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Best Rap, 2013

It’s 2013 and rappers are still making rap songs. Here are some of them.

1. Kanye West – “New Slaves” (Kanye & The Gang)
2. Future – “Sh!t” (Mike Will Made It)
3. Chance The Rapper – “Juice” (Nate Fox)
4. Young Thug – “Stoner” (Dun Deal)
5. Earl Sweatshirt f/ Casey Veggies & Vince Staples – “Hive” (Randomblackdude & Matt Martians)
6. Rocko f/ Future & Rick Ross – “UONEO” (Childish Major)
7. Starlito – “Money Cacti” (DJ Dahi “Money Trees“)
8. Rich Kidz f/ SD – “Grammy” (London On The Track)
9. Ka – “Peace Akhi” (Ka)
10. Lil Durk – “Dis Ain’t What U Want” (Paris Bueller)
11. Meek Mill – “Lil N***a Snupe” (Boi-1da)
12. Migos – “Versace” (Zaytoven)
13. Shy Glizzy – “Sad To Say” (AllSteezy)
14. YG f/ Young Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan – “My N***a” (DJ Mustard)
15. Drake – “Worst Behavior” (DJ Dahi)
16. Droop-E f/ Nite Jewel & J-Stalin – “N The Traffic” (Droop-E)
17. Chief Keef – “Go To Jail” (Swagg B)
18. Busta Rhymes f/ Q-Tip “Thank You” (Busta Rhymes)
19. Kevin Gates – “4:30 AM” (Reo)
20. Iamsu & Problem f/ Juvenile & Kool John “100 Grand” (P-Lo)
21. Fredo Santana f/ Kendrick Lamar – “Jealous” (Tarentino)
22. Lil Wayne f/ 2 Chainz – “Rich As Fuck” (T-Minus & Nikhil S)
23. Fat Trel – “N***az Dying” (JGramm Beats)
24. Lil Herb & Lil Bibby – “Play They Role” (C-Sick)
25. Rich Homie Quan – “Type Of Way” (Yung Carter)
26. Denzel Curry – “Parents” (Rem)
27. Gunplay – “Drop The Tint” (Beat Billionaire)
28. Lil Snupe – “Melo” (Julian Beatz)
29. Semi – “Mathamatics (another 6 sec rap)” (Semi)
30. Z-Money – “Regular” (J-Neal)
31. Big Sean f/ Lil Wayne – “Beware” (Key Wayne & Mike Dean)
32. Gucci Mane – “Hell Yes” (Honorable C-Note)
33. E-40 f/ Cousin Fik & Choose Up Cheese – “Tree In The Load” (??)
34. Ace Hood f/ Rick Ross & Future – “Bugatti” (Mike Will Made It)
35. The Underachievers – “Philanthropist” (Blacktophero)
36. Young Jeezy f/ 2 Chainz – “R.I.P.” (DJ Mustard)
37. Roc Marciano – “Ice Cream Man” (Roc Marciano)
38. Bobby Brackins – “Open Yo Legs” (Nic Nac)
39. Pusha T – “King Push” (Sebastian Sartor)
40. Vic Mensa f/ Chance The Rapper – “Tweakin” (Michael Uzowuru)
41. Bloody Jay – “Get It In Blood” (Ferrari Smash)
42. Maxo Kream – “Whitney Houston” (Ryan ESL)
43. French Montana f/ Nicki Minaj – “Freaks” (Rico Love)
44. Sulaiman & Vic Spencer – “Baffleboard” (Buckwild “Let It Slide Interlude“)
45. Black Milk – “Dismal” (Black Milk)
46. Juicy J f/ Pimp C – “Smokin, Rollin” (Juicy J & Crazy Mike)
47. Nipsey Hussle f/ Dom Kennedy – “Checc Me Out” (The Futuristiks & 1500orNothin)
48. Yung Nation – “Shawty Wassup” (June James)
49. Allan Kingdom – “Achilles” (Allan Kingdom)
50. Sage The Gemini f/ Iamsu – “Gas Pedal” (Sage The Gemini)

Best rap: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012

186 Responses to “Best Rap, 2013”

  1. peterpeter Says:

    WE DID IT!

  2. CrowleyHead Says:

    “Gas Pedal” is roughly 2 maybe 3 years old tho.

    And as someone who posted Raider Klan songs in 2012, to see you do that in 2013 makes me worry about you Noz.

  3. The White Shadow Says:

    Pretty shit year if this is your best-of list.

  4. noz Says:

    “‘Gas Pedal’ is roughly 2 maybe 3 years old tho.”

    Spring ’12 iirc but we’re talking year of impact. (It was actually on my shortlist last year…)

    “And as someone who posted Raider Klan songs in 2012, to see you do that in 2013 makes me worry about you Noz.”

    Did you listen to the song? It doesn’t sound like any Raider Klan song I have ever heard.

  5. noz Says:

    “Pretty shit year if this is your best-of list.”

    Good contribution!

  6. The White Shadow Says:

    Either that or you got really disillusioned.

  7. Jack Says:

    Very nice list. Good representation of what I thought was a great year for rap. I like the way you link out and include the producer alongside also. Nice to see Allan Kingdom on there, didn’t realize he was on your radar.

  8. Bob Says:

    Down year but great list. Denzel Curry isn’t Raider Klan and has grown past that old affiliation. I see the Trel and Glizzy bandwagon is still alive and well. You are entitled to your opinion with those. Not an A$AP fan but you can’t leave them off a list in 2013 since they might be one of the best representations of rap in 2013, for better or worse.

  9. k Says:

    Nice list, noz
    I agree with most of the artists appearing (Migos, Drake, Young Thug, Meek Mill, Future, Gucci…), but would have chosen other songs

    Missing: 2 Chainz (Feds Watching) and A$AP Ferg (Let Go or Hood Pope).

  10. Haaann Says:

    Coke Boys 4 ain’t even out yet though

  11. d Says:

    Sweet, bunch of curveballs here, like that Allan Nation. Nice pick for Vic, this year I learned his greatest influences are Soulja Boy and Johnny Guitar Watson.

    Mouse On Tha Track and BOATS II are underrepresented on these lists.

  12. d Says:

    lol @ Kanye & The Gang

  13. Will Says:

    Can’t believe you went “Stoner” over “Danny Glover”!! Enjoyed the list though

  14. lar Says:

    “Parents” was how I learned to stop worrying about Raider Klan and love the bomb

  15. Don Anon. Says:

    this is solid.

    what was “stoner” up against?
    what was “juice” up against?

  16. Don Anon. Says:


    reiterating above concern about boats ii omission.
    did you not like it?

  17. redd Says:

    andrew where is the lil b

  18. Katherine St A$AP Says:

    “Not an A$AP fan but you can’t leave them off a list in 2013 since they might be one of the best representations of rap in 2013, for better or worse.”


