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Recent Adds 1/14

Recent Adds is an old series from an old internet blog where we check in with what is bubbling along the bottoms of various terrestrial radio charts. And by we I mean me but I guess also you. The point is that there is an entire world of rap music that exists outside of your Tumblr dashboard and some of it doesn’t suck.

I haven’t done this – or anything at all except listen to Young Thug – in almost two years now and was terrified that every record was going to be a half assed Rich Homie Quan knock off (or worse French Montana). Either that or some DJ Mustard wave riding bullshit. So it’s been a pleasant surprise to actually find a pretty diverse and frequently pretty good batch of songs. There’s definitely some dumb and derivative bullshit in the mix but the signal to noise ratio seems much higher than it’s been in the past. I’m not sure what has changed, maybe the rise of Macklemendrick has forced PDs to broaden their horizens or maybe it’s just different palms have happened to get a little greasier than before. In any case it’s nice to have any respite from the internet ecosystem where every rapper sounds like an ASAP weed carrier and deserves a long form think piece about why he matters.

Jabo f/ Jadakiss & Slim Thug – “What I’m About” (Birmingham, AL)
This is about as perfect as a local radio rap record can get. If Jadakiss kicking a Pimp C flow while wearing a hat that says “SO RASPY” isn’t enough of a draw you also get Slim Thug being Slim Thug and that goddamn beat which is just one of those balanced (presumably?) sample driven country rap tunes that toes the line between triplet hi hats and true hip hop. It’s not much of a statement for Jabo personally but it’s definitely a banger. (prod. by D. Will)
Added: WJKS Wilmington DE, KZTS Little Rock, WBTF Lexington KY

Kataztrofee – “Polo, Polo, Polo” (Fort Worth, TX)
Given the success of Migos’ “Versace” it was only inevitable that at least a few knock off records based around word repetition and brand name clothing would emerge. I was pulling for a Nautica, Nautica, Nautica to catch on but hey you can’t go wrong with Polo. And if anybody is going to hit with that formula for a second time the world could do a lot worse than a group of Jeezy/Pastor Troy hybrids from Fort Worth. (prod. by iProduceDaSouth)
KNDA Corpus Christi (22), WFXA Chattanooga (17), KBTT Shrevport (17) +15

20/Twen – “Rollin” (Detroit, MI)
Nice little understated ballad that nods ever so slightly to Screw in a way that doesn’t seem tacky. This is how you’re supposed to make lover man radio rap without compromising the actual act of rapping by bogging it down with a phoned in R&B hook.
KNDA Corpus Christi (21), KBTT Shreveport (13)

Chinx f/ French Montana – “Feelings”
Though his recent self-appointment as a real on-air radio personality has mostly been tragic and hateful, Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden’s early press campaign was actually quite informative. Specifically when he got to talking about the specifics of what qualifies a song for entering radio rotation.

But with those points in mind, it’s been disappointing to see which local records have managed to creep into rotation in recent months. Of course anything is better than the string of PAPOOSE FEATURING NE-YO / FABOLOUS FEATURING CHRIS BROWN / JOE BUDDENS FEATURING KEITH SWEAT embarrassment ballads that previously existed solely to meet the local rap quota on New York radio (and Delaware and Connecticut, who are forced to blindly follow suit because their audiences are comprised entirely of New York expats who now work in banks) but really these new records from young dudes just feel so minor league, as Ebro would’ve put it if he were shouting at someone on a podcast.

Coke Boys seem like they would be logical solution to the problem of there not being any New York rap that sounds like New York rap on New York rap radio. They’ve served that purpose to some degree in recent years (mostly when they jack old Lords Of The Undeground beats or whatever) and there’s some legitimately great music in that lane on their latest tape. But, much like every official single that French has dropped since becoming an inexplicable semi-star, Chinx’s (no Drugs anymore because obviously he’s going to blow up) “Feelings” just absorbs whatever national radio trend seems profitable. This time it’s third rate dead inside Drake moves, that sort of mopey triumph music that allows self centered people to feel better than other self centered people when what New York radio really needs is breakbeats. Breakbeats and echoed out horns.
WQHT New York (24), WJKS Wilmington DE (14), WWPR New York (14), WZMX Hartford CT (7)

Bodega Bamz – “Don Francisco”
“Don Francisco” is a little more polished and purposeful than “Feelings” but no less generic. It’s not a bad rap song by any means but give or take the gimmicky horns which is the type of demographic baiting dumb shit some bum A&R would try to pull on a posthumous Big Pun album it’s otherwise indistinguishable from all the other blog boy ASAP Jacky records that pass through my inbox on a daily basis. Come on Ebro this shit doesn’t even have a hook! And I’m certain there are better and more commercially accessible Bodega Bamz songs but I’m not going to look for them right now.

