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Freshman Orientation, 2011

Popular rap magazine XXL made a list of rappers again this year. They’re supposed to be famous by next year. A few of them will be, but mostly because they’re already famous today.

They really busted out the demographic dart board for this one. White people! Teenybop kiddies! Lyrically lyrical fast rappers! Generic Southerners! Half the Def Jam roster! Two people from Compton! Based God! Surely making a list like this is damn near impossible given how fractured hip hop has become, but this seems like a particularly slapdash selection. At the peak of this list – Yela, B, Kendrick, Meek – there’s more talent, creativity and promise than the previous two years combined, but the lows are far lower than they’ve ever been.

You’ll also notice that the average # of Twitter followers is way up from last year. I’m sure part of that has to do with an increased ubiquity of Twitter, but it does feel like, on the whole, these guys are a lot better known than they were in the past. Which is good and bad. It certainly lowers XXL’s risk of being proven wrong, but it also makes it far less interesting. The rise of Twitter plays another factor here – a few months ago XXL’s editors took to the Tweets, asking users for suggestions. Which could account for the wider variety. Now they’re not just drawing from the Nah Right/Dope Boyz axis, but the big wide world of computer rap. Meek and Fred are more or less the only artists on this list with anything even resembling an old fashioned street rep. There also seems to be more unsigned and indie artists here than in past years but it’s hard to say if a lot of these dudes aren’t just secretly signed. Anyway, on with the knee jerking (no YG):

Bio: Like Pimp C but with none of the anger.
Hometown: Meridian, MS
Label: Def Jam
Past Year’s Parallel: Freddie Gibbs
# of Twitter followers: 40,108
Skills: 6/10 A talented producer but a fair to middling rapper on a technical level.
Creativity: 6/10 Way ahead of the curve in terms of song concepts and execution but he has yet to break out of his influences in terms of delivery.
Marketability: 3/10 I mean dude had to wear a jacket with his name on it to the photo shoot just so he wouldn’t forget which rapper he is.
Sustainability: 4/10 He’s fallen into that Intelligent Trunk Music trap of making nostalgic country rap for people who were never that into country rap tunes to begin with and don’t actually own a drop top. That’s a low investment level if there ever was one. I think his highest likelihood for survival in the industry would be behind the boards.

CyHi Da Prynce
Bio: From Georgia, knows Kanye.
Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA
Label: GOOD/Konvict/Def Jam
Past Year’s Parallel: Big Sean
# of Twitter followers:19,497
Skills: 6/10 Aight to slightly better than aight.
Creativity: 7/10 Dude does interesting things from time to time but it’s ultimately hard to care for some reason.
Marketability: 4/10 As we mentioned with Big Sean, Kanye has never successfully broken an artist on his own (Common came to the label with a legacy, Cudi with a certified hit in tow) and even if he was able to it seems like the current focus is on Pusha, who’s equally unmarketable. On the other hand, Cyhi’s signed to every label on earth, so that might help.
Sustainability: 3/10 I’ve already forgotten about dude. Who am I writing about again?

Diggy Simmons
Bio: He is the son of an old person.
Hometown: Run’s House, VH1
Label: Atlantic
Past Year’s Parallel: Corey Gunz
# of Twitter followers: 447,970
Skills: 2/10 No. Just no.
Creativity: 2/10 No.
Marketability: 8/10 He’s a cute kid.
Sustainability: 4/10 He’ll be an ugly grown up. But his Dad will always have Russell on speed dial.

Fred the Godson
Bio: He’s fat and he’s skinny at the same time.
Hometown: Bronx, NYC
Label: Unsigned?
Past Year’s Parallel: Ace Hood
# of Twitter followers: 8,375
Skills: 5/10 Functional New York rapper #3489.
Creativity: 6/10 He has a great humorous streak.
Marketability: 2/10 Looking like a giant baby makes both the heartthrob and hardcore marketing angles unlikely. And he’s way too fat to skateboard or wear skinny jeans.
Sustainability: 4/10 He’s a promising New York rapper, which means Flex will drop bombs to whatever boring ass record he records over Swizz Beat coke bottles, circa 2002 “Grindin'” drums or indian chick yodeling until the day one of them dies.

Kendrick Lamar
Bio: The unknowing heir to the Project Blowed throne.
Hometown: Compton, CA
Label: TDE/Unsigned?
Past Year’s Parallel: Fashawn.
# of Twitter followers: 21,276
Skills: 8/10 Dude can spit.
Creativity: 7/10 Dude can spit with weird flows.
Marketability: 5/10 Kendrick’s charisma is there but it’s beneath the surface. Just look at the cover – he’s directly in the middle of the photo but probably the last rapper you’re going to notice here. As a songwriter though, he has a strong knack for balancing backpacky and pop instincts and in this market that’ll work to his advantage.
Sustainability: 5/10 LA rap curse. If he gets down with Dre he might be able to extend his shelf life but Dre is really not the guy to be down with right now.

Lil B
Bio: The princess that fucked your bitch.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Label: Amalgam/Unsigned
Past Year’s Parallel: You shall have no other Based Gods before him.
# of Twitter followers: 139,4789
Skills: 5/10 It’s hard to say. B spends most of his time being a sloppy rapper, but certain instances suggest that this is a creative choice, not a flaw.
Creativity: 10/10 He is the most creative rapper breathing right now. I made this extra creativity category this year just so I could say that and bump his average.
Marketability: 8/10 For all his eccentricities, B has a strong hitmaking sense. “Wonton Soup” was the biggest underground hit to not formally crossover in a long time. At the same time there’s a reason he’s still unsigned. The industry is scared as fuck and has no clue what to do with him. In the right hands he’s hugely marketable, but it’s hard to tell if those hands exist.
Sustainability: 9/10 He’s already changed lives. B will have a fanbase for as long as he decides to make music, even if it’s on an under-underground level. Unless he goes Charles Hamilton crazy, but that seems unlikely. His is a more sustained low level hum of madness.

Lil Twist
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Label: Young Money
Past Year’s Parallel: MC IDGAF
# of Twitter followers: 555,052
Skills: 1/10 No.
Creativity: 0/10 Twist is quite possibly the most derivative rapper on the planet right now. There is even another rapper on his label who is exactly the same as him.
Marketability: 9/10 He’s a cute kid and he’s friends with Lil Wayne.
Sustainability: 1/10 He’ll be an ugly grown up and his ugly grown up friends aren’t going to want to hang around him at that point.