    Good list, although I’m obviously disappointed at the lack of Baton Rogue and the appearance of a Canadian.

    That’s 1 of the only songs I like from the ’40 albums :-(

  19. Trinston Says:

    The Lil Herb and Lil Bibby song is crazy, great choice. Ka too. I don’t know about Stoner though. Loaded, Picacho, 2 Cups Stuffed, Danny Glover, Dead Fo Real but Stoner doesn’t really do it for me. I guess it is hella popping tho. Thanks for reminding me Maxo Kream released a tape with that song on it.

  20. Trinston Says:

    Songs I enjoyed this year: “Seeing Stars” by Zeroh, “Fatoms” by Vince Staples, “Ode to Mortality” by Jonwayne or most of Marrion Morrison, “Sepukku” by Savemoney, “Air” by Mellowhigh, “Up Them Poles” by Fredo(even though I think it came out last year), Most of YG mixtape.

  21. dalatu Says:

    Nice list.

    Always miss Cocaine blunt comment threads.

    That you found a spot for Big Sean makes me happy though, and shout out to including the only good Young Thug song this year.

  22. TheP-RexIsJewish Says:

    Money add dehn multiplaaaah

  23. The White Shadow Says:

    Pretty much every Young Thug song was good this year.

  24. the ghost of earl weaver Says:

    great list. tweaking, hive, grammy amongst others were very overlooked songs (i think)

  25. D Says:

    40 water finally falling off is the great tragedy of this decade. Or maybe he hasnt and just kept our expectations too high. Theres at most 5 keepers on the new albums imo

  26. Malaya Says:

    no lil b :+(
    drake :+(

  27. Young boy Says:

    Pretty boring year for rap
    I feel like Caesar and Brutus should have found its way on the list. Shabba was impactful and strong enough that it should have got a nod.
    Also some Gibbs would have been nice, Eastside Moonwalker is just a grimy track.
    Maybe Lullaby by Mikey Dollaz and Indiana Jones by Gangsta Boo.
    But I guess it’s your list

  28. brigitte bard'oh Says:

    the only other art form that gives rap a run for its money in “this was such a bad year” fatalism is movies, where every year is the worst year for movies apparently

    i need future to stop making music with miley cyrus, justin bieber, and mac miller but i’m willing to put up with it for more shit like “sh!t”

  29. mike cox Says:

    Malaya – didn’t really think our based buddy had much of a year besides the wonderful “I Love You”. Didn’t expect a dreak nod either but it’s not really blasphemous – it’s a pretty catchy song.

    Glad to see Go To Jail made it, fuck if I don’t dance around embarrassingly to that song several times a week. also glad to see my fav Trel song fairly high on the list. Stoner is awesome too….surprised that took the Thug spot and not Danny Glover. I only wonder how much thugga would be on here if you didn’t stick to the one-song-per-artist rule.

  30. mike cox Says:

    oh shit, Hell Yes made it too! Hell yes!!!

  31. Stunt Says:

    At the time of it’s release, I thought “Trap House III” was the most underwhelming release of the Gucci renaissance, but in a different context, “Hell Yes” is goddamn brilliant.

    Great list, as always.

  32. 45678 Says:

    Great list as always. Glad you included Bloody Jay, Shy Glizzy, and Black Milk tracks especially.

    With that said I am a little surprised you didn’t throw in a Rome Fortune track. Beautiful Pimp is a fabulous mixtape. Also would have been nice to see a Yelawolf or Run The Jewels track, but I can’t complain with your list.

  33. hotbox Says:

    Unfamiliar with some of these songs but i looks like a tight list. Nice to see that someone hasn’t forgot about gunplay.

  34. MJHD Says:

    awesome list but seriously no room for gleesh? i didn’t know him until i read your blog

  35. michael buble Says:

    Great list thanks Noz, I was a little worried we might not get one this year. Personally would have put an A$AP/RTJ track up here, also if it had qualified ODB by Danny Brown would have been cool..not at all a fan of Chance but I guess he was bound to end up here anyway.

  36. AK Says:

    “The White Shadow Says:
    December 16th, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Pretty much every Young Thug song was good this year.”

    I concur.

    Lil B was oddly quiet in 2013. What’s he building in there?

    On a Chief-Keef-making-weird-howling-noises tip, “Go To Jail” is second to whatever the hell he does to the middle of Gucci’s “So Much Money,” which kind of terrified me the first time I heard it. That’s a weird goddamn song. That’s a weird goddamn thing to do with your voice.

    Missing: Project Pat / Juicy J / Mike Will, “Never Be A G”

  37. The White Shadow Says:

    “awesome list but seriously no room for gleesh?”

    He’s at No. 23 on the list.

  38. malcolm flex Says:

    chance the rapper can lick my grundle with his annoying ass noises and gimmicks. sh!t by future is dope but no RTJ? w/e they get skimped all the time. happy to see nipsey and roc make it on tho

  39. The White Shadow Says:

    Oh alright, fine. I’ll make a meaningful comment.

    As AK pointed out, “Be a G” is one of the best songs this year – the hardest thing Project Pat and Juicy J have done since… er… 2000? It’s a hell of a song.

    I would’ve given Lil B the nod for “Giving Up,” one of the saddest and most moving songs he’s ever done.

    Also, “Torture” or “Wonderbread” by Danny Brown were both moving and brutal. Bleak as all hell.

    Anything Thugga did this year was completely insane genius. His embryonic mutation of Brick Squad this year before it all seemed to fall apart with Gucci’s meltdown was pointing in an interesting direction. “Hell Yes” sounded VERY influenced by Thugga. I would have ranked that song higher.

    If I never hear “Type of Way” again it’ll be too soon. Quan is hugging Future’s nuts, no matter what he says.

    I would second whoever nodded to “Caesar and Brutus.”

    “On Sight” and “Hold My Liquor” were the best songs off “Yeezus.” I maintain that record would have been more interesting if it’d been instrumental. Or if Chief Keef had howled through autotune over the entire thing. A stoned 17-year-old shrieking about jail and drugs is far more entertaining and aesthetically superior to a coked-up 36-year-old ranting about the perils of fame and his porn fantasies, after all. “Bound 2” is remarkably embarrassing, even without the video.

    I’d probably have subbed “No Heart, No Love” for “Smokin’, Rollin’.”

    I loved the 6ix Commandments mixtape, but I know damn well that Paul catered waaaaay too hard to old Three 6 fans on it. Half of that thing consists of remakes and/or sequels to old songs.

    I would’ve included something by Run The Jewels if I didn’t think that project was just way too tossed-off. I’m glad that Mike and El are having fun and that El is finally learning how to relax, but the record just doesn’t stand up to much repeated listening.

    “Rich as Fuck,” “Bugatti,” “Worst Behavior,” “Type of Way” and “Freaks” are all awful songs, for the record.

