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Best Rap: 2007

Like we always do ’bout this time…

You know the drill. One record per artist. Usually singles, occasionally strong album tracks. If you disagree, then you’re wrong.

1. UGK f/ Outkast – “International Players Anthem“* (Jive)
2. Playaz Circle f/ Lil Wayne – “Duffle Bag Boy” * (DTP/Def Jam)
3. Ghostface f/ Styles P & Beanie Sigel – “Barrell Brothers” (Mixtape)
4. Dude N ‘Em – “Watch My Feet“* (TVT)
5. Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing“* (Roc-a-fella/Def Jam)
6. Scarface – “Who Do You Believe In?” (Rap-a-Lot)
7. Devin The Dude f/ Andre 3000 & Snoop Dogg – “What a Job“* (Rap-A-Lot)
8. Lil Jon f/ Fabo & Gucci Mane – “I’m a J (Remix)” (Mixtape)
9. Lil Wayne – “La La” (Mixtape)
10. J Dilla – “Wild” * (Stones Throw)
11. The Alliance f/ Fabo – “Tatted Up“* (Asylum)
12. Wu-Tang Clan – “Campfire” (SRC)
13. Plies – “100 Years” (Slip-N-Slide)
14. Turf Talk – “Bring The Base Back” (Sick Wid It)
15. Three 6 Mafia f/ Lil Jon & Project Pat – “Whatcha Starin’ At?” (Unreleased)
16. TI f/ Busta Rhymes & Alfafamega – “Hurt“* (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)
17. Galactic f/ Juvenile & The Soul Rebels Brass Band – “From The Corner To The Block” (Anti)
18. Beanie Sigel – “Judgement Day” (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam)
19. DJ Khaled f/ Wayne, etc. – “We Takin’ Over” * (Slip-N-Slide)
20. Shawty Lo – “Dey Know” (D4L/Asylum)
21. BOB – “Daddy” (Mixtapes)
22. Rich Boy – “Let’s Get This Paper” (Zone 4 / Interscope)
23. Jay-Z – “Blue Magic“* (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam)
24. Cormega f/ Lil Fame – “718“(Legal Hustle)
25. Crime Mob – “Circles“* (BME/Warner)
26. Trae – “The Truth” (Rap-A-Lot)
27. Wise Intelligent – “Go With Me” (Intelligent Muzik / Shamen Work)
28. DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Peedi Crakk – “Brand New Funk 2k7” (BBE)
29. 50 Cent – “I Get Money“* (G-Unit/Interscope)
30. Percee P f/ Diamond D – “2 Brothers From The Gutter” (Stones Throw)
31. Battles f/ Joell Ortiz – “Leyendecker (Dj Emz Remix)“* (Warp)
32. Wale – “Nike Boots” (Mixtape)
33. Foxx f/ Webbie & Lil Boosie – “Wipe Me Down” (Trill Ent/Asylum)
34. Bohagon – “Bucket“*(Asylum)
35. The Fixxers – “Can U Werk Wit Dat“* (Interscope)
36. M.O.P. – “Sharks” (Mixtape)
37. Snapp f/ K-Rino – “Death Season” (Youtube)
38. Malachi – “Grimey World” (Youtube)
39. Kingpin Slim – “Keep Pushin'” (Mixtape)
40. Tie: Soulja Boy – “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”* (Collipark/Interscope) / Shop Boyz – “Party Like A Rock Star” (Universal)

*ed joints are the few that were released on vinyl, for those of you who care. I do.

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61 Responses to “Best Rap: 2007”

  1. bard Says:

    these supposed to be in order or what

  2. noz Says:



  3. blehblah Says:

    wow you listen to some WACK shit noz…these not even be included in a top 1000

    2. Playaz Circle f/ Lil Wayne – “Duffle Bag Boy” * (DTP/Def Jam)
    3. Ghostface f/ Styles P & Beanie Sigel – “Barrell Brothers” (Mixtape)
    5. Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing“* (Roc-a-fella/Def Jam)
    8. Lil Jon f/ Fabo & Gucci Mane – “I’m a J (Remix)” (Mixtape)
    Rich Boy – “Let’s Get This Paper” (Zone 4 / Interscope)
    34. Bohagon – “Bucket“*(Asylum)
    37. Snapp f/ K-Rino – “Death Season”
    40. Tie: Soulja Boy – “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”* (Collipark/Interscope) / Shop Boyz – “Party Like A Rock Star” (Universal)

    Wack shit, well the Ghosface is ruined by the lame Beanie “rhymes” and why do you enjoy that ignorant Southern shit?.