Mac Miller
Bio: Wiz Khalifa’s white friend.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Label: Rostrum
Past Year’s Parallel: Asher Rothstein
# of Twitter followers: 142,341
Skills: 3/10 The competent pinnacle of mediocrity. Mac, like Asher before him, is the white guy at every Frat Party who just insists on rapping. But those guys rapped to get laid. These guys rap for a career. And XXL has just enabled them. Fuck white privilege.
Creativity: 3/10 I guess rapping over an old Lord Finesse instrumental was a cool idea. You know what would be a cooler idea though? Actually putting on a Lord Finesse record.
Marketability: 9/10 He’s a white person.
Sustainability: 9/10 He’s a white person.

Meek Mill
Bio: The only rapper on this list who had fans before he had a computer.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Label: Maybach Music/Warner
Past Year’s Parallel: Pill, but only because their names rhyme and I’m getting tired of this category.
# of Twitter followers: 70,214
Skills: 8/10 Meek, Yela and Kendrick are the technical monsters in this battle. They are head and shoulders above the rest.
Creativity: 5/10 He tends to get trapped in thug cliches here and there.
Marketability: 5/10 Rick Ross connect is a serious plus one in this category, but the involvement of Wale knocks it back down a point. He cut his dreads and made a white friend, so it’s obvious that he has pop aspirations but that’s probably the worst way for him to go about going pop.
Sustainability: 6/10 If Ross stops caring he’s basically fucked (See also: his fate with T.I.) but even in that worst case scenario he’ll always have his city behind him.

Bio: When I first read the list I got excited and thought it was YG Hootie but it’s not. It’s the “Toot It & Boot It” kid.
Hometown: Compton, CA
Label: Def Jam
Past Year’s Parallel: OJ The Juiceman
# of Twitter followers: 30,644
Skills: 3/10
Creativity: 7/10 “Toot It” is a fun pop song. Not sure if YG is directly responsible for that or if we should thank his producer TY$ for that.
Marketability: 9/10 Like Juiceman last year, putting YG on here is a cop out because he already has a major hit, bigger even than whatever the hell Juiceman’s hit that I already forgot was.
Sustainability: 2/10 Like Juiceman last year XXL neglected to realize the obvious one hitterness of YG. I can’t even find another song by him on Youtube (but admittedly that might be related to his poor SEO decisions when picking a rap name). YG is but a fraction of the personality that OJ was too.

Bio: You already know Yelawolf because you read blogs. And if not he’s on this month’s XXL cover too.
Hometown: Gadsden, AL
Label: Shady/Interscope
Past Year’s Parallel: N/A
# of Twitter followers: 71,213
Skills: 9/10 Probably the best technical rapper I’ve seen grace a stage in the past five years.
Creativity: 8/10 He has a unique personality and a knack for very affecting storytelling.
Marketability: 7/10 He’s a white person. But he’s also a hillbilly, which means this could go either way. Kid Rock or Bubba Sparxx. Sadly his success is probably dependent on his willingness to make the shitty and insufferable music that Jimmy Iovine wants him to.
Sustainability: 6/10 His schtick could wear thin quickly. Or if he abandons his schtick and goes pop then he’ll be gone even quicker.

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136 Responses to “Freshman Orientation, 2011”

  1. David Says:

    you def underrate fred the godson’s marketability — most distinctive-looking rapper in the list

  2. jimmy blue sky Says:

    Slate beat xxl to the punch on fred the godson by about a year and half, which is fucking ridiculous.


  3. x Says:

    lil b shouldn’t be a freshman, he’s been making music with the pack since he was 16, he just got a lot of hype this year

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  5. big545 Says:

    At least Yela, Kendrick and Krit made it

  6. mdwstsfsd Says:

    fred the godson looks like jaba the hut and sounds like he’s rapping while trying to push out a big SHIT

  7. jordan s Says:

    since when does being white mean that have sustainability? asher roth can’t even get a release date

  8. Lucy Says:

    Fred The Godson is not the most distinctive-looking rapper on the list, just the fattest

  9. Fool Says:

    You kinda underrated BasedGod’s skills by quite a bit, but otherwise good job.

  10. Cush Says:

    Either they’re looking to make “surprise” picks or they’re accepting donations to help with their decisions. Lil Twist? I know he’s the obvious pick to be upset about (twitter told me so) but that’s only because no one knows him outside of Young Money stans. I had a Child’s Play joke locked and loaded before I realized that it was the other kid from YMCMKTADGAF. Despite all that, Fred the Godson might make less sense. You’d think that somebody gave The Big T-Shirt a chunk of change to put him on there but I doubt his team has money like that unless they’re as street as advertised. It’s nice to see that they didn’t make all of their picks whilst browsing NMC and the like but they still aren’t doing a very good job.

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  12. jordan s Says:

    as for fred the godson… we have vado, fred can move along.

  13. still best rite now!! Says:

    why does it seem like you were “salty” when you wrote this?

  14. DR.NO Says:

    My only comment is that I think Kendrick Lamar could be BIG. Dude can really write songs, hooks, has a good ear, concepts, he’s a well rounded, well developed artist. He does look kind of non-descript but I think he can write shit that women dig so he could definitely have some appeal on a broad level (no pun intended).

    But really a major factor is just how these dudes handle fame, most lose focus.

  15. Fool Says:

    Jordan, I don’t think you realize the extent white rap fans that mostly support white rappers really go even if they aren’t popular anymore.

  16. David Says:

    “as for fred the godson… we have vado, fred can move along.”

    he doesnt really rap like vado

  17. David Says:

    “Fred The Godson is not the most distinctive-looking rapper on the list, just the fattest”

    except for his legs. hes got a build more like grimace the mcdonalds puppet than he does a traditional fat rapper. what rapper in this list looks more distinctive? if you are talking about lil twist’s haircut dont bother posting

  18. David Says:

    fred is more ‘low rent jadakiss’ than vado

  19. HaLF Says:


    On point.

    And I ain’t even finish reading yet, lol.

  20. The Dude Says:

    Lil Twist?? What the fuck?

  21. noz Says:

    “why does it seem like you were “salty” when you wrote this?”

    Because I was eating a “pretzel.”

  22. noz Says:

    “Jordan, I don’t think you realize the extent white rap fans that mostly support white rappers really go even if they aren’t popular anymore.”

    Yeah I think we’ve reached a tipping point where kids like Miller can make music for other YTs forever. Even Asher still has something of a following.

  23. noz Says:

    I mean look at this shit – http://fratrap.tumblr.com/

  24. Fool Says:

    I know white college kids that still swear by Asher Roth as much as they swear by Mac Miller now.

  25. Chris Cool Says:

    I’m glad you kept it real with diggy. I have no idea why people treat this kid like he’s greatness. i’m still having a hard time getting over lil twist actually being on there. they might as well have thrown travis porter on there.

  26. CrowleyHead Says:

    At the very least… And this is like, the tiniest least ever… Asher Roth occasionally tries to rap about things and think about things. It’s unclear, because he’s not that good, but he tries! And his face doesn’t look like the victim of a car accident, so girls on tumblr SHOULD be obsessing over him. I still believe that Mac Miller is just put on the cover so teenage girls who get off to pictures of Khalifa smoking bongs might buy copies.

