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Based Rap, 2010



1. Lil B – “Wonton Soup
2. Lil B – “Look Like Jesus
3. Lil B – “Like A Martian
4. Lil B – “Birth Of Rap
5. Lil B – “What You Doin?
6. Lil B & Soulja Boy – “Cooking Dance
7. Lil B – “Violate That Bitch
8. Lil B & Soulja Boy f/ Waka Flocka Flame – “All I Know
9. Lil B – “Pretty Boy Remix
10. Lil B – “Age Of Information
11. Lil B – “Remember The Name
12. Lil B – “Myspace
13. Lil B & Soulja Boy – “Gucci Wings
14. Lil B – “I Am
15. Lil B – “Pretty Bitch
16. Lil B – “Whoopie
17. Lil B – “Cocaine
18. Lil B – “Pretty Boy
19. Lil B – “Everything (Live @ Whartscape)
20. Lil B – “T-Shirt And Buddens
21. Lil B – “Ellen Degeneres
22. Lil B – “Hugh Hefner
23. Lil B – “Cook My Bitch
24. Lil B – “Beat The Odds
25. Lil B – “Blue Flame
26. Lil B – “The World’s Ending
27. Lil B – “What’s 100 Dollers
28. Lil B – “Bitch I’m Bill Clinton
29. Lil B f/ Cormega – “I Killed Hip Hop
30. Lil B – “Woo Woo Swag
31. Lil B – “New York Subway
32. Lil B – “Why They Wanna Kill Me
33. Lil B – “Suck My Dick Ho
34. Lil B – “My History
35. Lil B – “Thank You Based God
36. Lil B – “Pretty Boy Muzik
37. Lil B – “Walk The World
38. Soulja Boy f/ Lil B & Arab – “30 Thousand, Hundred Million
39. Lil B – “Cold War
40. Lil B – “Rich Bitch
41. Lil B – “Death Valley
42. Lil B – “Let The Eagles Go
43. Lil B – “I’m Paris Hilton
44. Lil B – “Cook, Steak Knife
45. Lil B – “Insane
46. Lil B – “Ridin 4 My Niggas
47. Lil B – “Up Next
48. Lil B – “The Summer
49. Lil B – “The Pen
50. Lil B – “County Blues


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71 Responses to “Based Rap, 2010”


    no Cook Steak Knife? :(

  2. goo Says:

    no “i’m heem”? that’s not heem bro


    you missed “The Trap” and “New Orleans” from the Blue Flame Tape

    also “I’m Heem” might actually be one of his best tracks ever

  4. noz Says:


    “Cook Like Kobe Bryant” probably deserves an honorable mention too.


    So many Lil B songs, and cannot believe I forgot about “Gucci Wing” as that song has the oddest chorus of any song from this year.

  6. noz Says:

    “I’m Heem” is from ’09.

  7. bort Says:

    Why do people like Wonton Soup so much? It’s one of his worst. Try Based Robot Remix, it’s 10x better.


    merry xmas andrew


  9. woulds Says:

    totally agree about Wonton Soup. So overrated. He has so much better shit.

  10. noz Says:

    I wrote a long defense of “Wonton” on the tumblr: http://tumblinerb.com/post/2197552180/ive-kinda-been-up-on-lil-b-for-a-minute-now-and-have


    17. Lil B – “Cocaine”
    thanks bro!

  12. Syl Says:

    Cook Steak knife was a phenomenon–the ultimate cooking song. It’s placement at #44 indicates you don’t agree?

  13. kyle Says:

    I’m a Fag, I’m a Lesbian??

  14. mitch Says:

    no swag jerry rice?

    i think that’s one of my favorite songs he’s made this year

  15. CrowleyHead Says:

    Fuck opinions.


  16. Clams Says:

    Yep I’m heems actually from 08 even!

  17. farmted Says:

    couldn’t get with ya defense of wonton soup but we all got opinions…

    lil b and ofwgkta is the best shit out right now… can’t wait for collaborations…

    hey check this out word is that b’s got a collabo slated for 2011 with a rapper that everybody loves to hate!

  18. LSbaseD Says:

    haha swag… you wrote “Myspace” but it links to to “Beat the Odds” … both are top 10 IMO

    glad to see “The Pen” made it on there, i woulda had it way higher tho

  19. Chris Cool Says:

    why the summer way at the bottom? i barely heard 6 kiss recently but i was under the impression that it came out in 09 am i wrong? i know the beat was played but “exibit based” should be on there. “classical” with soulja boy, “lets go im ready”…. u know what he has wayyy too many songs, u shoulda did 100.