  4. noz Says:

    Thanks for your contribution to the internet, blehblah.

  5. Maurice Garland Says:

    noz, you are one baaaad mahfugga. you managed to put together a 2007 Top 40 list without one of sniff of T-Pain and only one wiff of the newborn murker. I didn’t think it was possible.

  6. pez Says:

    No love for Shawty Lo – Dey Know?

  7. ejn Says:

    “What a job” is nice. The “Watch my feet” video is amusing. Otherwise it’s been another disappointing year for rap music. Not that I expected much.

  8. noz Says:

    “No love for Shawty Lo – Dey Know?”

    Shit that was a huge oversight. Amended. Sorry Fabolous Remix.

    Actually Maurice another one I forgot was Twista & T-Pain’s “Creep Fast.” But I don’t care enough to go back and edit again.

  9. Tray Says:

    That shit where Quik raps through some voice modulator to make it sound like he didn’t skip puberty is one of the best songs of the year? Also, 100 Years/I’m A J/Can’t Tell Me Nothing/We Takin Over = garbage, Watch My Feet is just okay and not fucking with the vastly superior Aunt Jackie, and if Duffle Bag Boy is as high as #2 when all it has going for it is a great beat and hook, Throw Some D’s ought to be somewhere on the list too. And I kinda think Freeway ought to be represented somehow when he has the best album of the year, but I’m not sure which song I’d pick, they’re all about the same. Maybe “It’s Over.”

  10. MZA Says:

    mine(no order, just what comes to mind):

    Young Buck – Get Buck
    T.I. – Help Is Coming
    Kanye West feat. Mos Def – Drunk & Hot Girls
    Gucci Mane – Bird Flu
    Gorilla Zoe – Money Man
    USDA – Corporate Thuggin’
    Devin The Dude feat. Andre 3000 & Snoop Dogg – What A Job
    DJ Drama feat. OutKast and Marsha from Floetry – Da Art Of Storytellin’ Pt. 4
    Chamillionaire feat. Bun B – Pimp Mode
    Shawty Lo – Dey Know
    Scarface – Git Out My Face
    Wu-Tang Clan – Campfire
    Ghostface Killah feat. Beanie Sigel & Solomon’s Child – Barrell Brothers
    Lupe Fiasco – The Coolest
    Jay-Z – Say Hello
    Trae – Give My Last Breath
    Freeway feat. Rick Ross – Lights Get Low
    Rick Ross – Shot 2 The Heart
    DJ Khaled feat. Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe – We Takin’ Over
    Rich Boy feat. John Legend – Ghetto Rich
    Tum Tum feat. Rick Ross & E-40 – Caprice Muzik [remix]
    Birdman – Head Busta
    Ludacris feat. Rick Ross & Bun B – Down In The Dirty
    Young Jeezy – Black Bandana
    Pharoahe Monch – Body Baby
    Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo – Make Me Better
    Little Brother feat. Lil’ Wayne – Breakin’ My Heart
    Sage Francis – Good Fashion
    Yung Joc – Play Your Cards
    MF Grimm – The Hunt For The Gingerbread Man
    Prodigy – Bang On ‘Em
    UGK feat. OutKast – Int’l Players Anthem
    Hi-Tek feat. Estelle – Life To Me
    Cam’ron – Just Us
    N.O.R.E. – Cocaine Cowboys
    Slim Thug – Wood Wheel
    Paul Wall – Break ‘Em Off
    Plies – 100 Years
    Army Of Pharaohs – Gun Ballad
    Pastor Troy – Saddam
    Project Pat – Walkin’ Bank Roll
    JR Writer – Beast Mode
    Playaz Circle – Dear Mr. LA Reid
    Lil’ Wayne – Gossip

    those were my jams.. at least

  11. ATCK Says:

    Dude, you seriously like that “Tatted up” song? That shit is one of the worst songs I ever heard.

  12. noz Says:

    Tray – “Throw Some Ds” was ’06, it’s on last years list. Freeway was an oversight, but I’m not going back now. I don’t think he has the album of the year but it’s a great album.

    ATCK – I mostly like the last 20 seconds of “Tattoo,” but the whole song is pretty good. The album, however, is horrendous. The Alliance are some of the worst rappers I’ve ever heard.

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  14. DocZeusX Says:

    I see you have enough bad, contrarian Southern rap music on this list to keep your street cred.

  15. mr. pilly wonk Says:

    i understand Bay rap had a rough year, but no husalah??

    props on the list and the links other than that. i’m gonna have to take some time out of my day to check these out and try to illegally download them. but still, no hus? do you fuck with the mob?

