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Brick Squad, 2011


1. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Kebo Gotti – “Grove St. Party” (Prod. by Lex Luger)
2. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Gucci Mane, Wooh Da Kid, Slim Dunkin & Frenchie – “2 Deep” (Prod. by Mike Will)
3. French Montana f/ Waka Flocka – “Choppa Down” (Prod. by Billionaire Boyscout)
4. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Slim Dunkin & Wooh Da Kid – “Bickin Back, Bein Bool” (Jaye Neutron)
5. Waka Flocka & Slim Dunkin – “Twin Towers 2 Intro” (DJ Burn One)
6. Waka Flocka Flame – “Stereo Type” (Prince)
7. Gucci Mane f/ Birdman – “Mouth Full Of Gold” (Drumma Boy)
8. Waka Flocka Flame – “Round of Applause” (Lex Luger)
9. Waka Flocka & Slim Dunkin – “Koolin It” (Lex Luger)
10. Gucci Mane & Future – “Stevie Wonder” (Drumma Boy)
11. Waka Flocka Flame – “Rap Game Stressful” (Zaytoven)
12. Plies f/ Gucci Mane – “PD” (Zaytoven)
13. Ludacris f/ Waka Flocka – “Rich & Flexin” (FKi)
14. Gucci Mane – “Gucci Tarintino” (Mike Will)
15. Treal Lee & Prince Rick f/ Waka Flocka, Slim Dunkin, Ace Hood & Translee – “Thowed Off (Remix)” (Mr. Hanky)
16. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame – “So Many Things” (Fatboi)
17. Wooh Da Kid – “I Prefer” (Southside)
18. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame f/ Ice Burgandy – “I Don’t See U” (Southside)
19. Frenchie f/ G-Baby – “Stacks On Stacks” (Unknown)
20. OJ Da Juiceman – “H20” (Justice League)
21. Waka Flocka Flame – “Clap” (DJ Speedy)
22. Frenchie f/ Slim Dunkin – “Scream My Adlibs” (Southside)
23. YG Hootie & A-Wax – “Aliens” (Unknown)
24. Waka Flocka & French Montana f/ Prodigy – “We Mobb” (Havoc)
25. Wooh Da Kid f/ YG Hootie & Ice Burgandy – “Ain’t” (Unknown)
26. Bo Deal f/ Mello G Bianca – “Safe Sex” (Unknown)
27. French Montana f/ Waka Flocka Flame – “Move That Cane” (Southside)
28. Gucci Mane f/ Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman – “What I Do” (Drumma Boy)
29. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Kebo Gotti & Bo Deal – “Robot Rapper” (Southside)
30. Slim Dunkin f/ Wooh Da Kid, D-Bo & Capp – “Fight Night” (Sonny Digital)
31. Waka Flocka Flame f/ P Smurf & Mouse – “Brick Squad Monopoly (Southside)
32. Slim Dunkin – “Blindside (Southside)
33. OJ Da Juiceman – “Where You Been?” (Lex Luger)
34. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Wooh Da Kid, Frenchie, YG Hootie, P Smurf & Bo Deal – “Everything Brick Squad” (Lex Luger)
35. Ice Burgandy f/ Waka Flocka & French Montana – “Love Me Hate Me” (Unknown)
36. Gucci Mane & V-Nasty f/ Slim Dunkin – “Push Ups” (Zaytoven)
37. Slim Dunkin & D-Bo – “Death Around The Corner” (Unknown)
38. Wooh Da Kid – “Feeling Good” (Southside)
39. Waka Flocka Flame – “Lil Debbie” (Unknown)
40. Frenchie – “So Gone” (Unknown)
41. Wooh Da Kid f/ Frenchie – “Follow Me” (Unknown)
42. Blair Maxberry – “What If I Die Tomorrow?” (Unknown)
43. Gucci Mane f/ Waka Flocka & 8 Ball – “Pancakes” (Drumma Boy)
44. Joe Moses – “How We Do It” (Montell Jordan)
45. Waka Flocka Flame f/ Fetti Gang, YG Hootie & P Smurf – “Turnt Up N***az” (Unknown)
46. Yung Joey – “Ayo” (Unknown)
47. Gucci Mane f/ 50 Cent – “Recently” (Drumma Boy)
48. Slim Dunkin & D-Bo f/ Waka Flocka – “Nik After Nik” (Southside)
49. Ice Burgandy – “Wake The Game Up” (Purps)
50. Paperboy f/ Waka Flocka, Boss Kane & Playmaker – “Pump Fake” (Unknown)

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43 Responses to “Brick Squad, 2011”

  1. dalatu Says:

    Soo much Bricksquad music this year (can anyone name all the members of Bricksquad). Kind of cool seeing all these songs in one list, as I thought about doing something similar, but didn’t follow through. Soo many songs to appreciate, but I do like seeing “Follow Me”, “2 Deep”, “What I Do”, “Nik After Nik”, and well nearly all of these songs.

  2. done Says:

    List season is the best, great work.

    I rarely make it far past those first 2 songs on Twin Towers 2, they set the bar too high. Its the Brick Squad EP to me.

  3. LCR Says:

    aye, wasnt someone else on that Round of Applause track?

  4. wavriel Says:

    y no jackboyz

  5. noz Says:

    “I rarely make it far past those first 2 songs on Twin Towers 2, they set the bar too high. Its the Brick Squad EP to me.”

    See also: “Stereo Type,” “Gucci Tarantino,” “Nik After Nik.” BSM tends to open every tape with their guns blazing.