  20. iiii Says:

    NO “IM GOD”?????????????/

  21. noz Says:

    im god was 09.

    6 kiss came out early Jan.

  22. Ome Says:

    For the people who are saying I’m heem, that was a song that came out way before 2010….then again plenty of the songs on this list were before 2010 so….

  23. alex Says:

    is “Realist Alive” a 2010 song? that song is so good. i love all the red flame inclusions.. my history.. cold war.. what’s 100 dollars.. this list has a lot of good stuff on it.

  24. tre based Says:

    cocaine and pretty boy remix need to be top 10

  25. Rap Round Table, Week Ending 12/17/2010 Says:

    […] Based Rap, 2010 by Noz […]

  26. dodger Says:

    I think T-Shirt and Buddens is well underrated, in terms of important additions to B’s catalogue and as well as it’s value as a diss track. Joe Budden played himself, and his core audience, by dismissing Lil B as some unknown internet rapper (which begs the question, what does jumpshot joey think of himself??).

    The production is incredible, and it’s interesting to see B’s delivery -which is so often a scattered, irreverent, and brilliant mess- targeted so specifically on an subject for the duration of the whole song.

  27. AmpGeez a.k.a Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    No “Trap Ball” with Yayo & The Hybrid?

    You slippin Noz.

  28. MF Says:

    Good call on The Trap by RNT, but Good Morning is the only main omission here, imo. I mean, I know it originally surfaced last year but so did various other songs on here and it didn’t receive a video until this year.

    But the main reasons why it deserves to be on here is that it contains B’s best line ever (“streets see a lotta things so I talk to curbs/I might say nothin’ back ’cause I’m at loss for words”), it contained a cameo from his cat in the video, and, as the HL dude said on his blog, B prophesized there being a cure for H.I.V.

  29. chickentalk Says:

    Any chance we could get these in a zip like your other top 50? :)

  30. Mhurr Says:

    Swag like Ohio!

  31. AK Says:

    I don’t know if “Realist Alive” is 09 or 10, but it’s definitely amazing. Clams Casino is one of the best in the game.

  32. gc23post Says:

    Lil B is the best rapper in the game right now!

  33. Chaz Says:

    “Myspace” was 2009 too, you posted it around your Best of 2009 end of year post. I know this because it was the first song that made me finally “get” Lil B.

    Still, I took this list as the Top 50 Lil B songs to date, as of 2010.

  34. Hoodieman Says:

    31. New York Subway Produced By @HoodieManMusic (twiiter)

  35. Thomas Says:

    Nice list. “Prime Time Cookout” is the only favorite of mine missing. That song is really fucked up but I keep listening to it all the time.

  36. b-psycho Says:

    I don’t get it. Is his shit supposed to be a joke? Is he freebasing and then freestyling? Is he thinking that if he deliberately comes wack enough he’ll fall through the earth and come out at dopeness or something? Lil B’s stuff just sounds like the dumbest shit ever to me.

  37. iLookgoodinmyHollister Says:

    lol I like the “you slippin’ Noz” comment because u didnt include trap ball. lil b probably released around 700 songs this year so there will be omissions. though it’d be nice to see real shit from a ‘real nigga in there.’ s/o to clams casino. ahfahk.

  38. iLookgoodinmyHollister Says:

    one more thing. i just read ur analysis of Wonton Soup and I read the “laugh when they shopping” line differently when im listening. I think it’s more of indirect way of saying that B laughs at girls because of how frivolous their wants are and how excited they get when he throws some money at them to go shopping. It’s a supercilious attitude toward the way they get excited about the same things that are boring to him at this point, like having money to go shopping. ahfahk.

  39. LCR Says:

    Gucci Wings and Age of Information would’ve been in my Top 5…though I wholeheartedly agree with the Top 3, solid list

    Hoodieman, that New York Subway beat is tight

    No, You Will Pay?

  40. noz Says:

    “one more thing. i just read ur analysis of Wonton Soup and I read the “laugh when they shopping” line differently when im listening. I think it’s more of indirect way of saying that B laughs at girls because of how frivolous their wants are and how excited they get when he throws some money at them to go shopping. It’s a supercilious attitude toward the way they get excited about the same things that are boring to him at this point, like having money to go shopping. ahfahk.”

    Yeah I think you (or someone who thinks like you) posted a similar question on Tumblr that I never got around to answering because I’m lazy. That’s a fair read I guess. But it does seem a little malicious given B’s general disposition though.

    “Trap Ball” was the very last record I cut from this. I like the song but I don’t think B’s verse is one of his best, despite the obvious big tymers homage. I cut a couple Pack songs for the same reasons. I wanted this to be about B’s best performances, not the best songs he appeared on, if that makes sense. IMHO his other verse on the Danny/Yayo record is superior. YOUNG BASED GOD N*#$#1 SWAG TO THE SUN

  41. goo Says:

    who’s on most of these beats?