  27. AK Says:

    I would strongly suggest that people check out this one by Kendrick Lamar’s crew, Black Hippy (Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q).


    I love the fuck out of that song. It’s absolutely what a posse cut should feel like, I’m having fun because they’re having fun.

    Big KRIT’s album was fantastic. I have no idea if he’s going to be able to follow it up.

    Where would one start to explore Meek Mill’s music?

  28. David Says:

    the fratrap tumblr is mindblowing

  29. David Says:

    I think you underestimate Krit’s sustainability, tracks like ‘moon & stars’ & ‘children of the world’ show some dimension that lots of rappers dont have (plus dope production) & it has nothing to do w/ ‘intelligent trap muzik’ throwback appeal, hes got broader appeal than that

    tracks like ‘hometown hero’ & ‘country shit’ are pretty generic in comparison, but the ones i mentioned before + like “small as a giant” & “gumption” are great

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  31. Willie Dynamite Says:

    Dead. Fucking. On.

  32. noz Says:

    “Where would one start to explore Meek Mill’s music?”

    Flamerz 2.

  33. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    I second David, K.R.I.T. is outstanding. I like him as a technical rapper more than you do — yes the Pimp C and T.I. influence is there but it’s only on the surface, he’s also a fine writer and has a way with an evocative image. And what you said about song concepts and execution is on point, I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. Dude is better at straight-up songcraft than virtually any rapper working. I know you liked his album a lot less than most rap critics did and I get that but I disagree. I think that album is close to perfect.

    I don’t think Yela’s sellout music will be as insufferable as you seem convinced it will be. I don’t know what’s so awful about “Daddy’s Lambo”, I didn’t care for the production at first either but it’s not actually dissimilar from what Will Power’s been doing with him, and the rapping, as with almost all his rapping, is incredible.

    Unfortunately those two and the Based God are the only ones on the list I really ride for like that. Diggy, Lil Twist, Mac Miller and YG are embarrassing. I like Meek okay, and I dig that he and Jahlil Beats constantly crank out danceable hits, but in my eyes he looks amateurish next to Peedi or Young Chris, and the same can be said for Fred (and his identical style-twin Reek Da Villain) next to Vado, who I assume woulda been here if not for Cam’s foolish refusal. But they put Playboy Tre in Show & Prove section just last month, and hopefully Rittz will get his due when White Jesus drops. And it wasn’t like they were gonna be throwing a bone to someone like Shad or Mikkey Halsted or DaVinci or Kingpen Slim. So I guess it is what it is.

  34. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    Hey, it’s that mock cover from 2008! Reminds me of when B.o.B. and Mack Maine were rappers worth being excited about.

  35. David Says:

    fwiw i dont think the krit record is anywhere near perfect … in the last few months its rep has solidified just cuz they got smart & released its best tracks as singles, i think, but there is some really rote & generic ish on there

  36. blah Says:

    you have a hard on for Lil B. it is to be expected on your blog, but jesus. come on.

  37. I want 2 bitches Says:

    I still can’t understand how any of the a&r people vaguelly interested in signing B couldn’t see that We Can Go Down is a mega-hit in waiting.

  38. tim Says:

    “I mean look at this shit – http://fratrap.tumblr.com/” – Noz

    This makes me feel sick and I am white.

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  40. patrick benson Says:

    I agree with the general sentiment of most of the people who can string a proper sentence on here.

    prediction for next year is Bobby Brackins. Kid can do some raps, radio friendly enough for a hit, throws around enough “ebonics” for the white demographic and nothing seems too radio friendly for XXL these days..

  41. I want 2 bitches Says:

    They could’ve at least had Jeezy’s pilgrim weedcarrier White instead of of Mac Miller.

  42. Wildest Negro In OC Says:

    Watch this video and ANY other Lil B video. Lil B is a fag. He looks like Gucci Mane dressed up as aunt jemima in a bright yellow SMEDIUM sized T from fucking AMERICAN APPAREL. He doesn’t even rap he sounds like Gucci Mane tryin rap like Juelz Santana…Wtf???


  43. noz Says:

    “I still can’t understand how any of the a&r people vaguelly interested in signing B couldn’t see that We Can Go Down is a mega-hit in waiting.”

    In my (admittedly limited) experience, today’s A&Rs are not generally interested in signing artists they can’t mold and control.

  44. Leo Says:

    “I mean look at this shit – http://fratrap.tumblr.com/

    oh the humanity…

  45. AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook Says:

    He’s a promising New York rapper, which means Flex will drop bombs to whatever boring ass record he records over Swizz Beat coke bottles, circa 2002 “Grindin’” drums or indian chick yodeling until the day one of them dies.
    Noz stay taking shots at NY rap.

    Vado > 85% of this list.

  46. K-baff Says:

    blah Says:

    February 22nd, 2011 at 2:49 am
    you have a hard on for Lil B. it is to be expected on your blog, but jesus. come on.

    anyone with their senses intact are watching and listening to that kid intentley. He’s gonna change the game, big time.

    A part from that, please make the fat one eat the white one and the small ones, goddamnit.

  47. blockz Says:

    Yelawolf is half-cherokee. Or Obama, J-Smooth and xxx are white. Your choice.

  48. Hele Fitta Says:

    There´s a lot of good reasons to hate on Roth, and more than enough things to make fun of. But “Rothstein?” Most of the relatively few white people who has made any significant contribution to hip hop music have been jewish (Rubin, Heller, Ad Rock, Serch etc …)

  49. wes Says:

    there was something about mac’s “k.i.d.s.” tape that stuck with me — but i also have a high tolerance for the ‘smoke weed and chill’ persona rappers. he’s similar to wiz in that he has a knack for melody, and he’ll sneak in some clever lines once in awhile. i get there are a bunch of cringeworthy things about the kid but i’m at least interested to see where he can go. he has a nice tony touch freestyle that shows he has some flows (although his recent leaks — “donald trump” and “she said” have a kinda boring, in-the-pocket flow that doesn’t sustain). and fwiw, i don’t ride for asher — even though i think he’s improved in a couple of ways since that embarrassing first album.

    i think this cover will be the career highlight for 60% of these dudes.

  50. wes Says:

    “they might as well have thrown travis porter on there.”

    travis porter is more deserving than a bunch of these rappers.

  51. walkmasterflex Says:

    “I mean look at this shit – http://fratrap.tumblr.com/

    God I fucking hate being a dude that likes rap that lives in Boston. This site is a) run out if Boston I think and b) accounts for 75% if the city’s rap acts, the other 25% being old school lyrical east coast stans with learning disabilities

  52. done Says:

    billy bob thorntons half-somesortanative but people still call him white. maybe thats from a film tho

    also thank you for fratrap

  53. blockz Says:

    what color are these guys?