  6. noz Says:

    “aye, wasnt someone else on that Round of Applause track?”

    Not originally, no.

  7. done Says:

    :( all italics everything, apologies.

  8. done Says:

    So much googling to do pause

  9. based rap Says:

    did you have a change of heart about We Mobb? also did you make that slim pic? R.I.P.

  10. hl Says:

    Can someone make a zip file of these? Thanks.

  11. rob22 Says:


  12. GuttaboyJihaD Says:

    Brick Squad 2011.zip 263.8 MB http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MW0P08W5



  13. DR.NO Says:

    On the low, OJ’s last tape (LOTR) was pretty damn good.

    He kills his verse on ‘This is What I do’ too, I guess he had his moment but I miss him being more of a central character in the crew.

  14. TM Says:

    This totally makes up for the Twin Towers 2 Intro and I Prefer not making the 2011 list.

    Would add Waka’s My G as far as storming starts to mixtapes go; awesome song, refrain that’s adaptable to so many situations and the accompanying clip of the core ATL members bar Gucci all shirtless and mean-mugging in the abandoned trap-house with Wooh holding his rusty tommy-gun was perhaps the quintessential SQUAD video of the year.

  15. TM Says:

    Also, Twin Towers 2 intro is a Burn One beat.

  16. scjoha Says:

    Good list. “2 Deep” is the jam. That and Kebo Gotti’s “Chase My High” killed my speakers. Waka was great over church bells this year (“Hijackin Planes” and Future’s “On Everything I Love”). “U The Type” would also make my list. Waka had a good year.
    When is the Top 100 Brick Squad songs listicle on Complex coming?
    Thanks for the zip to Jihad!

  17. scjoha Says:

    “Wingz” from the French Montana collabo tape was great too, Waka brings great energy there (as usual) and I love the drum patterns, but it lacked that bass punch that is necessary for a real Flocka/BSM jam.

  18. scjoha Says:

    Interestingly, the rather chill track “Nigga Knowledge” had the meanest bass. And
    Waka is like the pope.

  19. noz Says:

    damn i didn’t know burn one did that towers intro either. it seems like producers only get their names printed on bsm tapes if they’re already established or under mizay management. there needs to be like a beatmaker lockout until they figure out proper standards for mixtape credits. either that or more dudes should take the clams/prince n purps route and just start posting stuff they produce on youtube with proper tags.

    i was pretty sure i had “my g” on there, idk what happened to it.

    “nigga knowledge” is great and was on the shortlist but there was already so much duflocka in there. i probably could’ve added four or five more songs from that tape.

    i don’t even remember “chase my high” but apparently i posted it on fader. gotti wrecks that.

    the waka/frenchie tape played a little too closely to the luger template for my tastes.

  20. done Says:

    I think every producer should be as familiar with Discogs as rappers are with Datpif, even shit like The One Cohesive has a page with proper credits now. (prolly cos the Slow Motion dudes are pretty net savvy)

    Its weird how its mostly been fans sorting this stuff out til now, if I was a producer I’d be fairly concerned about it.

  21. done Says:

    TM – how’d you find out Burn One made it anyways?

  22. TM Says:

    It has a Burn One drop on it just before Waka starts his verse (at 01:01 in the video).

  23. done Says:

    Ah right.

  24. Pan/Pots Says:

    All good choices…would also throw in “Feed Me” off Ferrari Boyz too…personal fav.

  25. sq Says:

    i heard joey produced “ayo” himself, don’t remember where i saw that though.

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  27. Billy Dee Trilliams Says:

    @TM: I honestly figured they just lifted his drop for some strange reason – mostly to frighten him. Only because their weed related “we gon’ burn one” references seem rather menacing (because they’re about shooing and smoking? Quadruple entendre owwww)… even though they are most likely directed towards Wiz Khalifa … or no one at all and I’m reading way way too far into all of this. Whoops.

  28. Zirov Says:

    This looks interesting, im going to give it an honest listen…
    RIP Dunk, paradise is a lovely place for our fallen soldiers.

    Also is Amerikkka the only country that isnt tired of lex luger-esqe beats?
    they are so predictable

    anyways just some constructive criticism, no hate
    wish the whole bricksquad would get at some trippy experimental producers

    happy nu thousand and twelve NoZ and the cru, great to see cocaineblunts back in action…

    peace love n blood

  29. zec Says:

    Glad I didnt miss out on Pancakes Gucci’s verse and the chorus were worth hearing and the beat … berzh

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  31. Vitaminic Says:

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  32. b-psycho Says:

    Any of this available untagged? It’s not like the “DJs” doing the “mixes” are actually cuttin’ and blendin shit, it’s just yelling over the track.

  33. dos Says:

    any chance of a re-up on the zip? megaupload is no more.

  34. noz Says:

    yeah i just came here to request the same thing. i never grabbed it…


  35. burr Says:

    new zip file? mediafirrrrree

  36. costy Says:

    damn i missed this too!
    a re-up would truely be appreciated!
    thanks in advance fam.

  37. brick mane Says:


  38. Eple Says:

    Bricksquad 2011 : http://www.MegaShare.com/3943450

  39. Eple Says:

    Aaaand another one : http://www.sendspace.com/file/s6q5cn

  40. burr Says:

    ^thanks, appreciate it

  41. FuckBrendan Says:

    This is incredible.

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  43. Chris Says:

    Gucci and Waka really the only artists coming out on this label, but Scooter seems to be getting a push.

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