  16. the schwarz Says:

    1.Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) Featuring Outkast-UGK
    2.Ay Bay Bay (Remix)(Ft. The Game, Lil’ Boosie, E-40, Birdman, & Jadakiss)-Hurricane Chris
    3.Freaky girl-Gucci Mane
    4.Mr. Jones Mike Jones
    5.Paper Planes (Remix ) M.I.A. feat. Bun B and Rich Boy
    6.Zoom feat. Yung Joc Lil Boosie
    7.Popo’s Ft. E-40 Tuft Talk
    8.Pro Nails-Kid Sister feat. Kanye West
    9.pop lock drop it remix ft. T-Pain, Bow Wow, Huey
    10.Wild Thang Gorilla Zoe
    11.B.o.B.-Haterz Everywhere Remix
    12. Bite Down Boyz N Da Hood
    13.WIPE ME DOWN ft. Webbie and FOXX Lil’ Boosie
    14. I’m A J (Feat. Gucci Mane And Fabo) (Dirty) Lil Jon
    15.Shake it To the Ground- Rye Rye
    16.Breakin My Heart feat. Lil Wayne -Little Brother
    17.Brooklyn B******* Joell Ortiz
    18.Stack My Paper Up Born With It & B.O.B
    19.Watch My Shoes Boosie And 3Deep
    20.Can You Werk Wit Dat-The Fixxers (Quik & AMG)

  17. khal Says:

    how someone can deny duffle bag boy being on the top tracks of 2007 list is beyond me… that joint came out of NOWHERE and blew the fuck up.

    i agree with the majority of the list, and only say that b/c i haven’t heard all of it.

  18. BR Says:

    list couldve used some more webbie/boosie love. they put out a ton of great shit, especially with pimp/bun guesting.

  19. gangsta fred Says:

    You should use that wordpress setting that filters posts with certain words as spam and make sure that any post with “ignorant southern rap” gets filtered as spam whenever it shows up in a comment.

    Yo, why not enough boom bap revisionist shit b!!?!!?!?

    Also, no conscious dudes?!?!?! Lupe spit fire this year!!!!!!!!

    That 8ball, mjg and Project Pat song with the biggie hook off their rather underwhelming album (puffy’s fault) should get a mention but what can you do.

  20. noz Says:

    “I see you have enough bad, contrarian Southern rap music on this list to keep your street cred.”

    Are we really still having this conversation? After four years?

  21. Nielsen Says:

    That Bohagon track is great, and I hadn’t heard it. So thanks for that, and if you ever felt like putting a bunch of tracks by him together into a post, I wouldn’t be mad.

    “Bring The Base Back”? Seriously? I thought that was one of the worst joints off West Coast Vaccine, once you get over that (ridiculous) thump it doesn’t offer much.

    “The Truth” is probably #1 on the year for me.

    Some of my other favorite tracks this year:
    Young Bleed – “Bac’ Road Mississippi”
    Federation – “Get Naked You Beezy”
    Cunninlynguists – “Dirty Acres”
    8Ball & MJG – “Memphis”
    Ghostface – “Supa GFK”
    Freeway – “When They Remember”
    Black Milk f/ Slum Village – “Action”
    TI – “Tell Em I Said That”
    Blu & Exile – “Good Life”

  22. noz Says:

    “Young Bleed – “Bac’ Road Mississippi””

    Good call.

  23. DocZeus Says:

    “Are we really still having this conversation? After four years?”

    Until you come back to the light and become an insufferable, know it all elitist New York nut hugging traditionalist, we gon’ keep having this conversation, son.

  24. noz Says:

    “Come back”?

  25. DocZeusX Says:

    “Come back”?

    Ha. Fair enough.

  26. Purple Hulk Says:


  27. lt boogie Says:

    just ’cause they play a lot of this on the radio it dont make it hot- actually it’s the exact opposite-
    dont think there were enough good singles this year /
    i do agree with #1 though. uh blue magic is def not the best song on ag- hot and on top list but other jay ish deserves a spot.i think most agree but of course u are entitled to your opinion. i think most south ish was weak this year. wipe me down?tatted up?soulja? these could be most played out south songs this year thats it- but they s garbage- when did beats completely overshadow the mc?

  28. barney Says:

    nothing off KOTG2K7? (“Murder’Ra”?)

  29. Crimson Says:

    I agree with a surprising number of the songs on the list. No hate from me.