    Honestly this is a redundant topic but noz seems obsessed with it.

  54. done Says:

    blockz: ha its rap music man, we havent come that far from rob van winkle

  55. done Says:

    obama fixed racism forever

  56. done Says:

    friends was more popular than kenan and kel

  57. Billy Dee Williams Says:

    Holy shit frat rap tumblr just made my brain explode everywhere. I want to die now. I wonder when Mac Miller will run out of money to keep paying people off to pretend he is popular. I’m pretty sure Sam Adams is in some NYC alley strung out on oc’s right now wearing like 5 wooden necklaces.

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  59. Stackavelli Says:

    great break down Noz…xxl needs to quit with these rappers whoo nobody cares about or even heard of I mean name one Diggy song or one song Lil twist got by himself that niggas like….another site did a similar break down of the list…check out thedetroitzuu.blogpot.com

  60. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    David — I know I’m being hyperbolic in my assessment of the K.R.I.T. record but on the other hand I really do love it enough to praise it that much. “Country Shit” and “Just Touched Down” are pretty generic lyrically I suppose but his delivery is murderous, cuffed from Chad or not I don’t care he eats them shits alive. Also both those beats bang forever and ever, I listen to them both daily and haven’t grown sick of either of them since the record came out and how long has it been now, a year and a half? Something like that? Realistically the only thing I’d change about that album is to put better rappers in place of Currensy, Wiz and (especially) Smoke DZA. I love everything else about the damn thing. I even enjoy his guest shots. So far he’s managed to hold his own with Killer Mike, DaVinci, Yela and Rittz, and easily outshine Wiz, Currensy, L.E.$, Bobby Creekwater and Chamillionaire.

  61. Yung Tef Says:

    look at this dudes list Noz SMH http://thedetroitzuu.blogspot.com/2011/02/xxl-presents-2011s-freshman-class-who.html

  62. Why Are There No Women in XXL’s Freshman Class? « The FADER Says:

    […] man who may know is Andrew Noz. His rundown of the list is worth briefing, with some standout gems like: Who’s Lil B? “The princess that fucked […]

  63. AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook Says:

    K.R.I.T. Wuz Here is a great tape that highlights an artist still finding himself. K.R.I.T. is undeniably talented & when he finally finds his own flow (instead of borrowing Chad’s), he’ll be straight. I agree he’s a better producer then a rapper but there’s a introspective quality in his music that few artists are able to capture. In between the bursts of country rap tunes makes relatable, thought provoking, personal songs.

    And that entire Smokers Club clique dropped excellent verses on K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. Especially Smoke DZA.

    Etc., Etc. >>>>>>>>>>

  64. Giraffo Says:

    I think Krit is incredibly talented. He has been for a while, actually. He hasn’t “fallen” into any “trap” – he has consistently been getting better at everything. He is also a great storyteller with a keen eye for detail, and he can structure a song. His achilles heel is his sentimentalism, which he mistakes for pathos, and which kinda ties in with his traditionalism. There is something immature about him and his ambitions. Once he outgrows that, he’s a contender.

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  66. AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook Says:

    His achilles heel is his sentimentalism, which he mistakes for pathos, and which kinda ties in with his traditionalism. There is something immature about him and his ambitions. Once he outgrows that, he’s a contender.
    Care to elaborate? Cause I feel the emotional aspects of his music are his strengths.

  67. Giraffo Says:

    Well, the emotional aspects of his music ARE his strengths. But the emotion is not quite focused yet. He wants to use it to save hiphop or something. Like he wants to represent something that’s bigger than himself so bad. He finds that something in tradition, I guess, in some idea of being the guy who carries the torch. And when he does that he reaches for a pathos that isn’t quite… dry enough. It comes across as sentimentalism. There’s this burden of self-importance to a lot of his music that kinda weighs it down to me. I like him best when he’s at his most relaxed, dry and observational. There’s more than enough emotion in those parts.

  68. tony rivera Says:

    This list is cool none of my picks made it

    Here a mixtape of people I wanted to see on the list

    Twitter went crazy when XXL asked for people for freshmen, I created a mix of artist, I felt might get over looked. I made it one original song from each artist and one mixtape song. The Songs are CDQ and have no tags on them.

    DJ Tony Rivera Presents – XXL Freshmen Tryouts 2011




    Streaming Link


    1. 1997 – Dom Kennedy
    2. Bun B for President – Dom Kennedy X J. Cole
    3. Can I Borrow A Feeling – Mic Terror
    4. Favorite Girl – Mic Terror
    5. Leave Me Alone – Machine Gun Kelly
    6. All The Way Turnt Up – Machine Gun Kelly
    7. Baby I’m Back – Carlos Ferragamo Prod By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League
    8. Ken & Ryu – Carlos Ferragamo X Jimmy Valentime
    9. Liar- Bizzle
    10. Tomorrow- Bizzle
    11. Time- Jimmy Valentime Prod By J. Dilla
    12. Up All Night- Jimmy Valentime X Lyrical Blades
    13. Cold As Ice – Joe Columbo
    14. Vlad Tv Freestyle- Joe Columbo X Jimmy Valentime
    15. PYT- The Incomparable Shakespeare
    16. Rugby, Knits & Polos – The Incomparable Shakespeare
    17. Always (Yi Zhi) -LUZ
    18. The Doom- Luz
    19. Look At Me Now – Childish Gambino
    20. Run This Town – Childish Gambino
    21. Turn it Up – Emilo Rojas X Yelawolf
    22. Who Dat – Emilo Rojas

  69. AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook Says:

    There’s this burden of self-importance to a lot of his music that kinda weighs it down to me. I like him best when he’s at his most relaxed, dry and observational. There’s more than enough emotion in those parts.

    Gotcha & I actually agree. K.R.I.T is kinda heavy handed at times but I think with time & experience, he’ll learn to scale it back when necessary.

  70. Giraffo Says:

    Exactly my point. We agree.

  71. MikeSB Says:

    Lil b , no contest

  72. Tweets that mention http://www.cbrap.com/?p=6747#more-6747 -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by bobbysw0rld and basedboibanks, David A. Best. David A. Best said: http://www.cbrap.com/?p=6747#more-6747 […]

  73. David Says:

    good point giraffo, but i mean the lyrics on ‘country shit’ strike me as a much bigger ‘achilles heel’ frankly. he needs some local details to sit on, when he raps w/ lived in shit hes a very strong writer but yeah he can veer a little towards that self-importance & on the other side, a sorta generic southernism that could make the nappy roots seem cutting edge.

    the idea that krit ‘kills’ currensy is of course totally absurd

  74. killakleoan Says:

    Very accurate. I agree with everythin I read. Whoever wrote this did a real good job. Respect

  75. TYBG Says:

    LIL Twist is garbage. Typical young money glory chaser.