The only explanation I can think of as to why these specific songs are starting to pop is that both of these guys have secretly signed major label deals. It’s a well known fact that every rapper in New York is secretly signed and has been since roughly the moment they first picked up a microphone. Word to Red Cafe and Red Cafe Jr. who is a baby that just inked a deal with Republic Records after being born. Congratulations! It’s a boy rapper! (Other regional rap records getting a small handful of Hot spins, in case you were wondering: Action Bronson’s “In The City,” ASAP Ant & Method Man’s “Trillmatic,” Troy Ave & Tony Yayo’s shameless “In Da Club” rehash Show Me Love and
Ransom’s “Jade,” which liberally samples “Jade.)
WQHT New York (37)

5th Ward Weebie – “Let Me Find Out Pt. 1”
With so much of the national attention being lavished on the New Orleans Bounce scene in recent years focusing on the new school manic stutter shit that usually hurts my brain, it’s nice to know that more old guard traditional stuff can still find its way onto NO radio. “Let Me Find Out” is classic bounce of the purest variety with Weebie hitting “Triggaman” from the back for some Manchu’s and talking other such shit inna DJ Jimi style. All we need now is the inevitable female’s response.
WQUE-FM New Orleans (93.3 FM)

Lostarr f/ Yo Gotti & Meek Mill – “Rags 2 Riches” (Meridian, MS)
When I first saw this guys name I thought it said Lobstarr which would’ve been too much for the world to handle. Fortunately and disappointingly he does not actually have a B in his name. But he does have guest verses from Gotti and Meek and is wise enough to push them into their emotional gangster corners, which is where they usually thrive.
WJZD Biloxi, MS (8), KJMM Tulsa, OK (8), WJMI Jackson, MS (7) + 2

Fat Pimp – “Left Right” (Dallas, TX)
“Left Right” is a slightly pandering but nonetheless welcome attempt at a Beat King style ratchet ass clap anthem from snap-era D-Town vet Fat Pimp who was probably signed to and subsequently dropped by Asylum thirty three consecutive times in 2007. Too bad the reigning kings of ratchet ass clap anthems YG and DJ Mustard happen to have their own “Left Right” right now. This is a cool enough song though. I can’t be mad at anything that rocks those “Triggerman” bones. We all have our biases.
WFXA Augusta, GA (15), KVSP Oklahoma City (12) KJMM Tulsa (7)

T.R.E. – “Sound Good” (“PG/DC/SC to Atlanta”)
This is one of those records where a guy who isn’t like all of these rappers tells you as much by making an over the top song where he ironically raps about all the things he imagines those other rappers rap about. It’s heavy handed and gimmicky and T.R.E. isn’t as funny as Black Sheep and he says “swagging like a faggot” which kind of negates his whole conscious rapper steez but it’s still a better look for him to keep his tongue in his cheek than to make some unironic preachy Macklemore bullshit. And it does sound good, which is probably why it’s on the radio somewhere.
KJMM Tulsa (39), WJMI Jackson (33), KVSP Oklahoma City (30) + 1

We Are Toonz – “Drop That Nae Nae” (Atlanta, GA)
Rising, Martin-inspired dance rap record that is basically the midpoint between “Crank Dat” and “Thun Thun.” As good as the original Toonz version is, I prefer this seemingly school sanctioned pencil tap Benjamin Mays NaeNae record. I’m glad that dance rap still exists even though it makes Nas cry.
WPEG-FM Charlotte (97.9 FM)

Au$tin Martin – “Wake Up” (Austin, TX)
Not to be confused with A$ton Matthews or A$her Rothton, Au$tin Martin is a rapper who hails from the city of Au$tin but sounds like he hails from the city of At£anta. Apparently he was signed to Def Jam at the beginning of the decade where he went by the name of O.C. until someone was like “hey bro there is already a rapper named O.C.