  30. dolla wells Says:

    They should do a ‘Tattoo’remix that’s nothing but hte last 20 econds over the entire track.


    You ever heard those gender dysmoprhic art rockers Xiu Xiu? Sometimes, I imagine rap hooks sung in frontdude Jamie Whoever’s lispy, whispery voice and start cracking the fuck up. “Stop … Two Dollar …”

  31. noz Says:

    “nothing off KOTG2K7? (”Murder’Ra”?)”

    Nah Ro’s still a monster but I couldn’t get into those beats at all.

    “You ever heard those gender dysmoprhic art rockers Xiu Xiu?”

    Of course I haven’t.

  32. dodger Says:

    post wayne’s “la la”

  33. Texas Toast Says:

    Not a bad list…but you missed a couple essentials:

    Slim Thug & the Boss Hogg Outlaws – Recognize a Playa


    Lil Keke – I’m a G

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  35. Young Cub Says:

    I think Groupies and Popos were way more quality than Bring the Base Back.

  36. salvador darlo Says:

    GREAT LIST – props to Noz – a man with taste

  37. Casey Says:

    Barrel Brothers was on Big Doe Rehab

  38. noz Says:

    The version on Big Doe Rehab was an inferior mix, fading out Beans’ verse and cutting Styles completely.

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  40. Were Read 2 Def Says:

    U need 2 switch “Barrell Brothers” 4 “Yolanda’s House”. Dat track is a beast. Ghost is da storytellin champ. If u dont like dat song, than u lost.

  41. methodub Says:

    Chamillionaire – Hip Hop Police/Evening News!!!

    witty, creative, and relevant = essence of hip-hop
    you don’t have to be a divine lyricist to get a point across and he had slick rick on that joint!

  42. HAWAIIAN Says:

    word to whoever said “Yolanda’s House”.

  43. clarknova Says:

    No Witchdoctor?

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  45. kyb15 Says:

    sir, thats absolutely the worst list i have ever seen. oh wait my false, ur 2006 list is about as ridiculous. :p

  46. Crocker Says:

    1.)U.G.K. feat. Outkast – Intl’ Player’s Anthem
    2.)Devin The Dude feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 – What A Job
    3.)Jay-Z – No Hook
    4.)Ghostface Killah feat. Beanie Sigel & Styles P – Barrel Brothers
    5.)Little Brother – Sirens
    6.)Lil’ Wayne – Something You Forgot
    7.)Atmosphere – The Rooster
    8.)Royce Da 5’9″ – Ding! (produced by DJ Premier)
    9.)Joe Buddens – Last Dayz Freestyle (Live On Shade 45)
    10.) Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle
    11.) Joell Ortiz – 125 Grams Pt. 3 (Connections)
    12.)Kanye West – Everything I Am
    13.) Common – The Game
    14.)Talib Kweli – Everything Man
    15.) Freeway feat. Scarface – Baby Don’t Do It
    16.) Scarface – Girl You Know (Without Trey Songz)
    17.) Rhymefest – Real N**** Quotes
    18.) Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos – Superstar
    19.)Chamillionaire feat. Houston’s Finest – Won’t Let You Down (remix)
    20)Drama feat. Outkast & Marsha from Floetry – Da Art Of Storytellin’ Pt. 4

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  48. wtf Says:

    crank dat soulja boy is one of the best rap songs of 2007? Word? This must’ve been an especially bad year

  49. Mahoganydymond Says:

    I am glad I ran across this page… I agree with your list. I just and tired of hearing a couple of them when I go out..

  50. Dylan Says:

    that list is the muthafuckin shit!

    big ups for including a little madlib and j dilla!

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  52. Kid Slizzard Says:


  53. aaron Says:

    That “I Get Money” joint should be 2. Yep.

  54. aychberg Says:

    No 8ball & MJG – Outfit on the list? didn’t that leak like January 07?

    and I KNOW u didn’t sleep on what is arguably Pimp C’s greatest verse EVERR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kC7Vhr3YhI

  55. lines Says:

    Big shit poppin and lil thangs Stoppin

    Ya Hurd!

  56. Only Hip-Hop! Says:

    “If you disagree, then you’re wrong.”
    I agree with you, bro! :)

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  58. J Dolce Says:

    U niggaz aint folk hood azz fake bitchez

  59. The Son Of Heaven Says:

    The Son Of Heaven…

    …a good post over at . . ….

  60. Neuro Linguistic Programming · Says:

    Rap Songs are the best! specially those Gansta Rap stuffs, they really rock “

  61. Pore Cleanser %0A Says:

    you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs -:-

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