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Let Me Upload U

Damn things are getting real with the net as ever before. If you haven’t yet noticed Megaupload, the greatest and least ad-ridden file hosting site has been seized by the powers that be. This is a big problem and not just for Swizz Beatz’z’s barber. You see, Megaup was the principle host for the many mix tapes and compilations that I’ve posted on this site over the years. So I’ve taken to reupping everything in the very loosely dubbed CB Mix Series on Mediafire, which hopefully will not be crushed by a government that desperately wants to control what it doesn’t understand in the near future. It might be wise to grab these while you can. Hit the jump for a dozen tapes of Bounce, Based, Bass, Cranks and much more.

Bounce For Relief Vol. 1 (2005)
Bounce For Relief Vol. 2 (2010)

The first and last of the CB mixes, released as a show of support in the wake of Katrina and in an attempt to shed some much deserved light upon the then completely overlooked (now heavily documented) scene of New Orleans bounce music.

Lil B – Based Blunts Vol. 1 (2009)
A very small selection of the thousand or so songs that Lil B was pushing via Myspace during his productive Based Freestyle period. (This is the only artist sanctioned mix in the series.)

A-Town Rap & Bass ’85-’92 (2009)
A double length look at the Pre-LaFace/Dungeon/Jermaine Dupri days of ATLien hip hop.

The Guidelines: A West Coast Indie Rap Compilation ’94-’00 (2009)
A look at the West Coast indie rap boom of the mid to late ’90s – Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Project Blowed, etc., etc.

Angelic Wars: The Goodie Mob B-Sides, Cameos & Remixes (2009)
Just what the title says, a gang of non-album Goodie cuts.

The Best Of The Blunts Vol. 1 (2008)
Fifth anniversary compilation that I think offers a pretty through cross-section of the type of music I was covering in the early years of the site. High gravity LMAO at this comment: I can only pray that I am not still running this blog in 2013.

$64 Cologne: The Pimp C Productions (2008)
A non-comprehensive survey of Pimp C’s deep underground production discography.

Scarface Ultimate 90 (2008)
Entry level Scarface playlist that I made For Vibe and then bootlegged for you.

Z-Ro’s Finest (2008)
Entry level Z-Ro playlist that I made for you and then bootlegged for you. J. Prince can’t see me, I’m the invisible man.

Crank Dat Trendwatch Vols. 1 & 2 (2007)
A very important and nearly complete document of the Crank Dat Spinoff mania that hit the internet in the wake of Soulja Boy.

The World Takes: The Best Of Trenton Rap, ’86-’91 (2007)
Classic rapps from my home of Central New Jersey – Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, Tony D and more.


19 Responses to “Let Me Upload U”

  1. benjy Says:

    damn forgot about those crankdats lol thnx

  2. eric Says:

    you tell em noz

    on the real tho mediafire is better anyway. i haven’t used megaupload for pirac- i mean, LEGAL DOWNLOADS OF LINUX DISTRIBUTION AND OTHER OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE in a very long time

  3. Patrick D Says:

    The megaupload mega song is the best song released in the past five years.

  4. done Says:

    Like benjy I missed out on the crankdats, thanks man. Them Pimp C & Bounce comps introduced me to so much stuff.

  5. The Dude Says:

    Nice work Noz.. Free Kim Dotcom!!!!! I love that chubby guy..Sorry to butt in but here’s some UGK, Pimp C & Bun B features/rare cuts etc I’ve archived if anyone would like em..

    Featuring.. Bun-B pt 1


    pt 2

    Featuring… PImp C pt 1


    pt 2

    Featuring… UGK pt1


    pt 2


  6. scjoha Says:

    @The Dude: Thanks for these UGK comps! Good stuff. Can you please give link to Pimp C Pt. 2? You posted the link for Pt. 1 twice.

  7. The Dude Says:

    Shit sorry.. Here’s Pt 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?erxapk11hp9i2ko

  8. drchae Says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you. as a recently new blunts reader i can not attempt to catch up!

  9. K-Bave Says:

    Cheers, good folk. Seems like the weekend will be accompanied by some good music. <3

  10. droopy Says:

    Hey Noz, if you get a chance would love to read your take on all this gov/corp seizure internet stuff.

  11. Stream: Lil B, “Pussy on My Face (Based Freestyle)” « The FADER Says:

    […] in 2009, recently re-uploaded by Noz as a sign of solidarity with Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, here. Watch “In Down Bad,” the newest “PRETTY AGRESSIVE” video from B’s […]

  12. Eat my shorts Says:

    Government always tryna keep the hood starving. Reagan era all over again.

  13. max Says:

    Any chance of re-upping the big batch of Outz demos? Thanks.

  14. boot-cheese-3000 Says:

    hey any chance you’ll be re-upping these files? ALL of them are dead.

  15. HAMISH Says:


  16. Stunt Says:

    I’m definitely only a moderate pirate at this point, but as far as I can tell, Mediafire has been killing links automatically via some software crawler, and EVERYTHING dies instantly. Zippyshare and DepositFiles have been the two I’ve had the most success with over the last 3 months or so.

  17. jzz Says:

    do any good rap bootleg comp blog things run post-megaupload? miss bfred n all.

  18. GG Says:

    omg thank u based noz for the re-ups been waiting for a couple of these , lost a harddrive recently :( bless u

    actually, can u recommend an external harddrive brand? my wd joints r always burning out. (Weird q , sorry)

  19. j Says:

    “I’m definitely only a moderate pirate at this point, but as far as I can tell, Mediafire has been killing links automatically via some software crawler, and EVERYTHING dies instantly. Zippyshare and DepositFiles have been the two I’ve had the most success with over the last 3 months or so.”

    this is the reality. soulseek is now my primary means of downloading again

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