K-Camp – “Cut Her Off” (Marietta, GA)
K-Camp has one legitimate hit record with forgotten swaggy innovator Kwony Cash but that already seems a little too big to feature here. So here’s another, in which 2 Chainz turns both a hoe and a hoe’s ass into frisbees. Camp is obviously gunning to take Rich Homie Quan’s position of Substitute Future at least while the real Future is still out playing around in Miley land. (prod by Will A Fool)
WHTA Atlanta (42), WRBJ Jackson (13), WEUP Huntsville (12) +3

Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz f/ Bun B – “Jordans Under Dickies” (Dallas, TX)
This song is obviously striving to hit a tone similar to that of the Jabo record above but I don’t think it quite reaches those heights. There’s some good rapping here but not from Bun B who once again phones it in like he’s been doing for the past decade or so.
WJMI Jackson (27), KVSP Oklahoma City (11), KJMM Tulsa (10)

Bad Lucc f/ Problem – “Outchea” (Los Angeles, CA)
When I started this little project I suspected that Quan would be the guest rapper dominating the brown paper bag circuit (or worse French Montana) but it turns out Los Angeles ratchet spitter Problem seems to be logging the most cameos on the low end of the chart. Strangely this is roughly the same song as Eric Bellinger’s “I Don’t Want Her,” which is also features Problem and a League Of Starz beat that interpolates the old “Jump” Kriss Kross wheezes. (prod by League Of Starz)
WJUC Toledo (17), WCCG Fayetteville, NC (17), WJMI Jackson (12) +2

Snootie Wild – “Yayo” (Memphis, TN)
Finally someone made a Kevin Gates record with the intelligence of a Rich Homie Quan record. At least dude brought back “Leggo My Eggo.”
WHXT Columbia, SC (24), WEUP Huntsville, AL (22), WCCG Fayetteville (18) +15

Tech N9ne – “See Me”
This is not a great Tech N9ne song or even a good Tech N9ne song but it’s nice to know that Kansas City radio is playing Tech N9ne in any capacity. I feel like Tech N9ne is the only thing they should ever play on the radio in Kansas City.
KPRS-FM Kansas City (103.3 FM)

Krizz Kaliko f/ Bizzy – “Girls Like That” (Kansas City, MI)
And yet Strange Music absolutely should not be aiming to produce radio records. Bizzy is not Bizzy Bone and I will never be able to erase the phrase “turd cutter” from my brain.
WJMI Jackson (15), WEUP Huntsville (11)

2 Pistols f/ French Montana – “Know That” (Tarpon Springs, FL)
Ah there’s the Fake French Montana featuring Real French Montana song we’ve been waiting for. Is 2 Pistols the Red Cafe of the South? I feel like dude has been given entirely too many opportunities despite his relative irrelevance. 2 pistols, twelve chances.
WPEG Charlotte (28), WJTT Chattanooga (21), WQUE New Orleans (15) +12

Big Von f/ Keak The Sneak, The Jacka & Mickey Shiloh – “Windows”
Big Von plays his shitty cobbled together two verse vanity record on the radio instead of oh I don’t know the half dozen viable mega hits that Iamsu has dropped in the past eighteen months or “Open Yo Legs” or anything else with a slump and a pulse. It is always good to hear Keak though. (Prod. by Traxamillion)
KMEL San Francisco (11)

Lil Rob – “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love”
Lil Rob is a thousand year old Mexican American rapper who used to make lowrider g-funk and probably went triple platinum at Southern California swap meets alone in 1997. Now he makes sub-Sublime records for the radio. If this transition doesn’t make sense to you then you obviously haven’t been paying enough attention to terrestrial radio. And I’m done here.
KPWR Los Angeles (9), KQKS Denver (42)

36 Responses to “Recent Adds 1/14”

  1. ratchetass clapanthem Says:

    Anyone else break out their Bun B guest verse bingo card on that “jordans under dickies” song?