  42. AK Says:

    It’s not well documented really. I know Keyboard Kid does a lot, I believe “Walk The World” is one of his. Clams Casino did “Cold War,” and he’s also responsible for “Realist Alive” and “I’m God.” I think Squadda B did “I’m All Alone” off of 6 Kiss.

    I’d love to see a list of all of Lil B’s producers.

  43. st0ner Says:

    this list is missing hella songs -.-

  44. Fool Says:

    I wish people would stop coming to this site asking if Lil B is joking in his songs. No, he isn’t because he’s so clearly being serious.

  45. FoOd RiOt Says:

    More Evil Red Flame. “i love video games” and “hipstergirls” are good for diversity and concept. “Last summer”, “Myself alone” and “so stubborn” kill.

  46. DR.NO Says:

    re: Age of Information

    It’s not that good really, it gave bloggers a chance to talk about new media which is vainglorious + easy to do in reference to Lil B.

    BUT I love how when B does his 90s-NYC-homage-to-AZ rap he has this white man cartoon holding his breath voice.

    WTF is that?

  47. DR.NO Says:

    I wish people would stop coming to this site asking if Lil B is joking in his songs. No, he isn’t because he’s so clearly being serious.


    Come on now, I’m a fan but Lil B’s music makes me laugh out loud like no other. He’s serious about his work but he’s joking around a lot. A casual observer can be forgiven for thinking he’s crazy, a joke, or high. The point is he’s not always policing his image so he’s open to being misconstrued but he’s determined he’s down to take that risk, he wants more artistic freedom and has already accepted that ridicule will come with it. I respect that.

  48. AK Says:

    The thing is that there’s no irony in Lil B’s music. If he’s going to do a song that is silly, humorous, and purely about having fun, that’s what he’s going to do and he’ll commit 100%. You can either shout “SWAG!” and do the cooking dance or keep your back up against the wall and he’ll have fun without you.

  49. Fool Says:

    I was being sarcastic.

  50. Fool Says:

    I actually meant to write sarcasm at the end of my sentence but it didn’t show for some reason.

  51. theytrynatakemylife Says:

    No “BasedGod” or The Trap from blue flame….Evil red flame has a lot of contenders as well…Hipster Girls, Throw Yo Hood Up…

  52. theytrynatakemylife Says:

    Also he killed Exhibit Based….that deserves a mention..

  53. BlackAlibi Says:

    Shouts to aeroplane on Hipinion for compiling: http://www.mediafire.com/?2q8e786o7oncsf9

  54. wondough Says:






  55. Since1979 Says:

    Where is “Hoes on my Dick”? Andy M and Lil B got off on that joint!! Fuck love, fuck hate…..fuck diddy, fuck mase!!! Classic!!

  56. theMFK Says:

    MFK x LIL B REMIX http://www.datpiff.com/MFK_Lil_B_MFK_LIL_B_the_Based_GOD__Lil_B_X_Mfk.m182726.html

    BAsed as fuck

  57. greg Says:


  58. BlackKen Says:

    I love the list i would of liked if free wayne and Rich Ho would of made it tho….Still mega based tho

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    […] style who releases songs on the Internet by the hundreds (the rap blog Cocaine Blunts lists its top 50 Lil B songs here). He popularized the cooking dance and his song titles include “Pretty Bitch” […]

  60. GNZLZ Says:

    This list is null and void for the simple fact “New Orleans Based” off of Blue Flame mixtape isn’t on it.

    “Based God started that pretty boy shit. Based God did everything. Based God do everything.”


  61. david Says:


  62. pipskid Says:

    all i can see is the wart knuckle.

  63. meansteppin Says:

    1. IM GOD
    6. IM MEEM

  64. Tno Says:

    Blue Flame was his nicest mixtape of the year.

  65. Parodi Says:

    anyway i can get this .zip?

  66. G30rG3_Bu5h Says:

    Thats nice tracklist…..

  67. the god Says:

    so… u call souljas album good.. love lil b… and give HAM a 1/5.


  68. Zirov Says:

    thats cause ham is a fake weak copy by two 30 yr olds wishing the were in there 20s

  69. brad Says:

    Jay-Z is 30? If 30 is the new 20, I guess it follows that 40 is the new 30.

  70. Giraffo Says:

    Can we get a proper G-Side post soon? I feel like the album really needs an indepth discussion.

  71. Schoolly D Says:

    You check out the new series Schoolly D-Lights


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