  40. Nordy Says:

    Waiting for the world’s greatest Samaritan to bless us with the .RAR links.

  41. w.g.s. Says:

    Had a good time listening to the entire list earlier today. Also, compiled and uploaded them.


  42. AK Says:

    I kinda like “Bugatti.” The raps ain’t much but Future sounds mad as fuck about that Bugatti.

  43. pullin up dogshit Says:

    it must have been really hard to make this list. props for trying. what an absolutely terrible year for rap music. there’s about 5 remarkable songs on here. so much MOR, whatever shit. lots of decent rapping but very few great songs. really disappointed that you gave in to drake. come the fuck on. at least we got 3 good full-length rap albums this year in yeezus, 1017 thug, and doris. that’s better than most years in recent memory.

  44. noz Says:

    “obviously disappointed at the lack of Baton Rogue”

    Well Gates is on there. I have to admit I lost sight of Mouse’s output this year. What else do I need to hear?

    “With that said I am a little surprised you didn’t throw in a Rome Fortune track. Beautiful Pimp is a fabulous mixtape.”

    There was some very cool production on here but it struck me as the sort of sleek say-nothing rap that gets all the blog slobber on account of nothing but its very cool production a lot these days but maybe I need to listen more carefully.

    “reiterating above concern about boats ii omission. did you not like it?”

    Ehh. i wasn’t really into much of the major label old man gangsta rap trend this year. the juicy record worked for me because it was him digging his heels in with his sound but with titty, gotti, etc it’s like they are just bouncing around a 2008 Lil Wayne beat tape and doing whatever on it. also these dudes are all like 38 years old they need to grow the fuck up get some ideas and become scarface already.

    “awesome list but seriously no room for gleesh?”

    I feel like Z-Money lightweight advanced his swagger this year.

    “Pretty boring year for rap”

    I think it’s just been a top loaded. one The first half of this list was very easy to write but the second half i felt like i was scrambling to fill out with obscurities. Everything else seems kind of stagnant. I mean people are clamoring for me to put Asap Ferg on here when his both of his big songs explicitly rip off Waka and Lil B from 3-4 years ago respectively. But I’m hoping that’s a transitional thing. For rap, if not also for ASAP.

    Idk you guys. I always try to build the core of this list off of my gut instincts versus what is dominating the critical and commercial conversations. Sometimes all of these things fall into alignment but this year they obviously didn’t. I feel like recently stuff like Future and Yeezus and Thug and Earl and Lito and I guess going back further B and Waka and Wayne really raised the bar for how (or at least reset the angle at which) a rap record needs to hit me in the head chest and heart and so a lot of what people have been sweating lately just leaves me numb. No soul to so much shit, no slap either really.

    Also there are so many fucking lists now why would you want me to make one that is exactly the same as all the others?

    I totally missed “Be A G” yes this is ridiculous.

  45. The White Shadow Says:

    I’m amazed that people care about Young Trap Lord Struggle Bars. Good on him for giving Bone Thugs and Onyx work, but the dude is an incompetent amalgamation of brand names and blog trends. I mean while Rocky’s a complete whore and jacks other people’s flows, at least he has some flows to call on – Ferg doesn’t even have that.

    The Juicy J record was surprisingly good. As long as he puts Project Pat on Taylorgang and keeps doing shit like “Gun Plus a Mask,” “All I Blow Is Loud” and “Stop It” he can do as many horrible pop collaborations as he wants. (Christ, I hope this doesn’t give him any bright ideas.)

    I forgot to say I loved the Prodigy/Alchemist record even though no one else seemed to give a fuck about it. P and Al were both in great form. There were some great Flocka tracks on “DuFlocka Rant 2.”

  46. ngga Says:

    “Stoner” over “Can’t See Em” makes no fuckin sense tho, guys!

  47. The Hand of The Dead Body Says:

    is cocaine blunts back? can cocaineblunts please be back?

  48. jeff Says:

    As far as Mouse solo tracks go, the only ones that really stuck with me were “Bye Bitch” and “Don’t Make Em Like Me.” But “Lil Sumptin” by Fiend and “Pow” by Lil Cali, which he produced, are also worth checking out.

  49. d Says:

    “I have to admit I lost sight of Mouse’s output this year. What else do I need to hear?”

    Bye Bitch
    Lil Cali -Pow ft Versey
    Haters Dont Like That

    theres a bunch actually scattered about

  50. B.S. Says:

    Fuck man, that track “Be a G”, shit. How did I miss that one until now?

    “Juice” is garbage, btw.

  51. d Says:

    Mouse did Kyleon’s best song this year too

  52. StevenK Says:

    thanks, Noz! I hope one of these rappers I’ve not heard yet becomes my new favourite rapper. Happy 2013, guy!

  53. mike cox Says:

    AK – 05 Fuck Em is gonna hit the net hard no bs. Confident this is gonna be a project that make a lotta people finally realize his talent.

  54. mike cox Says:

    White Shadow – ” “Hell Yes” sounded VERY influenced by Thugga. I would have ranked that song higher. ”

    Interesting you bring this up, cause Gucci gave a little background about him making that song and brought up how much Thug was an influence and creative aid – Gucci made it at some wee hour in the morning, and Thug was the first person he asked for an opinion on the song. That and “Actavist” are two of my favorites from the Gooch Man this year.

    the article where Thug talks about the creation of that song is here: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2013/06/the-weird-turn-pro-young-thug/

  55. AK Says:

    I’m gonna keep plugging I-20’s “Amphetamine Manifesto II” everywhere, too.

  56. URight Says:

    Go to Jail, Worst Behavior, and Shawty Wassup making appearances, nice! Idk if it really qualifies, but I think when another artist puts your solo track on his album it should count: Servin Lean. Peewee snapped on the first verse.

  57. Bob Says:

    @ngga I have to agree with “Can’t See Em” as the obvious pick. “Danny Glover” got stale quick compared to many of his other songs. “Stoner” just doesn’t do it but it’s definitely the song that caught on. We’ll see what happens with him now that people like A-Trak want to get their paws on him *sigh*

  58. The White Shadow Says:

    Mr. Cox –

    a) Christ, I’m hoping that 05 Fuck Em is the most definitive thing he’s going to have released since God’s Father, or 6 Kiss.

    b) Hadn’t seen that article before, but it pretty much confirms what I suspected. Before Gucci went too nutty for his own good, it looked like Young Thug was really warping Brick Squad in his image. And I was really looking forward to how Brick Squad was going to mutate. But with Gucci’s troubles, who knows what’s going to happen to Brick Squad?

  59. Brad Says:

    Count me as another person sad that Lil’ B’s “Givin Up” didn’t make the cut. But I’m also a person that’s very glad that the one song by the Canadian wasn’t “Started from the Bottom” and down right fucking JOYOUS that Keef’s “Go To Jail” is on the list. Keef made some delightfully weird stuff this year.