    “Grippin wood”? Check!
    “84s”? Check!
    Cadillac or other classic big body car reference? Check!
    Pimp C shoutout? Bingo!

  2. dalatu Says:

    Love these.

    That I’ve heard most of these songs speak to the fact that Greensboro, North Carolina has one of the best/strangest rap stations in the country. Though, I’m happy to see that “Crank That Nae Nae” is doing well in Charlotte, where the station has recently gotten on pushing dance tracks (“Drop That Thun Thun”) among the R&B and few rap songs it’ll still play. And, I hope “Yayo” is gonna get some kind of push, because that’s a fun song to hear in the car! And gotta say at least a few years after the New New York Talk, it’s kind of find it funny/sad how bleh most of the tracks from that city have become after all of this talk about them doing “new” and “interesting” music.

  3. CrowleyHead Says:

    Hot 97 is too busy competing with Power 105 in the prime-time comedy novelty radio business these days anyway, what does music mean to them? It’s at least a welcome break from playing Total songs in 2009, I suppose.

  4. Yung Pistolz Says:

    Thank you for bringing this column back! Please write more of these.

  5. d Says:

    “Congratulations! It’s a boy rapper!” lol

  6. d Says:

    “New New York”s been tossed around in since like 2006

  7. Sam Duck Says:

    Hey Dalatu, I lived in Greensboro, NC for 7 years and 102 Jamz is BY FAR the best southern rap radio station in the country, granted Streets 94.5 in ATL is really good too, but is pretty set in breaking Atlanta records….but the 102 Jamz mix shows are amazing, seriously so good.

    They actually break Atlanta songs before some Atlanta stations too, “money baby” from K.Camp being one of them.

    thanks for posting these Noz, very much appreciated…..I tend to use the map section on Shazam on a Friday and Saturday night and scroll around the country and see what urban songs are getting shazamed on club nights, can find a few gems here and there. Thats honestly how i first heard the Snootie WIld record, it charted on a friday night in Memphis on Shazam maps.

  8. noz Says:

    “I tend to use the map section on Shazam on a Friday and Saturday night and scroll around the country and see what urban songs are getting shazamed on club nights, can find a few gems here and there. Thats honestly how i first heard the Snootie WIld record, it charted on a friday night in Memphis on Shazam maps.”

    This is a great idea. Thank you.

  9. David Says:

    Yeah I’ve been using shazaam to the same ends recently.

    I assume you’ve all figured out that Cash Out’s “Twerk Song” is about to be huge, then.

    ive had that big von joint and the ‘sounds good’ track in the queue at complex, beat me to it

  10. giorgio Says:

    bun b just likes cars man

  11. mike Says:

    I like when Bad Lucc and Problem make songs together, also the 20Twen song is great – thanks for coming back to this.

  12. ngga Says:

    Anyone else mention how ‘Weebie hitting “Triggaman” from the back’ is such a wonderful and timely turn of phrase?

  13. brigitte bard'oh Says:

    chinx drugs drops drugs from his name to be more marketable; still named chinx

    love this and that shazaam thing is such a great idea

  14. A Says:

    102 JAMZ definitely has one of the best playlists in the country, not only jumping on Southern records quick but also the “ratchet” records emerging from the West. They were early on TeeFlii’s “This D,” The Finatticz’s “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” and Sage The Gemini’s two hit singles.

    Speaking of out West, since the surge of Top 40 radio’s dominance on iTunes, Billboard and every other chart known to man, Rhythmic radio stations have cut back on Rap titles so they can play more Zedd/David Guetta/Calvin Harris 100 times more than the other Top 40 station in the market. Believe it or not, there’s Rhythmic stations that haven’t played YG “My Hitta” more than 10x a week. When the biggest straight ahead (now Platinum) rap record in the country can’t get played more than 10 times on the de facto Hip Hop station in your city, it’s a major problem (KUBE 93 in Seattle doesn’t even have it in rotation).