    Based God taking over the rap game. And i always wondered who the white guy was in all of Wiz Khalifa’s videos. Didn’t know he could actually rap though. I will definitley be checking out that video.

  76. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    Now that some context is being lent to the critiques of K.R.I.T. I find I actually agree with most of them. I like his sentimentalism though, I’m not gonna deny that that’s what it is but I find it affecting.

    “The idea that krit ‘kills’ currensy is of course totally absurd.”

    I don’t get Currensy’s appeal, I don’t think he’s much of a writer and his delivery bores and irritates me. And even if you prefer him to K.R.I.T. I don’t think there’s any denying that Killa Kyleon (who I rather wish had made this cover) has laid waste to him on multiple occasions. Not to mention how silly he looks next to Fiend. Or even J. Cole, who seems to be vastly undervalued around these parts.

    I have been finding him more tolerable with time, though. Which songs or tapes of his deserve a listen?

  77. David Says:

    any of the recent ones that aren’t the 1st pilot talk have him in some kinda lyrical mode but ‘this aint a mixtape’ is still the one i spin the most

  78. douglas Says:

    Supreme Neck Protector- How dare you say K.R.I.T outshines Chamillionaire. You are comparing apples and oranges here buddy, Krazie Bones and Bun Bs if you will. But if you want to take it there: http://www.ballerstatus.com/2011/02/23/chamillionaire-ft-big-k-r-i-t-this-my-world-music-video/ Cham takes the crown. But its such a stupid comparison.

    BTW, outshining “Wiz, Currensy, L.E.$, Bobby Creekwater” isnt hard at all. So thats not saying much. K.R.I.T stands well alone and I hate to say it but I am glad he made the cover, he aint bad at all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IllJWhB7rSo

    In the words of NOZ, step your qualitative comparison game up!

  79. DV Says:

    So it goes without saying that Baby bought somebody at XXL an oil pump for the Lil Twist inclusion, right?

  80. AK Says:

    I’m with Supreme Neck Protector on Curren$y. It seems like he can rap and Ski is one of my favorite producers, but something about the way he’s putting everything together makes my mind shut off. Maybe it’s just the combination of smooth beats with smooth delivery, no enervating components.

    Big KRIT: Sentimentalism/nostalgia is not an unfair charge, though he works extremely well with it (“Neva Go Back” is sick and it can’t really get more explicitly nostalgic than that). I do feel like he hasn’t found his rhyming voice yet; while he’s a great songwriter and producer, he’s not a great rapper.

    Also: Am I the only one who imagines the first verse on “Return of 4eva” being performed by 8ball?

  81. torrance tk harrison Says:

    XXL showed LIL B mad love on the 2011 Freshmen cover! SWAG! We love it! However BASED thought it could be improved so we put together an official BASED revision! Everybody PLEEAAASSEE check it out on Lil B’s official blog – you’ll have a good laugh! Link below.



  82. Will Says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. Noz, I respect the fuck out of your site and your opinion but why so harsh on Mac Miller. “White privilege”? I know its easy to pass him off as just another white teeny bopper but thats not the case at all. The kid can spit and is helping to bring back real Hip-Hop into the mainstream consciousness.

    Its also easy to label him as a kid from the suburbs who never paid any dues but if you do your research you’d find he’s kid from the CITY of Pittsburgh who worked hard as hell to make his way into Hip-Hop. That includes doing every shitty local show, battles, dropping mixtapes in the STREETS as well as on the net. And in all reality Mac and Wiz are friends but Wiz has done nothing to push Mac to the forefront. Wiz opened the doors for all PGH rappers, Mac just so happened to be the next one through and Rostrum snatched him up.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is…fuck it just listen to this http://limelinx.com/files/a5b5b4647160514e3d3dc74523a2ba8b

  83. Yung Tef Says:

    Dude just did a revise of the list check out who he says should have been on for real


  84. kyle sv Says:

    wiz khalifas white friend will posts here??

  85. AK Says:

    “The kid can spit and is helping to bring back real Hip-Hop into the mainstream consciousness.”

    Every time I hear the phrase “real hip-hop” I reflexively vomit.

  86. emynd Says:

    If “real hip-hop” is defined by bad impressions of great DITC songs a decade after their aesthetic hay-day, please count me out.


  87. done Says:

    he might be a mountain climbin, electric guitar playin robot cos no real person says that anymore do they?

    or maybe im just out the loop, its been a while since i was at a wu tang show or visited them less fun corners of the internets

  88. done Says:


  89. done Says:

    im regrettin both not directin that at anyone and saying “snap” at all

  90. Will Says:

    Yea I figured as much. Oh well. Best Day Ever 3/11/11.

  91. David Says:

    lmao @ Will

    anyway Curren$y is doing a lot more in terms of constructing verses that kind of slide by you at first but are doing a lot more interesting things w/ rap stylistically than Krit’s doing. Krit is at his best when hes reaching for something larger than himself while staying grounded in autobiographical, i think, is the correct conclusion we sorta reached by argument here. he works w/ larger themes. currensy on the other hand is at his best when hes really messing with the construction of rap verses; if krit is saying something about life, currensy is more like a graf artist (sorry for DA 4 ELEMENTZ reference but its a good one here) where the style is the message, rather than the word itself indicating some novel meaning

  92. Giraffo Says:

    I think perhaps part of my (small) problem with Krit has to do with a certain lack of dynamics. I’m all for desire and yearning in a rapper, but when Krit yearns, his beat swells and yearns too. And when he does his up-tempo stuff, his raps move in the same direction. There is a lack of contrast, and so it doesn’t, in the end, interest me as much as it perhaps should. Whereas, on the other hand, when Currensy delivers a line like “King Kong ain’t got shit on me”, he holds back, delivering it calmly. Krit’s delivery would probably have been far more intense, but also less interesting, at least to me.

    Not saying that Currensy is a perfect rapper here, just pointing out a feature of Krit’s approach that I think could be improved.

  93. blvdst_airmax Says:

    Some really good thoughts on Big KRIT here. I think you guys have done a good job of narrowing down his pros and cons. FWIW I have seen him live 3 times now and he is a balls-out, high-energy performer. So add that to his positive attributes. I think he would be in the top 3 of this list as far as potential to make awesome music (not nec. sales or popularity) in the coming years

  94. K-baff Says:

    Big KRIT: Sentimentalism/nostalgia is not an unfair charge, though he works extremely well with it (”Neva Go Back” is sick and it can’t really get more explicitly nostalgic than that). I do feel like he hasn’t found his rhyming voice yet; while he’s a great songwriter and producer, he’s not a great rapper.

