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Recent Adds 4/12

Recent Adds is the now yearly series where we check terrestrial radio charts to see what independent records have been added to the playlists recently. The idea is that it will help shine some light on semi-significant or at least payola’d out songs that slip below the blogosphere. Mostly it just results in me wasting hours of my life by trying to describe what Roscoe Dash sounds like when Roscoe Dash isn’t the one sounding like Roscoe Dash.

Dirty Dave The Fly Guy – “I Got A Sack” (Charleston, SC)
Dave is a fly guy who is also dirty. And he’s got a sack. Strangely enough this is not the only sack-having anthem to get some recent airplay – Yo Gotti also got a sack. Okay, enough about sacks.
Added: WFXA Augusta, GA (40); KVSP Oklahoma, OK (29); Tulsa, OK (28) +9 more…

Driicky Graham – “Snapbacks & Tattoos” (Oxford, NC)
This is a pretty awesome advanced Luger beat with that little descending Transformer sound popping off and unfolding into something almost funky but then they had to soil it by putting someone named Driicky With Two I’s who raps like his name is Driicky With Two I’s on it. “Driicky Graham” is like a bad Drake alias as penned by an SNL staff writer for a skit about the Grammy Awards. And check out this backronym: [D]ope [R]apper [I]npsired [I]nto [C]reating [K]rafty [Y]outhfulness. Yo skinny people! Stop it! (Driicky was born in Newark and according to his Facebook bio, he is the little kid in the Lords Of The Underground “Tic Toc” video. Rap is old.)
Added: WZHT Montgomery AL (33); WFXA Augusta, GA (17); WEUP Huntsville, AL (11) +11

Soufside – “Hello” (Columbus, MS)
O hai, Soufside.
KZTS Little Rock, AR (15); KVSP Oklahoma City, OK (14); WJZD Blioxi, MS (12) +5

Fred The Godson – “Monique’s Room” (Bronx, NY)
This is a song that Fred The Godson wrote for the other side of the mirror. I’m not clear on if it’s a formal response to “Marvin’s Room” ala the Roxanne wars (I’m waiting for Honey Cocaine to drop a “Marvin’s Sister”) but yeah Fred The Godson, the guy who looks like a breathing Bug Out Bob really thinks he’s Drake all of the sudden. Also he accuses someone else of being irrelevant. And the saddest/strangest thing is that he’s actually pretty good at being Drake. Like this is not a bad song at all. It’s kind of based actually. Best youtube comment: “looks like u got the gut? and head of an elephant too lol”
WWPR New York, NY (10); WJKS Wilmington, DE (7), WDKX Rochester, NY (0)

Mike Jones – “Leanin On Dat Butter” (Houston, TX)
If you ever wanted to hear Mike Jones say “SWAG” now is your chance. It’s actually nice to know that his original formula of skulking around on really eerie beats is still pretty damn effective. This legitimately bangs.
KBTT Shreveport, LA (12)

Mr. Real Estate – “Columbiana” (?, LA)
A truly great rap name if ever there was one, a truly generic trap rapper if ever there was one. Not a bad one though. Plies-lite raps, T-Pain-lite hook. He sells coke though. And the beat knocks. In a great (if probably accidental) feat of SEO pimping, Mr. Real Estate has managed to slip a press release into the news feeds of countless Real Estate spam websites.
KBTT Shreveport, LA (7)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Cheeta – “Pocket Full Of That”
Oh good, 2 Chainz is influencing people. Beat is kind of insane in the way it deflates into Travis Porter claps. Props to Cheeta for taking a promo shot with an actual cheetah.
Added: KBTT Shreveport, LA (15); WJTT Chattanooga (8); WRBJ Jackson, MS (7)

Boobe – “Don’t Text Me” (Washington, DC)
Very excited to Boobe of the Oy Boyz getting some kind of play somewhere in the South. The guy is a triple veteran of DC trap rap and that’s exactly what this song about not wanting to get texts is. From Boobe’s under-publicized Gangsta Grillz, Boobe Trap.
Added: WEUP Hunstville, AL (8); KBTT Shreveport, LA (6)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

V.I.C. – “Twerk It” (Atlanta, GA)
V.I.C. is back and he brought some claps.
WPEG Charlotte, NC (11)

LEP Bogus Boys f/ Freddie Gibbs & Dion Primo – “Kush & Leather” (Chicago, IL)
Another real rap record from real rap dudes. (I’ve always said that LEP is just the Chicago equivalent to the Oy Boyz, except with better management.) There is a Rick Ross remix, so that might be what’s pushing it over but even so this is some classical country rap and it’d be nice to hear it on the radio.
WFXA Augusta, GA (14); KJMM Tulsa, OK (12); WCGI Chicago, IL (7) +2

Stuey Rock – “Leanin” (Atlanta, GA)
Another one of those rap songs from Atlanta that sounds like a rap song from Atlanta.
WHTA Atlanta, GA (12); WJWZ Montgomery, AL (12); WEUP Huntsville, AL (9)

