Flava Flav? What a hot mess.

    Chance looks like he’s performing in his high school musical adaptation of deliverance.

  23. David Says:

    My main problem here is that it’s actually rich homie Quan who looks like David Ruffin


  24. ambrose Says:

    vanessa statten on the inclusion of artists who have been doing music for years

    “you can have a section 80 [out], but you can’t have a good kid madd city”

    the kendrick standard

  25. Joe Says:

    “He raps like Juvenile trying to crawl out of Chamillionaire’s throat. ” !!!

    I’ve never heard of the last three people on the list.

    If we can’t get a cb freshman list can we at least get based blunts vol. 2? you owe the people at least one of those. and 20 dollars.

  26. Rudolph Says:

    simon harris breaks???

  27. Torben Says:

    The review of Jon Connor is embarrassing. Do your research. A truly garbage article.

  28. noz Says:

    okay i’ll keep researching maybe more data will make his music better

  29. noz Says:

    “you can have a section 80 [out], but you can’t have a good kid madd city”

    so no album exists until jimmy iovine pays for it i understand now

  30. CrowleyHead Says:

    I heard Vic Mensa was in “Next To Blow” “Hipster Rappers” The Knux before he was even in the jam band. Is that true? Can anyone with knowledge and a lack of self-respect confirm or deny?

  31. noz Says:

    vic mensa was not in the knux do your research

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  33. greg Says:

    I think you’re too hard on Isaiah Rashad. He struck me as a Kendrick Lamar-lite too at first, but the Cilvia mixtape really grew on me, especially the second half. The lyricism is raw and there’s some experimental beat choices, which I appreciate. The guest vocalists are consistently great.

  34. AK Says:

    “David Says:
    May 9th, 2014 at 9:27 am

    My main problem here is that it’s actually rich homie Quan who looks like David Ruffin


    holy shit

  35. Rich Homie Fartz Says:

    ^^ yeah that was my thought. wow.

  36. Ben Says:

    I have to say i’ve heard of most of these guys, never checked for them but after reading this list and listening to these songs I think its gonna stay that way. Kevin Gates is the only person I see on hear who’s still gonna be making music 5 years from now cause he’s one of the first rappers in a long time to really impress me and i’ll admit Troy Ave’s good in small doses but his wannabe 50 ways will prevent him from ever being more than b-list mixtape rapper. August Ailsina has no reason to be on this list but he can sing pretty damn good.

  37. based (obv) Says:

    fuck all this noise i need hoop life

  38. Ignorant Says:

    I thought it was booger, woof

  39. Ha Says:

    “so no album exists until jimmy iovine pays for it i understand now”

    Chief Keef’s “Finally Rich” predates Keef’s appearance on the XXL cover.

  40. Will Says:

    Is that a shout-out to fucking HOUSTON in the last sentence there? Well, can I just say…[puts on gigantic sunglasses] I Like That.

  41. chris Says:

    always enjoy your writing dude

  42. joey badrash Says:

    blah blah xxl freshman blah blah 2/10 4/10 9/10 blah blah xxl freshman list blah blah by andrew snoz

  43. winterking Says:


  44. gentrifyingyourstreet Says:

    “who could have guessed Canibus would be a more influential rapper than Jay-Z in 2014??”

  45. like sound Says:

    This was hilarious and poignant thx.

    I have faith that Gates will continue to grow as an artist. The last tape did seem hurried and patched together, I got the impression he was making up for lost time having been locked up a few months and was just pushing to stay visible. I’m hoping he’ll continue on the ascent he was on before this tape, he has been killing all his features lately as he becomes a prominent dope boy guest verse dude.

  46. the ghost of earl weaver Says:

    always a pleasure to read more of your work, Noz. This right here is the only reason I really care about the Freshman list.

  47. dick jam Says:

    plz make cocaineblunts a regular thing again

  48. b-psycho Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Kevin Gates. His shit is dope.

  49. sam Says:

    hahahahaha the bottom of the august alsina part.
    i didn’t know that was him on I luv this shit. it was just like a radio churn out track to me. i guess that’s never really a real thing tho…all songs come from somewhere i suppose. Trinidad was honestly rly cool on that I love how obvious and foreword and weird he was.
    anyway thanks noz for the more fun content woohoo thanks

  50. T3x Says:

    “He sings R&B like a real R&B singer would sing. This is that real R&B shit none of that fake shit.”

    I agree completely and I don’t even really like RNB but its great that someone has stepped up to the plate and at least shown mf’ers what R&B is and not some half ass dance song with a black guy singing and ppl call it R&B, the other guys well Durk I can take in doses and rich homie well I don’t know I liked a song or too but I was high and I don’t know if I’d have the same feeling sober

  51. TheRossini Says:

    Well i guess there not much reason for me to listen to today’s rap. Back to my A.T.C.Q.

  52. TDK Says:

    there’s way more out there then what XXL proposes I wouldn’t use them as a blueprint you just gotta look

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