    As HOT 97 finds itself lagging behind its sister station Power 106 in terms of musical influence for the first time in forever, you can hear HOT adding more Pop records (recurrents like Bruno Mars “Treasure” and newer songs like Pharrell’s “Happy” which is being promoted to Pop radio) that have been staples of Power 106’s playlist for the last 7 years. HOT 97 is historically a Rhythmic-Crossover outlet while its crosstown competition Power 105.1 is a Mainstream Urban, targeting Blacks-then-Latinos not the other way around (which is Hot’s approach). Aside from the customary Macklemore record, Power 105.1 stays away from Pop records (can’t intrude on sister station Z100’s fiefdom).

    The world needs more 102 JAMZ and less stations like Seattle’s KUBE 93, which has regressed from a balanced Rhythmic Crossover outlet to the terrestrial version of Macklemore’s Pandora station. It’s stations like the latter that keep rap records from becoming legitimate hits that can permeate mainstream pop culture.

  15. The Hand of The Dead Body Says:

    this column is so good. I live in Portland and I basically have no Radio station I can trust for anything but vaguely, so it’s so great and sort of a foreign concept to hear about Rap still getting played on the radio outside of some Macklemore-type horseshit. Maybe the LPFM bill can help with getting more Rap stations on the radio waves, at least in places where there’s a bigger demand for Rap Radio.

  16. B Says:

    Fwiw, they also have a sick rock station in Greensboro. I’m living in Durham right now and 102 is definitely where I turn when I can. I also know Greensboro is where you go if you wanna see good strippers. I’m not saying it’s a cause/effect but there’s definitely a correlation.

  17. nico Says:

    man… this is depressing.

    peep MORUF doe.

  18. dalatu Says:

    Nice to hear that 102 Jamz is recognized for its quality. Best rap station in the state, and honestly maybe the country, unless the midwest has some secret good stations.

    And, yeah 94.5 is good if you want to hear Atlanta records, but 102 Jamz is really really quick about songs from the west coast as well. And they also go deep on tracks like “Carolina” by Migos, which isn’t a great song of theirs, but gets decent mix show play.

    I should also say that Baltimore has a good rap station, and really exciting evening mixes,though having DJ Angelbaby helps a lot with that.

  19. A Says:

    Cheap plug, HOT 104.1 in St. Louis is one of those Midwest good stations @dalatu is referring to. Also, sister station HOT 107.9 in Atlanta has always been regarded as the place where ATL hip-hop records break away from mixshow to regular rotation. V103 has always followed HOT’s lead, and now with Streetz in the mix, I believe the kids have pushed V back to their #3 option. Which is fine, because V cares more about adults (25-54) than Urban Contemporary’s target demo (18-34).

    106 KMEL is legendary and noz can attest to their playlist being wider and more varied than your average Rhythmic-Crossover outlet. Power 106 in LA is good to listen to just because they have live mixshows on more than half of the day–even though they have a notoriously tight playlist.

    HOT 103.9 in Columbia, SC is another small market gem. Charlamagne was on nights there in the 2000s.

  20. dalatu Says:

    I guess we’re already this deep in the convo. But, the one thing about 107.9 in Atlanta is a fine station, but kind of reminds me of Atlanta as a whole for rap fans. Where if you listen to the station are from a place that doesn’t have a strong rap scene, then it’s great. But, the more you listen to it the more eh it appears over time*. So, it makes sense that 94.5 has a place in the city. But, I will say that HoodRich Radio on 107.9 is a fine show, especially when DJ Spinz is behind the boards, because for better or worse his sets are more less the all of the Atlanta rappers that end up on the Fader now-and-days. And because he works with trap rap and TRAP-EDM guys it gets to some interesting mixes.

    I’ve given some listen to the 106 KMEL stream, and its a nice station, though I always find it strange hearing ATL tracks on west coast stations, when they have so many artists they could be playing instead. But, that isn’t worth complaining about.

    And, that Columbia has a good station is something I got to keep in mind, next time I find myself in South Carolina.

    I wanted to also say the Baltimore station was 92Q, cannot believe I forgot that, but their mix shows can be pretty strong and pretty varied from other rap stations. And the same is true of Philly’s Power 99 when DJ Diamond Kuts is on the boards, because her shows go through nearly any genre involving black people in North America from the last 30 years.