    I played my little brother, who wants to rap, some Young Thug and he said “I think rap is in its Free Jazz moment.” Which I can’t totally disagree with.

    No Danny Brown though?

  60. mike cox Says:

    White Shadow –

    Hopefully this lawsuit with Mizay and the Shakespearean falling-out with Waka don’t mess things up for this new generation – Peewee, Scooter and ofc Thugger are all so promising. Gucci is currently tweetin’ from prison and is keeping the music turnout going for now..hopefully he’s got a master plan that doesn’t involve messing up his label

  61. q Says:

    No love for icewear vezzo? Or is he just not on your radar?

  62. kork Says:


  63. AK Says:

    “q Says:
    December 17th, 2013 at 2:14 am

    No love for icewear vezzo? Or is he just not on your radar?”

    That one cut “Dangling” was slap, but the best verse on that was that guy with the raspy voice GT who I will never be able to find any music by ever again because rappers do not understand search engine optimization.

  64. Matt Says:

    Thanks noz! It was a slow year for rap but I appreciate your internetting all the same!

  65. Rhek Says:

    Thanks Noz.

    Thanks W.G.S for filling the holes (pause)

  66. Katherine St A$AP Says:

    All of Mouse’s 2013 songs bar “Get It Back” are on the ‘tape he hosted for DJ Dow Jones “What Da Streetz Need 7”.

    Que Tha Truth’s “24 Karat G.O.L.D” and Lil’ Cali’s “Rappin-Trappin” are 2 B.R ‘tapes worth checking as well as random singles like “Money Whipped” by Savage and “Mind Right” by Mista w/ DJ-B Real & Young Ready.

    Frankie’s 2013 compilations on Datpiff are also pretty great.

  67. Katherine St A$AP Says:

    Yung Gleesh is a puppet for a bunch of failed Yams’ from Tumblr and Cloud-Rap also-rans now. Fuck that dude.

  68. AK Says:

    ^ I downloaded Que Tha Truth’s tape on accident because I’d thought it was the Que who did “OG Bobby Johnson”* and that tape with Sonny Digital**. It turned out to be pretty tight anyhow, despite the awkward presence of an explicit Lex Luger knockoff in the production credits.***


    **multiple slaps, “C.O.D.” is the shit.

    ***”Luger Beats”? GTFOH.

  69. Katherine St A$AP Says:

    I’m baffled that people actually like “OG Bobby Johnson” when it’s basically a Weird Al version of “Sh!t”.

    Que Tha Truth’s “King Tut” and “Back 2 Tha Paper” (which isn’t on his ‘tape for some inexplicably stupid reason) are both quintessential 2013 B.R joints, imho.

  70. AK Says:

    “Katherine St A$AP Says:
    December 17th, 2013 at 7:11 am

    I’m baffled that people actually like “OG Bobby Johnson” when it’s basically a Weird Al version of “Sh!t”.”

    Naaaaaw. Ain’t like Future’s the only person in ATL clipping the syllables at the end of his lines.

    Anyhow the awesome thing about “OG Bobby Johnson” is the way the beat is all threes-over-fours and snare rolls that don’t have any physical analogue.

  71. ay bitch Says:

    i got a cleft lip

  72. MHD Says:

    Surprised by Drake inclusion but no Danny Brown…but it’s your list.

    I will copy some stuff and pose around in my circles…as usual! thanks!

  73. max Says:

    Noz u a fool for putting Semi on here!

  74. nas Says:

    thanks noz! happy new years

  75. Cockroach Says:

    No eXquire? I’m bias, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  76. pj hairston Says:

    Thanks for the list, Noz. Happiest of holidays to you.

    (BTW: really, really happy about the Fat Trel and Droop-E songs on here.)

  77. like sound Says:

    “Jealous” as the sole Kendrick inclusion is straight. The beat is 808 mafia in their zone – bass is so clear and deep but it has very nicely reflective piano and synth lines. Only Kendrick verse I heard all year that made me feel I was hearing the old Kendrick, without all the ‘spokesman of a generation’ pretense.

    Also, what’s wrong with you dudes who don’t get Stoner? Thug spazzes — “my thoughts is a mess from the blood off your chest..” I just noticed the other day that on the Molly disc of Gucci’s trilogy the Stoner beat appears as a throwaway Peewee Longway & Keyshia Ka’oir track called “kidnapped”..

    ..and speaking of Longway, “Servin Lean” is definitely up there with the best of the year, at least for me..

  78. cadoavo Says:

    unreal list noz! i missed cocaine blunts

  79. Micp Says:

    holyup, dis a good list but where’s the Z-ro at? surely I’m not the only checkin fo da Mo City Don

  80. Robb Says:

    UOENO nr 1 imo.
    i miss young scooter on the list

  81. rapfanrapfan Says:

    King Push > NOTB? I think that album deserves more than people gave it credit for this year.

    Also, as a fan of the.. “Old” danny brown, what did you feel about his output this year?
    Has he been too swayed by hipsterweb takeover?

  82. mike cox Says:

    like sound Says:
    December 17th, 2013 at 3:08 pm
    “just noticed the other day that on the Molly disc of Gucci’s trilogy the Stoner beat appears as a throwaway Peewee Longway & Keyshia Ka’oir track called “kidnapped”..”

    wow good catch. didn’t even go back and notice it – Molly was better than Gas but neither touched Lean imo. ‘Servin Lean’ was one of my favorites this year too, I see alotta people calling for it. That first verse is wild.

    A lotta people here are calling for a spot for Old but no song on Old was as good as almost any song on XXX, to me (and as whole projects, it’s no comparison). It’s like a loooong way off the energy and storytelling in XXX – the only songs I had initially gone back to were Gremlins and Float On, and the whole album faded on me fast. Pretty disappointing… XXX is one of my favorite albums ever.

  83. The White Shadow Says:

    I just don’t see what people don’t like about “Old.” Yes, of course it doesn’t have the energy and insanely wired, dangerous feel of “XXX”, but I think it’ll ultimately prove to be more rewarding. It’s bleak, depressed, anguished and uncompromised. I also think the storytelling is sharp as hell. Not one story on “XXX” has the capacity to wound and frighten like the two-line anecdote about pit bulls and peanut butter on “Torture.” The only problems I have with “Old” are that there are too many guest features (sometimes Danny really does need to write third verses) and that the sequencing sometimes feels too stark in places. That’s it, though.

  84. ngga Says:

    Inclusions of “R.I.P” when “My Nigga” is already on ?the list and “Freaks” for any reason are questionable
    and dumb

  85. bding7 Says:

    Is this the first time Drake has made the list on his own merits? I was really hoping “Picacho” would be on here, but no matter. Have to say, I am rather shocked you put “New Slaves” at no. 1, I thought that “UOENO” had it locked up. Overall, yea, it has felt pretty top heavy in terms of quality output. Thanks for continuing to do this, I’ve felt pretty disillusioned with how people wrote about rap this year, and your stuff continues to demonstrate your curiosity about music. It’s really refreshing.

