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From Columbus Park To The Battle Monument

The World Takes: The Best of Trenton Rap, ’86-’91

If you guys have learned anything from all this blog bullshit I would hope you’ve embraced the reality that rap is local music first and foremost. Nothing resonates like hometown shit, even if the hometown shit hit when you were in preschool. For this youngin in the Trenton burbs, the South Bronx might as well been another planet and when I saw PRT in videos rapping at places that I had actually been to it was like a hip hop lightbulb went off over my head. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of large scale feature on the hip hop of the city for the longest time, but laziness, other obligations (and the fact I no longer live in the area) have sort of prevented that. But before I left I made this unmixed CD for some friends at home. I happened upon a copy a few days ago and figured I’d just rip it and throw the whole thing online. All of the artists were from, in, or around the greater Trenton area (yes, even the Ghetto Boys, who in this incarnation consisted of New Jerus expats Johnny C & DJ Ready Redd). This is just a five year glimpse, but the city had a surprisingly productive scene for being so small. Some are certified classics, some are lost bangers, and a few are on the corny side, but if you’re from the area (what up Bding, Khal, Slavin) I know you will be kind of geeked off any rap record that name drops Quakerbridge mall.

1. Simply Deft – Maria (Rockin’ Hard, 1986)
2. Shakespeare & The Last Empire – My Old Jams Still Slam (Squadron, 1989)
3. Almighty & KD Ranks – Trenton Where We Live (Interscope, 1991)
4. Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock Dis Funky Joint (Profile, 1990)
5. AOK Productions & MC Drastic – Undefeated (Pride, 1989)
6. 360 Degrees – Pizzazz The Original (Soul Power, 199?)
7. Blvd. Mosse – Can’t Escape The Hypeness (Scorpio, 1990)
8. Northside Productions – Asalamalakum (Northside, 1989)
9. B-Nyce & DJ Cash Kev – I Got Ya (Kool Out Crew, 1987)
10. Too Kool Posse – Give ‘Em A Sample (Diversity, 1988)
11. YZ – Thinking Of A Master Plan (Diversity, 1989)
12. Northside Productions – Verbal Abuse (Northside, 1989)
13. Too Def (YZ, G-Rock & Tink) – I Am Who I Am (Rockin’ Hard, 1987)
14. Tony D – Check The Elevation (4th & B’Way, 1991)
15. Poor Righteous Teachers – Time To Say Peace (Original Mix) (Northside, 1988)
16. Ghetto Boys – Be Down (Rap-A-Lot, 1988)
17. Poor Righteous Teachers – Word Is Bond (Profile, 1989)

The levels are all over the place, a few of the cuts were ripped from CDs which, as you know, were super quiet back then. Deal with it.

The man behind the boards on quite a few of these records, Tony D, now runs one of the best Ebay stores for rare rap. And now is as good a time as ever to revisit my interview with Wise Intelligent from PRT from a few years back.

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22 Responses to “From Columbus Park To The Battle Monument”

  1. bding7 Says:

    “trenton where we live” is the jam. i used to live down the street from trenton high. thank you so much.

  2. illegal busyness at music.mnp Says:

    […] Trenton raps compiled by Noz. […]

  3. BR Says:

    yo my college is blocking the link protector bs, will someone please email that shit to me?

  4. BR Says:

    the actual link I mean

  5. noz Says:


    change the x’s to t’s…

  6. TSF Says:

    Thanks noz, this is just a great mix period, but I’m sure it’s even better if you get the references. That “Be Down” song is funny though, it’s like the anti-Stop Snitchin’ anthem! Rap sure has changed.

  7. size13 Says:

    Thanks noz, haven’t heard many of those tracks, keen to check the mix.

  8. R.Caine Says:

    yeah nice stuff Noz dope

  9. khal Says:

    damn how tf did i miss this?!!?

    i copped a shakespeare tape years ago… i wish i knew where it went, though!

    its crazy to see the area now… there’s venues and i KNOW there’s cats still making tracks, but damned if it was as live as it was when i was a shorty… *sigh*

    thx for this trip back!

  10. cocaine flowers Says:

    we all know you love redman and fugees and young zee and that sherm rapper

  11. Chimaobi Amutah Says:

    No doubt. Thanks for this. T-Town for life.

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  13. PenOutché 2 Ray Says:

    you can re-up the file ? thanks ;)

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  15. Ed Says:

    Man you guys gotta get this back up. Hit me when you do?


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  17. Vincent Says:

    Noz – The link isn’t working for me. If you can, e-mail me a link to to this song I’ve been searching for for 20 years now:

    Too Def (YZ, G-Rock & Tink) – I Am Who I Am (Rockin’ Hard, 1987)

    My tape copy of it is rough. Thanks

  18. Shira Crissman Says:

    Leo Dieken

  19. Small Town Talent | Sounds Reasonable Says:

    […] I wanted to sign-off with a line from Noz over at Cocaine Blunts that I really like about rap love your […]

  20. Nick B Says:

    The Link is not working can somebody post where I can get this mix it’s dope

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  22. Sliiiiiiiiiime Says:

    desperate 4 a re up

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