    I agree. As said above, a lot of clearifying statements about him here. But AK’s post hit the nail on the head for me. Was listening to the “wuz here” tape cruising with my brother here the other day, and it striked me that his texts probably are a lot better on paper than they are when he raps them. David wrote some interesting stuff too, but I think right now his delivery is lacking, period. boy has a lot of talent , but I was thinking about that interview Noz did with Bun about Goodie Mob, the way he broke them down.

    Krit is kind of opposite of T-Mo. When T-Mo stepped up to the mic, its like he had no plan, only guts and nerve and heart. By all means, he probably had a plan, and he is musical down to the bone, but this “unstructured” way of rapping that he embodies is what makes good rap music for me, he starts of with emotions, and forces them into a musical structure. Krit is opposite, he searches for emotions within a rhyme-pattern, it seems ass-backwards to me. That being said every rapper is different, and rap needs someone who takes his time writing his lyrics. But he needs to be brave enough to find his vocal self, and not just search for himself on paper.

  95. CrowleyHead Says:

    For 2 cents that have nothing to do with this debate, Killa Kyleon strikes me as really hollow and boring. He’s got more ‘credentials’ than any other southern artist getting love on rap blogs, but he strikes me as a Texas Freeway. Yes, he seems almost perfect, but also really devoid of anything that isn’t just ‘hyper-proficient’.

    As far as the debate… Curren$y is more about creating a musical vibe to compliment or even drape over his raps (Starlito does this too, but I think Starlito didn’t stunt his personality as much as Spitta did to gain his success.) Krit is trying really hard to say things, and then occasionally stumbles to fit them into rap.

  96. AK Says:

    Hold up, I gotta rep Freeway right here. While he’s not without his flaws, he’s more creative than your standard artillery-piece technical spitter – he’s constantly doing that goddamn thing where he’ll start a rhyme and then abandon it entirely when you expect him to complete the couplet, and then (about half the time) he’ll duck back in and finish it a few bars later. He’s limited in that his high-pitched bark is only suitable for a certain range of material.

    Killa Kyleon… I can’t claim to be intimately familiar with his body of work, but from what I’ve heard of it he doesn’t seem to have any sense of dynamic motion. Machine gun flow with similar listenability.

    If K.R.I.T. just keeps rapping I feel like he’ll get his technique up as time passes. His songwriting is already remarkable – the hooks, beats, and concepts are already on point (especially the hooks, damn), the only real weakness of K.R.I.T. Wuz Here was that the verses didn’t pull their weight relative to the songs they were placed in. I’ve got high hopes is what I’m saying.

  97. tom Says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know that your incessant hatred of Drake is extremely annoying and irrelevant. Even if he did warrant the hate you think at some point that you would shut the fuck up.

    amazing blog otherwise, thanks

  98. CrowleyHead Says:

    That’s fair. 9/10 times though I’m not fond of what songs Free’s good at, so that does him in for me.

    Also, just realized that Cyhi song is essentially a really hollow imitation of “Lost” by Gorilla Zoe. Isn’t that a Drumma Boi beat too? *sigh*

  99. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    I love that Cyhi song. I don’t think there’s anything about it that even remotely resembles “Lost”. That shit was a slow-motion descent into the abyss. This is just a straight-ahead rap track, and considering how excruciating Cyhi’s contributions to Kanye songs have been, I was amazed to ever hear something I liked from dude again. But no, it’s just a no-bullshit rap song and he raps his ass off on it. The beat is pretty nondescript by Drumma Boy standards but it bumps regardless. Even if you hated all Cyhi’s previous shit, I can’t imagine why anyone would front on that one.

  100. Billy Dee Williams Says:

    Did that dude Will just admit to being a troll for Mac Miller? So Mac pays Wiz to pay people to put his shit out there … How do you go about getting paid Will?

    I have enjoyed this KRIT debate a lot. I like K.R.I.T. Wuz Here but am never overly compelled to return to it and spin it again and again. Yet when I do go back and listen, it is extremely inspiring and I think “why the fuck haven’t I been listening?” The self-righteousness with “I make my own beats what the fuck” sounds on point as a detracting factor, as well as his rhyme structure. I agree with Amp that one aspect I most enjoy is Krit’s seemingly honest self-reflection, but it does at times seem too “structured”.

    Also with Killa Kyleon, I can recognize that he is a very talented rapper but am rarely compelled to return to his material. “White Cups” is the only track I’ve kept in rotation and it sounds like a Wiz or Curren$y track with Texas flavor.

  101. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    I was about to rep for Freeway but then AK did it exactly as it needed to be done. Thanks blud.

    I don’t get why someone who likes country rap tunes wouldn’t respond to Killa Kyleon. His punchlines are often corny but the sense of joie de vivre when he’s rapping is the shit. When he marries his energy to a sick cadence it just swallows tracks whole. Seems like he’s always trying to do what Bun B did on “Front, Back, Side To Side”, and way more rappers should have exactly that approach. Or, at minimum, I’m glad there’s at least one.

    See, Starlito does what Currensy does but… gets it right somehow. It may just be that Currensy’s voice doesn’t appeal to me but I also generally find Starlito cleverer. Currensy’s actual rhymes don’t merit the self-satisfaction in his voice. Not to me. Whereas Starlito’s definitely do.

    I feel like the best argument in Currensy’s favour is ‘rap voice as instrument’, and as much as I can see a defense of any number of rappers being constructed along those lines, I usually can’t enjoy any rapper whose only appeal is how they say what they say as opposed to what they say. I get that the chief rap star of the present (Wayne) became so beloved based largely on the strength of experimentation with form, but it wouldn’t have worked if his content wasn’t also hilarious. A number of the most engaging rappers around are interesting mainly because of what they can do with their voices. Freeway is definitely one such; I will brook no criticism of him, dude’s unorthodox verse structure is a constant delight.

    But form with no content is no more compelling to me than the reverse. When Noz likened Currensy to Elzhi some months ago, I thought the comparison was apropos; Elzhi has the opposite problem but has fallen into a similar trap. It’s one thing for a rapper to sound like he’s coasting, but the writing suggests he legitimately doesn’t. For those reasons, so far I prefer Starlito, even though in a lot of ways they’re the same rapper.

    If a rapper plainspoken and unaffected writer (cf. Lil Boosie), then yes their voice can carry them. If they don’t write well, I usually can’t get with it, irrespective of however naturally listenable their rap voice is.

  102. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    “K.R.I.T. searches for emotions within a rhyme-pattern.”