  86. Sam Wappler Says:

    Yeah surprised you chose stoner! But it is a cool song. Loaded and Danny glover contend IMO. Did you choose stoner cuz you didn’t blog it?? XD. Anyway, props to the new slaves choice, I damn well agree. Such an under-talked about song this year IMO. Pretty obvious that hip hop needs to move more in this direction these days. Hopefully I can be a part of that. Global uprising whee

  87. AK Says:

    I thought Old was a good tape but the sequencing was fucked. “Dope Song” god rewinds though.

    The “This Is A Singles List” rule remains in effect, nah?

  88. J Says:

    Fools talking about a “Glizzy and Trel bandwagon” like that’s a real thing…

  89. The White Shadow Says:

    AK – not when there’s a 6-second vine video on the list that’s ranked above the Maxo Kream song.

  90. noz Says:

    “King Push > NOTB? I think that album deserves more than people gave it credit for this year.”

    Only good songs were King Push, Nosetalgia and Numbers. Everything else was trash except maybe for the one Pharrell thing that sounded like a Lord willin outtake.

    “2 cups stuffed” was penciled in for thug for a long time but then i had a moment with “stoner” walking home. i think “danny glover” probably sat in there at some point too. “can’t see em” wasn’t a favorite of mine, seemed kind of meandering and unfinshed. “picacho” feels like a hang over from thug’s old sessions and he’s moved so far beyond that shit now, i figured internet nerds were just tripping off of it on some lol pokemon shit.

    i just don’t see how everyone on earth isn’t completely embarrassed by the second half of the danny brown record total old guy in the edm club moves. i liked the fake wu stuff at the beginning but i couldn’t really decide on which to put on this list, nothing felt like a whole song. gremlins maybe? i forgot about “odb” but that was nice.

  91. the ghost of earl weaver Says:

    The White Shadow-
    I guess this does rule out the rule, but when a song is as good as that Semi song it deserves to be on this list.

    I also am very glad New Slaves is number one. Probably my favorite song this year, as it was on repeat A LOT during the summer. Seems like all of Yeezus hasn’t gotten much play since the summer but New Slaves still finds it’s way into my rotation. It also had a pretty large impact on music with it being projected on walls all over cities and all that shit. Pretty surprised/glad that King Push is on here. I didn’t love the album but i was pretty fond of that jam.

    now where’s the zips of all these songs for a lazy man like myself??

  92. noz Says:

    i’m not sure what could possibly be more of a single than a six second vine. semi made more of an impact with two and a half bars than most rappers did all year.

  93. The White Shadow Says:

    Then I nominate Freddie Gibbs stuffing Riff Raff into a skee ball machine as one of my favorite singles of the year.

  94. The White Shadow Says:

    And yeah, I’d’ve probably put in “2 Cups Stuffed” – not even “Versace” was more inescapable as a hook this year. Unbelievably great song.

  95. Ignorant Says:

    “I just don’t see what people don’t like about “Old.” Yes, of course it doesn’t have the energy and insanely wired, dangerous feel of “XXX”, but I think it’ll ultimately prove to be more rewarding. It’s bleak, depressed, anguished and uncompromised”

    You can call Old a lot of things. Uncompromised isn’t one of them. The album is in fact one giant compromise.

  96. AK Says:

    Yeah, it could really do without the Fool’s Gold sounding chunk.

  97. Ignorant Says:

    Also I need to mention Travis Scott just so his name is in this thread. I will defend Owl Pharaoh forever. Even with its Yeezus-lite production, terrible rapping and guest rappers on every song I don’t think I went back to any other project as much. Combined the Yeezus-level production with the old Kanye bars, which was what everyone wanted. Right?

    For what its worth I also thought the Hit-Boy EP last year was great. I have a soft spot for producers who can’t rap very well

  98. The White Shadow Says:

    Ignorant –

    True, but it was still Travis Scott rapping.

  99. AK Says:

    A guy I know strenuously recommended Owl City to me but, eh, I didn’t care for it. So many people are making cool beats these days that it doesn’t seem terribly special.

  100. AK Says:

    Shit, I mean Owl Pharaoh.

  101. bding7 Says:

    Oh! I just remembered: probably one of my favorite things this year that didn’t make the list was that ILLFIGHTYOU tape. The production was pretty incredible, I thought, and dudes are surprisingly good rappers. Potty was pretty slick, too.

  102. Ignorant Says:

    There was a certain wide-eyedness to it that I don’t see much in hip-hop these days. Drive would be maybe my favorite song of the year if the chorus wasn’t so poorly placed

  103. totalwar Says:

    “also these dudes are all like 38 years old they need to grow the fuck up get some ideas and become scarface already.”

    does this explain the lack of love for danny brown?

    “old guy in the edm club moves”

    oh. well, it’s your list, but i think old makes a “this isn’t xxx” statement with a steadiness that belies the party song persona. guess we’ll see. maybe i’m just hopeful there’s hope after old guy edm moves.

  104. The White Shadow Says:

    “does this explain the lack of love for danny brown?”

    No, that’s about the 2 Chainz/Juicy J/etc wave of late 30’s dudes on major labels doing songs about acting the fool in the club.

    Fairly or unfairly, I tend to think that people who are really huge fans of ILLFIGHTYOU are also probably the dudes who are all over Run The Jewels.

    I will never stop laughing at Travis Scott for that freestyle. Holy christ that was embarrassing.

  105. bding7 Says:

    still haven’t heard RTJ, but I see what you mean.

  106. noz Says:

    “oh. well, it’s your list, but i think old makes a “this isn’t xxx” statement with a steadiness that belies the party song persona.”

    dunno what that means but danny brown makes terrible party music for people who dance like this.

    lol owl city i thought travis scott couldn’t get any lower than his asthma attack breath control xxl freestyle but then he went and rocked that sleepwalk struggle style on his bet awards verse. of course he blamed that on the beat. which was fucking “funky president.” kid is a lame. no skill, no ideas, no songs, no personality but hey nice my first skinny puppy sound bank. i’m glad he brought that to the game and kanye had the good sense to jack it.

    illfightyou was cool maybe a little second wave def jux/hangar 18 for my tastes but i am curious to see what they do next. khris should rap more, this was more my speed.

  107. The White Shadow Says:

    it was having the gall to tell Preemo (of all fucking people, where does travis scott of all the twerps in rap get off doing that) that the beat sucked in the middle of his freestyle which got me. I mean the shit he was spitting was already three different kinds of hot zombie garbage and he was self-conscious enough to acknowledge it in the middle of the verse. When ASAP Ferg does a better freestyle than you (written but who cares), you need to start re-assessing your career options.