BJ Cash – “Hangtime” (Columbia, SC)
Have you ever thrown a white person at a stripper? It’s just like dunking a basketball.
WHXT Columbia, SC (15)

Youngest 1’s – “Babu”
This is the most blatant abuse of rap portmanteaus since that song above about Columbian Louisiana. Babu, for those who haven’t figured it out from the hook, slyly combines “Baby” and “Boo,” two words that mean the exact same thing, into a new word that means absolutely nothing.
WCCG Fayetteville, NC (18); WJUC Toledo, OH (15); WFXA Augusta, GA (14) +8

PBZ – “Bubblicious” (Memphis, TN)
Remember “Laffy Taffy”? This is basically the same idea except with a different sticky candy. Innovation.
WEUP Huntsville, LA (7)

Scotty Boi f/ French Montana & Rick Ross – “Lawyer Fees”
If Gunplay and the Triple Cs are the second string of MMG, then apparently there is an even lower class occupied by guys named Scotty Boi and, like, Trina’s son. Probably. This sounds like all of the other Maybach Music songs except that the rappers on it are saying the word “lawyer” a lot.
KBTT Shreveport, LA (14)

Twista – “Gucci, Louie, Prada” (Chicago, IL)
This is like the Chicago answer to that dumb “DOKE COPE CRANK SMURF” song from last year. Except with an explicit (unconscious?) Kreayshawn influence. But hey it is good that Twista is still getting on the radio somewhere. Better him than Busta Rhymes. There is also a Tyga remix but I will spare you all.
WGCI Chicago, IL (10)

Big Heavy AKA Doughboy – “Get Up And Go” (Stone Mountain, GA)
Is DJ Khaled a genre?
WJMI Jackson, MS (9); KBBT Shreveport, LA (0) + 2 More

Mykko Montana f/ Kcamp – “Do It” (Atlanta, GA)
Chamillionairic swag rap. Okay okay.
WHXT Columbia, SC (21); WHTA Atlanta, GA (13); KBTT Shreveport, LA (13)

Young Tone f/ Self Paid – “No Cuffin” (Atlanta, GA)
Swaglanta. I don’t know. I’m done.
WLZN Macon, GA (1)

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16 Responses to “Recent Adds 4/12”

  1. MrZone666 Says:

    Heard Lawyer Fees a couple weeks ago in Little Rock, which led to a lot of “Who the fuck is Scotty Boi?” Leanin and I Got a Sack are jams.

  2. Andy Hutchins Says:

    I was holding it together until “DOKE COPE CRANK SMURF.”

  3. :( Says:


  4. noz Says:

    I mean, Dricky with one I is just as unbecoming of a name.

  5. jordan s Says:

    it makes sense that VIC would be able to stage a comeback seeing as “rack city” is basically a VIC song

  6. jordan s Says:

    man i fuck with “no cuffin” — it’s like the swag rap version of “toot it & boot it”

  7. dalatu Says:

    Yeah, being listening to “No Cuffin” since D. Drake mentioned a Future/Stuey Rock tape that had that song on it. Also, happy to see “Leanin” gain some sort of popularity, because that is a great song. So, much swag and auto-tune!!!!


  8. BryanHeg Says:

    I feel the same way about that Driicky song. It came up on the youtube sidebar a few weeks ago so I watched expecting to go “this sucks”but it was more like “This kid sucks the production is cool”. I’d love to hear a rapper I like on this or just more of what Arch Tha Boss the producer has.

  9. Zee Says:

    Wow there is not one good song in there. The utility of your journalistic presence is diminishing.

  10. noz Says:


  11. random youtuber Says:

    yay recent adds! thanks noz, big fan

  12. corpsey Says:

    ”The utility of your journalistic presence is diminishing.”

    writes Zee 3 P O

  13. Andy Hutchins Says:

    I wish fewer swag rap songs sounded like someone took 15 minutes and the direction “Make me a version of ‘Swag Surfin'” and made a beat. “No Cuffin” is still pretty okay. Many of these songs are ass. I really wish Driicky Graham was not on that song, because the beat is great.

    “Get Silly” was and is dope. (“You can’t put a rubber band around a millian.”) Snap > swag. We are not far from a song named “Snapback” that just uses “Snap … back” as the hook.

  14. lance pants Says:

    I wish fat trel would do to snapbacks and tatoos what he did to niggas in paris

  15. Marta Says:

    “Wow there is not one good song in there. The utility of your journalistic presence is diminishing”

    You, sir, are an idiot.

    Some great songs in there, thanks.

  16. brokenupassbeat Says:

    i don’t think the point of this was to find “good” songs. regardless i feel like snapbacks and tattoos is a song i’ve heard and i hate that feeling. i think i’m beginning to really give up on “hip-hop”. i was raised on this genre of music but whats happening to it now is lazy/embarrassing. the whole fucking snapbacks and tattoos trend can be traced back to a handful of douche bags. how the fuck has starter not gone back to making those? are they that broke of a company now? whatever, fuck it. imma go get sum drank some dank a swagged out neon colored watch matching snapback and a face tat….

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