    You really think he literally comes up with patterns first? I thought the crux of the case against K.R.I.T. was that he doesn’t do anything formally ambitious with his flow. I think the observation that his work reads well on the page and doesn’t appear to have been modified before being put to tape is perfectly on point — but that’s entirely at odds with any idea that he sets a pattern first and writes second. T-Mo (and Khujo) said what they saw fit to say with next to no regard for patterns, but I think it’s a tall order to expect any rapper anywhere to do that. Critiquing a rapper for being more formally hemmed-in than T-Mo is like being mad that their content is easier to decipher than Saafir’s.

    And I, for one, don’t at all mind K.R.I.T.’s conventionally ‘writerly’ approach. Talib Kweli shares it, and I know his music is widely hated around these parts, but I think it’s perfectly possible that Kweli’s music would work if he had more of a way with words and didn’t sound like a small child. I don’t think the writerly quality is a bad thing in and of itself. I like Boosie, Sweet Jones, and the extended “goooone” at the beginning of Gipp’s guest shot on “Purse Come First” as much as the next man, but I think a rapper ought to be a writer first, and generally speaking I prefer a rapper who has a way with words, but not necessarily with sounds, to the reverse. When you get both in the same rapper (cf. Cam, Ghost, Pharoahe, 40 Water, Mystikal, Big Boi, the best Wayne songs, the rapper Bun B used to be), generally you’re in business.

  103. kyle sv Says:

    LAST KING is actually 10x better than krit wuz here

  104. MAYNHOLUP Says:

    Starlito >>

  105. Yung Tef Says:

    These dudes is hot my nigga check that shit out


  106. Rap Round Table, Week Ending 2/25/2011 Says:

    […] Freshman Orientation, 2011 by Noz […]

  107. Yung Tef Says:

    http://www.usershare.net/52lm336gykup niggas is killing shit…second nigga sound like french montana tho

  108. Supreme Neck Protector Says:

    Just wanna retract my critiques of Currensy after giving a thorough listen to Pilot Talk 2. I guess I just happened to find some wack verses first (“Ride To H-Town”, K.R.I.T.’s “Moon & Stars” remix, and his work with J. Cole and Jay Elect) and base my criticisms on those. Dude’s a very intricate writer, I still don’t care for his rap voice but I mess with him now no question.

  109. AK Says:

    Huh. Maybe I should hit up that Pilot Talk 2.

  110. AmpGeez a.k.a Let Dat Blogger Cook Says:

    LAST KING is actually 10x better than krit wuz here
    I find myself bumping that jawn alot these days. It’s less introspective then K.R.I.T. Wuz Here but it jams. K.R.I.T. lays the country rap tunes shtick on heavy.

    Watch Me Work >>>

    still, that tape doesn’t really give a full scope of K.R.I.T’s range as an artist, even though the production is as good as anything he’s produced since.

    Pilot Talk 2 > Pilot Talk

    Give Spitta another shot.

    As for Starlito?

    Renaissance Gangster > Starlito’s Way 3

    I think he’s a dope MC, but he needs more guidance in terms of song concepts, etc. & a change of production would do wonders. Coop & Fate don’t do Star’s raps justice.

  111. K-baff Says:

    “K.R.I.T. searches for emotions within a rhyme-pattern.”

    You really think he literally comes up with patterns first? I thought the crux of the case against K.R.I.T. was that he doesn’t do anything formally ambitious with his flow. I think the observation that his work reads well on the page and doesn’t appear to have been modified before being put to tape is perfectly on point — but that’s entirely at odds with any idea that he sets a pattern first and writes second. T-Mo (and Khujo) said what they saw fit to say with next to no regard for patterns, but I think it’s a tall order to expect any rapper anywhere to do that. Critiquing a rapper for being more formally hemmed-in than T-Mo is like being mad that their content is easier to decipher than Saafir’s.

    forgive me, my english isn’t that well and I should’ve spent more time reflecting on what came out on paper, especially when given good responses such as this. My quarrel with him is indeed the same as yours, that his flow is not so good. It doesn’t necisarilly seem forced, but its these holes in each bar or between them (when done on purpose this is a good thing, but not so for K.r.i.t), and it striked me that the actual text of many a song (when he doesn’t go too far into very thematical narratives) are good, but when it comes out as rap it doesn’t interest me so much. I think he could write a good poem, to put it that way. As regards to the T-mo, it wasn’t a comparison of the two, more a contrast, K.r.i.t. and T-mo has very little in common, I just figured, since they are both southern rappers, and the universe krit wants to inhabit T-mo is firmly placed in, it would make sense to contrast the two. Sorry if this was poorly stated in my post.

    I think I already stated what you stated, the fact that K.r.i.t. is most def. a writer and that’s a strength, not a weakness, but I am uncertain how he can transform this into good rapping. I think I agree with you that patterns is a very wrong word, but I am unsure as to what I can replace it with. I’ve been writing before I was thinking, always a bad idea.Perhaps because he is the least complete of these rookies (the ones I will listen to and pay attention to in the future, anyway), I find discussing him interesting. He may very well become a great musician some day, but he’s far from a natural, and needs to work on things. Kweli I find shit, easy as that. I thought he was a woman for many years before I saw him, and he’s off-beat, and not in a good way, and he is quasi-intellectual, and not in a good way either.

  112. K-baff Says:

    and I disagree with you that words and sounds are different, words and sounds blend for good rappers, like Cam and 40-water. I would rather make a contrast between music and textual content. His content is good, his way with words and his musicality, not so much.

  113. done Says:

    man the rap ads things the shit, well done. oh i now have a blog with hip hop connection scans, who want it.

  114. GuttaboyJihaD Says:

    noz Says:
    February 22nd, 2011 at 12:58 am
    “Where would one start to explore Meek Mill’s music?”

    Flamerz 2.


    His best work. Try this however if you want a full picture of Meek from the Bloodhoundz days up til he RIP’d his career by signing with William:



    RIP Meek Mill

    Nah, this nigga ain’t dead— I just can’t support him anymore after his decision to sign with William Robert’s Fuckboy Music Empire Maybach Music Group. I figured he woulda learned his lesson after Clifford’s Crimestopper video:


    I mean, that commercial hitting local Philly TV BODIED Meek’s GH deal- Quilly and them wasn’t letting it ride, and Charlie Mack distanced Meek from GH ASAP.

    So why sign with CO Roberts? Fuck did you have to gain? You was already popping. You was making bread and building your brand; Fuck you got to gain from rapping with Gunplay and Wale? K. Smith » Masspike Miles= FACT. I mean, Torch? the other nigga? FOH. Charlie Mack shoulda known better.

    Anyway, this is coming from somebody who fucked with your music and told everyone who would listen you were next up (I burnt a hole in my Flamers 2 CD- FACT), but I can’t buy anymore of your music— sorry homie, but I don’t support law enforcement, and I don’t support fake niggas.

    So its RIP.