  108. R.I.P Tray Says:

    Side B of “Old” typifies the paradoxical, bizarre relationship Americans have with electronic music when they invented House and Techno. It’s just…lol.

    It was obvious Danny Brown was going to drop a confused mess of an album when he spent the last year or so working with terrible European producers/talking about Pitchfork reviews/getting a little too cosy with Vice/taking white girl Tumblr rappers on tour with him.

    Moral of the story: never trust any American who listens to Grime.

  109. Noah Says:

    I get that Owl Pharaoh was not your cup of purple. I get that Travis $cott might be the “sleek say-nothing rap that gets all the blog slobber on account of nothing but its very cool production.” But, I think dude got snubbed pretty hard this year. “Kanye had the good sense to jack (Travis $cott)” but everyone talks about Hudson Mohawk or whatever when they bring up the production on Yeezus. I think dude deserves a little more credit for bringing some thrilling production to the game. With that being said $cott needs to drop the mic and never pick it up again .

  110. the ghost of earl weaver Says:

    You may be right about not enough people talking about Travis Scott as opposed to hudson Mohawke, but maybe it’s because Hudson Mohawke continues to make music that sounds cool like his shit on Yeezus without him struggle rapping all over it. Maybe if Travis Scott was doing production for some actual rappers or just making beats or some shit people would care. Hard to tell people “yeah you like Yeezus? Check out Travis Scott!!” without having to add “but just ignore his piss-poor attempt at rapping” or having them dislike it because it sounds like garbage.

    Hudson Mohawke is better at what he does than Travis Scott is, and deserves more credit.

  111. noz Says:

    “I think dude deserves a little more credit for bringing some thrilling production to the game. ”

    You are confusing production with palette and I think the difference between the two is part of what separates Kanye’s album from Scott’s. Owl Pharoah is likeYeezus with no propulsion or structure. Kewl sounds just happen for no reason until it is time for another kewl sound.

    I think if you listen to the recent solo output from any of the Yeezus contributors it’s pretty obvious who was at the reins of that album in a production/songwriting/arrangement capacity – Daft, Gesaffelstein – and who was simply providing raw sonic data and aesthetics flourishes- Arca, Scott. Some people make sounds and other people make sounds do things. (I sort of suspect that Rubin’s reduction approach is a defining factor here too, given that Cruel Summer and Watch The Throne were Owl Pharoah type endless messes in their own right.)

  112. noz Says:

    Really if anyone is getting the short end of the stick here it’s Cudi. Indicud had kewl synth patches too but nobody cared because he’s been replaced by a new model.

  113. Noah Says:


    All Hudson did was give Ye a snippet of R U Ready to bump behind Nina Simone. Meanwhile Travis $cott was building the entire sound for Kanye to jack. I mean Qunitana and Lights both sound like they have Yeezus beats and both those songs came out way before Yeezus did. I think Travis $cott built the sonic blueprint for Yeezus then got upstaged by some french robots. And, for the record I think Quintana is a pretty great song in a “lyrics aren’t the point” sort of way.

    I dunno, Travis is probably already done. Or he’s going to make some wack-ass Dance on the moon type shit trying to cross-over. But, he did do a really cool thing for rap music in 2013 and didn’t get the props he was due.

  114. The White Shadow Says:

    You can get the synth patches on Indicud if you fool around for two minutes on a micro-Korg. Not even Travis Scott did a nine-minute house song with Michael Bolton.

  115. Noah Says:


    I might be out of my depth here. Thanks for the comment. Your clearly looking at angles I’m not.

  116. Ignorant Says:

    Wow didn’t mean to start all of that. Owl Pharaoh sounds like a first draft but that’s a big reason why I liked it. I just wanted to comment that I’m really surprised that people are that put-off by his rapping. It wasn’t notable in any way but it didn’t deter my enjoyment of the mixtape. I didn’t see either of his freestyles so I can’t comment on those.

  117. noz Says:

    “I’m really surprised that people are that put-off by his rapping. It wasn’t notable in any way”

    What sort of rapping could possibly be more off-putting than rapping that isn’t notable in any way?

  118. AK Says:

    For the record, only rapper as gets his name written with a stylized dollar sign is Too $hort. Certainly not ASAP Anybody, and DEFINITELY not Travis Scott.

  119. Ignorant Says:

    Rap that is so bad takes away from the instrumental i.e. Captain Murphy or that Rebirth of Detroit Dilla album from last year. Flying Lotus may be a better rapper than Travis Scott, but I’d rather listen to Travis Scott stay out of the beat’s way than hear Flying Lotus barking all over the track or a bunch of goons talk about how good Dilla is.

  120. Noah Says:


    no love for Ma$e?

  121. hotbox Says:

    No love for Yelawolf? I thought he quietly made a resurgence this year. Either “Mastermind” or “Rhyme Room” (I think that was this year) would have easily made my top 20. Same with Gibbs. I know you’re bored of him by now but personally I think Esgn contains some of his best work, particularly “Came Up”. The new J-Zone is interesting as well, although probably not your cup of tea.

    UNENO is #1 hands down for me, but I’d have a problem selecting a version. Maybe the 11-minute with everyone with the wiz khalifa verse edited out. Nah keep it there; his mid-verse wooo as if he just killed it is thr lol moment of the year for me.

    IDK though I’m no expert on new rap but it’s good to see your year end lists are still active. Thanks for keeping cb alive.. I still check the back issues for rap-a-lot week, yz interviews and unreleased tony d songs on the regular.

  122. AK Says:


    Yelawolf’s “resurgence” was still incredibly weak. Where did he go so wrong?

    “Eastside Moonwalker” is the shit. I like how the beat seems to move around the meter even though it stays 4/4.

  123. cpm Says:

    Gucci Mane “Hell Yes” #1.

  124. mgrt Says:

    that charismatic chanadian finally got to you!

    and i thought you turned into a bitter old man

  125. Idiot Says:

    Where’s “Two Presidents”?

  126. AK Says:

    in my trash can last time i checked

  127. i'm just saying Says:

    extacy pill was the most incredible song of the year, young thug or otherwise. stoner is sick, and i’m glad it’s sticking with people, but extacy pill is on some absolutely unprecedented, alien shit.

    whoa whoa whoa

  128. The White Shadow Says:

    Didn’t even know J-Zone had released something new. Didn’t he retire or something for a bit there? I’ll always respect J-Zone for writing that hilarious blog entry that correctly sang the praises of Tim Dog, Project Pat and Malachi the Nutcracker. (Can’t ride for Disco Rick, sorry.)

    I’ll also take this moment to say how happy I am that no one has argued for Action Bronson or J. Eeyore as being worthy of inclusion.

  129. Noah Says:

    On the Kewl sounds tip I thought that HBK Gang song “Go Crazy” Sounded very Kewl. I listened to that song a lot this year.