    A little unrelated, but is anyone surprised by how much Future has dropped off in terms of presence on rap stations. I say this, because there was a good strech where nearly every radio song had his voice, then poof gone. I want to say it was similar to Gucci Mane a few years back, but at least how I remember it, Future had more “hits” than Gucci did. Anyway, rap radio is probably my favorite topic.

    *I didn’t finish this thought, but I always kind of think of Atlanta as overrated as a rap fan, but that’s probably my own bitterness of being from Charlotte that is talking.

  21. A Says:

    92Q’s mixshows have always been among the best in the country. RIP DJ K-Swift, her B-More Club mixes are legendary. Just as I was cutting down KUBE in the earlier comment, today they announced they’re adding The Breakfast Club for mornings. So YG “My Hitta” will be heard in morning drive, then unheard for the rest of the day (if KUBE doesn’t conform to its syndicated morning show playlist). If it does well then maybe it’ll spread down to Portland, which is a mutated version of the station Ebro used to work at. That station is one of those bland Rhythmics where Kid Ink is as dangerous as it gets.

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  23. Sam Duck Says:

    @david drake , im pretttty sure the only reason that Big Von joint is shazam’ing or getting spins is b/c of big vons roll in the music scene in the bay. The song is “windows” is decent at best…dont you think?

  24. Chromebills Says:

    That lil rob song….

  25. the ghost of earl weaver Says:

    i cant believe Lil Rob is still getting played. My sister used to bump that shit back like 7 years ago with the rest of that strange mexican music.

    can anyone tell me if Mr. Capon-E still gets radio play? or ever got radio play?

    once again, well done Noz. Thanks for bringing this back. If only CB could get updated a little more regularly now…

  26. B.S. Says:

    So glad to this type of post again, Noz. Thanks.

  27. Big Blue Says:

    MAAAAAANNNN that T.R.E. – Sound Good track is fuckin crazy!!! I was kinda lost at the beginning but Im so happy I listened to it straight through! Neva heard of this nigga before but im definately a fan now! It Sound Good!

  28. Polo Ralph Lauren devrait faire tous ses lookbooks au Texas (clip) | 10kilos.us Says:

    […] Via CB […]

  29. contrarian contrarian Says:

    Migos sucks AND YOU KNOW THIS

    I don’t care how loud you play the bass, there’s nothing there


    YO where do you find this info? I moved out of Little Rock and heard those first two songs the last time I went through and they melted my brain and I’m so sad I live in an area without rap radio anymore I don’t know what to do :'(

  31. scjoha Says:

    Completely off topic, but you made some great interviews a couple of years ago (YZ, Wise Intelligent, Pimp C, Luke, Kool Keith, etc.). I would love to read in-depth interviews by you with some guys of which you can fin virtually no interview on the net or only ones scratching the surface: Afrika Islam, Mr. Mixxx, DJ Code Money, Vance Wright, N.O. Joe, Mr. DJ (from Outkast), Ant Banks, Studio Ton, Rick Rock, DJ Pooh, Tone Capone, Happy Perez, Mo B. Dick, Shawty Redd(it doesn’t have to be producers only, of course, but I think they have the most interesting stories to tell about the creation of the music). A Gregory D interview would be cool. Also C-Loc. And there aren’t enough good King T interviews. Same for Young Dro. None by Mr. 3-2, Al Kapone, Dayton Family. There are a lot of De La Soul interviews, but one made by you would be the bomb. Scarface too. DJ Quik. Freestyle Fellowship members. Spice 1. Rappin’ 4-Tay. I know that you can’t do all of them and that it would take a lot of time and resources to get even some of them. How can I help?

  32. scjoha Says:

    And some people are probably simply not available, I know. I wanted to add Larry Smith (Run DMC, Whodini) to the list, but I read on wikipedia that he suffered a stroke in 2007 and can’t speak.

  33. scjoha Says:

    Also, a Khayree interview would be dope.

  34. evan Says:

    Can you upload the PPC link @ http://www.cocaineblunts.com/blunts/?p=290

  35. Everything You Need To Know About The Nae Nae | Fresh Zombie Says:

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  36. Fred Says:

    Hey Noz, you should do more of these types of articles, I miss them.

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