    As his last rites, here is the The Eulogy: GuttaboyJihaD’s Best of RIP Meek Mill


    1. Respect My Gangsta- Meek Mill & Mel Luv (BloodHoundz)

    2. P.H.I.L.L.Y- Meek Mill Ft. AR-AB & Cassidy

    3. Finals- Meek Mill Ft. Chic Raw & Dat Nigga Lil

    4. Whatz Up- Meek Mill Ft. Gillie Da kid & Cyserro

    5. Bossman- Meek Mill Ft. Joey Jihad

    6. Willie Wonka- Meek Mill

    7. In My Bag- Meek Mill

    8. Leggo- Meek Mill Ft. Peedi Crakk & Young Chris

    9. Hottest In The City- Meek Mill

    10. Money Galore- Meek Mill Ft. K. Smith & Criddy City

    11. Goons Gone Wild- Meek Mill Ft. AR- Ab

    12. What Part of The Game- Meek Mill

    13. Gettin It In- Meek Mill Ft. Peedi Crakk

    14.Do Dat Dere- Meek Mill Ft. Gillie Da Kid & Oschino

    15. On The Block (Rmx)- Meek Mill Ft. Joey Jihad, Cyserro, Homocide Dunn

    16. I’m Not A Rapper- Meek Mill

    17. The Future- Meek Mill

    18. Shit On The Whole Industry- Meek Mill

    19. Set The Stage on Fire (Outro)- Meek Mill

    20. Bang It (Meek Mill Diss)- Quilly Millz (Bonus)


  115. DR.NO Says:

    Renaissance Gangster > Starlito’s Way 3


    Yeah Burn One & Lito is a hell of a duo. Sounds good to hear one rapper one producer vibing so heavy throught a whole project, rare these days.

    I even think Free at Last might be > SW3.

    Imo he should’ve taken the best tracks from Free at Last and put them on SW3, it would’ve been much harder.

    Also I respect going the Itunes route and getting paid without a label but Lito might’ve blown up if RG and SW3 weren’t Itunes only.

  116. Försenat XXL Freshman-inlägg « B R Y T B U R K E N Says:

    […] för Ja Rules kompisrappare i The Source runt millenieskiftet – men uppmuntrar till andra […]

  117. kam Says:

    The mac miller write up was lazy. I’m just use to better humor on CBz.

  118. noz Says:

    Yeah. But to be fair Mac Miller’s existence is lazy. I’m just use to better rapping on earthz.

  119. chi ali Says:

    niggaz is hoeing mac miller on this track


  120. Billy Dee Williams Says:

    Mac Millers existence is depressing. I’m yet to see someone defend him or champion him that doesn’t have a stake in his success in terms of managing, etc…

  121. Twi Says:


  122. MFKNRMX Says:

    Im gonna get a placement on Yela’s album if it kills me!

    I got the heat.



  123. The Kameleon Says:

    This is one of the most embarrassingly disappointing lists I’ve EVER seen. EVERY SINGLE RAPPER ON THE LIST IS GARBAGE.

    XXL sucks major anus, and so do fans of these “rappers”.

  124. 2real Says:


    and krit’s not a good rapper, pshh, idk what cha talkin bout. krit’s lyrical talent is insane

    oh and if you still disagree listen to this freestyle and top it…

  125. Greg Says:

    KRIT & Lamar are the best artists on this IMO. I think 2KRIT is a great lyricist, don’t really care if he sounds like Pimp C.

  126. Colin Says:

    CB just lost a lot of credibility with this shit. Your saying Big Krit has the sustainability of of Fred the Godson? What the hell are u smoking? Krit is the best artist on this list. He’s not incredible flow wise but he’s a very good rapper, way better than the rest of the wack ass rappers on this list.

    Also since when does being white make you more more marketable and sustainable in rap. For every Eminem I can name 10 others that didnt make it. BTW Mac Miller, and especially Asher Roth can spit. There is a reason Nottz calls him the best MC hes worked with, dude is a “technical beast”

    You got a good site here, but your music tastes are suspect homie…get Lil B’s dick out you ear when u listen to shit, and i fuck with based god too….

    Big Krit, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf fuck alll the others (lil b is coo tho)

  127. anon Says:

    I was having a lot of fun reading this until I read some nasty stuff about white people (Mac Miller). Obviously it’s stupid to ignore race but there’s some extra vitriol in there that’s not necessary. I imagine most readers of this site are white, and when you make a special point like that about how much you hate how easy whites have it in ‘the rap game’ and how whites suck, some of your white readers who aren’t crippled with white guilt might take issue with that. Like me for example.

    Really unnecessary. I hope in the future you’ll try to be a little bit more responsible.

  128. Real Says:

    I think we can all agree that this list is not a representation of good Hip-Hop. And the best emcees on here are not freshman. But, wow… really, this is a pretty awful write up. Though I have to say I enjoyed some of the comments. Where I take issue most:

    “Yelawolf — Probably the best technical rapper I’ve seen grace a stage in the past five years.” Ignorance shining through. You don’t here much quality hip-hop do you?

    And Lil B. Wow. This is the last time I’ll be visiting this site. Tonight was the first time. If that is good Hip-Hop to you, then I’m in the wrong place. Damn.

    Only good emcees on the list:

    Big K.R.I.T.
    Kendrick Lamar

  129. Lil B – Life’s Zombies [REVIEW] | no jumper Says:

    […] of lines, straddling the line between embarrassing and endearingly earnest, that make Lil B “the most creative rapper breathing right now.” In the end, there is a hint of hope in this strangely picturesque song (one can picture him […]

  130. 2 Sav Says:

    lil B being a popular, influential rapper in the game right now should be all the evidence one would need to officially state the hip hop is in shambles right now.

    You young niggaz are fvckin terrible with your choices right now. Im 28 and am up here talking like a old man. I dred to see hip hop when im 40… smh

    damn the 90’s were a long time ago. When i was in HS, there was actual talent. No record labels or youtube. You might actually have to go outside to see a show and be on the scene. Feel like it forced the wackness to the side. Now, the wackness is what sells. Lil B?!!?! are you niggaz serious? Im trying real hard to not hate on niggaz…i mean, good for the guy, he’s making it happen and gettin paid. Not mad at that.

    But…wtf ya’ll

  131. showbow Says:

    shit gets worse every year.

    not a huge mac miller fan, but shit. u made him sound he was the worst of the bunch.lol

  132. Thomas Martin Says:

    Most of the guys on that cover want even be around in the next 1yr also

  133. Best Song We’re Ashamed to Mention as Best Song | Says:

    […] Ripatranzone: Mac Miller “Donald Trump” […]

  134. J-Milli Says:

    wheres Hopsin on this

  135. The Hand of The Dead Body Says:

    YG: definitely not a one-hit wonder anymore

  136. Fred Says:

    Kinda funny to revisit these now, and see how some of those guys were perceived a few years ago.

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