  130. AK Says:

    Oh, from the Shit Everyone Slept On file: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyKxODgtpE4

    Also I listened to that Master P/Alley Boy/Fat Trel track “Dope Case” like five hundred times this year.

  131. like sound Says:

    Just wanna underline that Gates’ 4:30 am is incredible.

    Time stands still every time I hear the first verse.

  132. noz Says:

    yeah I’m kind of sad that there aren’t more angry people to shut down in the comments for real for real this year but I think that has do with the new corporatization of the web stunting how far some little standalone blog post can travel (ie facebook timelines prioritizing TRUSTED sources or whatever) so basically the only people who are going to see this list know what time it is and what i do and aren’t all like gee golly why don’t you have j cole everyone in my frat likes j cole which is fine by me but also very disappointing

  133. noz Says:

    “that charismatic chanadian finally got to you!”

    about that – in the past i was comfortable omitting drake off as merely one of the most popular rappers like i would’ve done to a nelly or a ja rule but in a year when kanye split the vote and wayne finally cooled (though his album was sort of underrated imo) and jay was the worst drake pretty much dominated everything and it seemed like i’d be outright negligent to pretend otherwise. it’d be like leaving snoop off a 1994 list or doing the same to 50 in 2003. just dumb.

    i still would not choose to listen to his music in any scenario.

  134. Brad C Says:

    I’m not going to pretend that I heard these songs before I read the martorialist list but Flee by The Guys and West Coast by Mic Terror are going into regular rotation.

  135. Stunt Says:

    Somebody (Maurice Garland?) posted this Young Dolph track a few months ago, and while he is ABOMINABLY untalented, he accidentally crushed this. Still don’t understand what Gucci sees in him, but Brick Squad had such a year that I’m completely content with him putting on the occasionally horrible rapper.


  136. noz Says:

    yeah i liked that dolph song but it’s total 2 chainz dress up music

    i once ate brisket with dolph on some memphis bbq real tourist trap shit it was awkward and not enlightening

  137. j. whitemare Says:

    why they all theis commercials when i’m tyrna watch the songs i can’t wait…

  138. The White Shadow Says:

    To respond to a comment a few ways back there – AK, Yela went wrong when he got chewed up by a major label. only verses I heard by him that were worth anything this year were on both of his Three 6 features (Go Hard and Gun Plus a Mask), and even then it was mostly because he sounded eerily like Bizzy Bone in aggressive mode, with some angry Em thrown in to spice things up.

    jesus christ that mjg song is amazing. too bad Ball and G don’t know how the internet works. I guess we could also include Master P in that camp too.

    also, though I didn’t think it was amazing all the way through or anything, that Cam’ron mixtape had a few great songs on it. He sounded like he cared again, there were even a few where he broke out that old “S.D.E.” flow again.

  139. When is the English version coming out? Says:

    Cool List. Needs sum Ay Streatz n Chucc Deez tho. LOVE US

  140. mike cox Says:

    “extacy pill was the most incredible song of the year, young thug or otherwise. stoner is sick, and i’m glad it’s sticking with people, but extacy pill is on some absolutely unprecedented, alien shit.

    whoa whoa whoa”

    R fkn T. I think he picked Stoner cause it’s probably growing to be Thug’s most popular song at the moment (he even had a vine contest for the best Stoner dances) but I def agree that Extacy Pill is his best song of the year. shit had me shocked first time I blared it.

  141. AK Says:

    Man, I hadn’t heard that Allan Kingdom cut before but that’s awesome.

  142. frank Says:

    just to chime in on the DB conversation… it’s disappointing. “Dope Song” was cool, but none of the party songs stood up to “Blueberries” from last year, which was just a loosie, so what’s the point of the rest of the album if it just leads to this anticlimax..? There’s a reason he always kills guest verses, he’s not allowed to pick beats.

  143. AK Says:

    Topic of conversation: Which producers were killing it this year? We always talk about year-end-lists in terms of the rapper, but that beat matters.

    Mike Will obviously had one hell of a year. Aside from the chart success and “Sh!t” and all, he made a bunch of crazy beats that I love like “Be A G” or Gucci’s “No More” and “Me” what with the hyper-aggressive basslines and such.

  144. La marche noire Says:

    It used to be a best of r&b songs which would have been Hip Hop Bangers, such as Kelis’s Bossy. What about it this in 2013. Especially with Mike Will spreading in genres like the plague

  145. noz Says:

    “Topic of conversation: Which producers were killing it this year?”


    I mean Mustard and Mike Will are the obvious choices as far as chart dominance goes but I can’t say either really wowed me with much consistency this year what with Mike giving half of his heat to Miley and this still vaulted Future album and Mustard just doing the same damn beat over and over and over and over. Ka is obviously in his own space and so is Kanye but they are both basically working outside of the rap timeline right now, influencing nobody. Otherwise one of the things that really frustrated me about putting together this list is how drab and grey and samey everything that wasn’t blatantly splattered with Mustard seemed to sound this year. Most of my favorite songs had a very present rapper (Chance, Thug, Earl) carrying shit over passably solid and completely bleak beats.

    I guess some dudes like J Gramm, Childish Major and Metro Boomin are getting there in terms of creativity but not in a sense that their style is at all recognizable. As far as formal innovations go that abrupt hard filter thing that 12 Hunna does has been pretty underrated and totally physically brutal in the best way and I would not be at all mad to hear more of that in the new year. Otherwise again who the fuck knows.

    As far as the West Coast goes I really have no idea I’m not at all sick of the Mustard type shit on an emotional level and neither is anyone else but intellectually it leaves a lot be desired. I know that’s a silly thing to say about songs that go BAD BITCH GON OPEN HER LEGS but usually that disconnect means that a burnout is on the horizon. Or maybe we’ve finally achieved perfect rap simplicity and that one little sound will rule forever and ever.

    I’d like to think that there must still be at least a few more ways to make functional and fun party rap songs.

  146. AK Says:

    “As far as formal innovations go that abrupt hard filter thing that 12 Hunna does has been pretty underrated and totally physically brutal in the best way and I would not be at all mad to hear more of that in the new year.”

    Got an example of such?

    I’ve been kind of tired of Mustard-y sounds recently. I mean, I LIKE it, but when the raps aren’t really strong everything starts blurring together into a sort of paste.

  147. Knife Says:

    the filter on the 12hunna beats is the first fruityloops preset that comes up when u apply that effect like the very first one he for sure put seconds and seconds into researching that innavotion lol. not hating tho sum1 had to be smart enough to do it first

  148. like sound Says:

    Metro Boomin is killin it. “For the Love” is so sick.

    In general terms, it’s been going on for years, but the way that Southside, DJ Spinz, TM88, Dun Deal, C-Note, Metro, Sonny Digital, etc. are all collaborating is really exciting. To see 4 dudes names in the production credits of a single song is awesome, and doesn’t happen as much as it should (both the actual collaboration and the crediting of shared production.) It’s a shame Gucci and Waka aren’t taken more seriously cause I’m pretty sure Gucci giving all these young dudes free around-the-clock studio time is what led to such a wildly creative, collaborative studio practice.

    Also, they’re getting really smart about branding themselves – the 19 & Boomin and Crazy 8 tapes helped these dudes to claim a space they’d been facelessly holding down for awhile.

  149. Jonathan Says:

    no love for zaytoven noz? you seemed to post about him a decent bit this year

  150. sneakerhead Says:

    Yung Lean/Kreayshawn Marble Phone was song of the year. Why no love for Sad Andy, Lil Pain or Tunechi??

  151. sneakerhead Says:

    This was my favorite year for rap EVER because rappers were funny. Nikki Minaj is fucking…she could do stand-up she’s so funny. Bronson, Yung Lean, Azelia Banks…all so so funny .

  152. B.S. Says:

    Nothing good off of that new Bun B album?

  153. AK Says:

    “Cake” is aight but it’s kind of weird what with the Pimp-C-from-beyond-the-grave and Krit doing UGK-beat-karaoke and a verse from an incarcerated Boosie. Some Frankenstein’s monster shit going on right there.

  154. Bluntedraplistener Says:

    Denzel curry definitely snaps on that tape. Affiliation with RK or not.. Dope list lol I gotta say trap lord is on some guilty pleasure shit for me. Prob still doesn’t deserve a top 50 spot butttttttt

  155. The White Shadow Says:

    forgot: Jean Grae, “Fuckery Level 3000.” that is some insanely advanced rappity-rapping.

  156. AK Says:

    Oh hell yeah, that was exceptionally rappity.

  157. Driggs Says:

    “but the second half i felt like i was scrambling to fill out with obscurities.” Surprised that one of these spots wasn’t filled in with Tree’s “Fame”.

  158. sean Says:

    sweet list, i’m just surprised nothing from louis v mob made it. I feel like alley boy took a step back this year with war cry, but still. master p hasn’t fallen off as far as i would have thought. also fat trel

  159. ngga Says:

    are niggas really talking about a fucking rap song called fuckery level 3000

  160. AK Says:

    Jean Grae is like the only person allowed to engage in pure rappity raps these days, really.

    I really enjoyed War Cry. Especially the silent-film-era-horror-movie-score shit on “Mama’s House,” “Long Haul,” that weird Ty Dolla song that shows up in the middle of it for no apparent reason, and how totally depressed about cocaine he sounds on “Cocaine.”

  161. like sound Says:

    “Cocaine” w Trel is sick. Is that hook an interpolation of something I don’t recognize? Perfect hook.

  162. hotbox Says:

    “Jean grae is the only person allowed to engage in rappity rap”

    R.A. the rugged man’s “Definition of a rap flow” is rappity rap at its finest. Entire album is nice.

  163. Austin T Says:

    Kinda surprised to see ‘Sh1t’ as the Future contribution instead of ‘Honest’. Especially since ‘Sh1t’ has a kindred spirit a little bit further down the list (that does it’s job a bit better) in Worst Behaviour.

  164. pill clinton Says:

    gotta say that my fav music this year was made by starlito, don trip and kevin gates. good list this year, tho im surprised how many “bad year” comments there are

  165. c Says:

    yeezus said he’s the new shabba before shabba dropped

  166. bobadee Says:

    Starlito is by far the best rap artist of 2013.

    Cold Turkey
    Step Brothers 2
    Fried Turkey

    All still in heavy rotation with little or no skipping.

    Money Cacti is from 2012 but glad something made the top 10.

    Gucci, Thugga and Pee Wee also all had amazing stuff this year, I need to get round to compiling the best songs from the 25 mixtapes they released though.

    Ka was the best thing I could actually purchase a record of.

  167. osiris Says:

    no love for gene the southern child , he dropped the supremely slept on murder rap album of the year……..

  168. JY Says:

    “New Slaves” is one of the worst Yeezus songs, I dunno

  169. JY Says:

    “Dedication 5” is lowkey one of the best things Wayne’s done in a while, not just by comparison either. album was trash though.

  170. AK Says:

    Hella low bar for that, but true. His flip of “Itchin'” is great.

  171. hellabased Says:

    Did something happen to Noz? Haven’t seen him tweet since the 22nd.

  172. AK Says:

    I just want to use this space to be the first person on the internet to refer to Migos and amphibrachic meter in the same sentence.

  173. chris cool Says:

    Yo Noz, any chance we could get a Gucci or 1017 list?

  174. Emes Says:

    1) yung lean – gatorade
    2) YRN one of the best rap albums in years

  175. Bob Says:

    Lots of good rap came out since people put up these year end lists.

  176. D Says:

    Ok, so I understand if no one can be bothered to re-open this debate here – but does anyone feel uncomfortable about rating the Rick Ross version of UOENO so highly?

    I mean, I know nearly all the tracks here detail behaviour that most of us wouldn’t personally advocate, but why celebrate such a gross moment of 2013 rap when there’s other great versions of the track?

  177. ngga Says:

    The ngga above me is ffucking stupidd

  178. B.S. Says:

    Guess it wasn’t really an impressive year for Drumma Boy stuff, huh?

  179. doctorelectron Says:

    Been coming back to this list since you posted Z-Ro’s from the South on your top singles in 2005. Always great to see your perspective and the tracks that affected you. Even though there are some tracks that surprise me being there or not being there…I always find something I end up listening to regularly for the next year. (Or two years in case of Fat Trel’s Bitchez Started Klokkin’). Thanks so much for that!

  180. JV Says:

    Even disregarding the date rape ish “UOENO” has a sluggish beat, Wayne killed it though

  181. megaveli Says:

    Surprised there isn’t more comments about Gunplay, considering all the fanfare in ’12. Also surprised he only made #27. Admittedly he had a semi-quiet 2013, but he DESTROYED the numbers on the board beat.

    “Bang! Dang, I must be super insane/ To punch 50 in the face and beat a sentence in vain/ Murder, mayhem, machines and machetes in the AM/ Pirellis on the Lam’ and I’m barely in the lab/ Barely good at math/ You niggas from the street? I’m from the belly of the ave’/ Berettas or the jabs/ Can’t bargain with a Carbon 15/ Parched and fatigued in my starch fatigues”

    Love that he brags about punching curtis in the face. You really liked drop the tint more? And either way, putting worst behavior that high above Gunplay? I probably would have swapped their spots on principal.

    Kush was a bit of a record label manufactured disappointment, but I’m almost positive Medellin/Living Legend will still be fire.

    Dope list as always though.

  182. cory g Says:

    yo, I think Iamsu produced Gas Pedal. Am I wrong?

  183. noz Says:

    Yes, you are wrong. Sage produced it.

  184. bob backlund Says:

    ^ very cute puppy at 1:05

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