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Thank God For Pat, Ray & Ric’


I put a list of the Top 25 Organized Noize productions together for Complex.com in preparation for the forthcoming VH1 Hip Hop Awards. It’s a singles driven selection, so it might seem like old hat to the initiated Dungeon fans but if arguing intangibles like whether or not “So Fresh, So Clean” is better than “Jazze Belle” is your thing then have at it. In the coming weeks we’re going to have similar lists for all the artists and labels featured at the VH1 show.

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23 Responses to “Thank God For Pat, Ray & Ric’”

  1. noz Says:

    I should have put Cre-A-Tine on there. FML.

  2. Sprint Says:

    The top twelve was tight but i think some of the lower ones should have been cut. Society of Soul had two really dope tracks: Pushin and Peaches and Herb. Childz Play on that second Cee Lo is another one. West Savannah, Mainstream, 13th Floor/Growing Old, crumblin’ erb, Mighty ‘O’ : Outkast. What Kind Of Man Am I, LOOKING 4 NIKKI: Lil Wil. Just nitpicking.

  3. Chris Cool Says:

    blueberry yum yum over saturday
    “lick” from joi
    the acient sahore
    6 minutes
    them two above lil will joints
    private party from sleepys theme

  4. DJ Sorce-1 Says:

    I was surprised how good their beats sounded on the Bubba Sparxxx’s The Charm album.

  5. ruestar Says:

    Yeah, Cre-A-Tine is such a sick, dark beat, and by far the best on that album. I think I generally appreciate the darker side of ONP more than anything else.

  6. Rhek Says:

    Overall though – a great list.

  7. mrfrosty Says:

    nice list. thank you for the curtis mayfield song. didn’t know about it. i agree on the tlc remix, but instead of waterfalls i would have picked their best song “sumthin wicked this way comes” with that superb andrè part.

  8. MF Says:

    Something from the Dungeon Fam group album like Follow The Light or Trans D.F Express would be the obvious omission for me, but otherwise a great list.

  9. hördköre Says:

    I think you got a lot of my favorite ONP songs on there, what “rating” they have is really not so important. Thanks for the Curtis song, I didn’t know about that one. And I like that you put that Cool Breeze song on there, that’s the only one I didn’t see coming, even though its a personal favorite of mine… Yeah co-sign on MF , I would like Follow the light on there, as well.

    Btw, Chris Cool , would you care to elaborate? I don’t know all those songs and want to check them out.

    And Jezze Belle is 6x Fresh so Clean. hehe. But I’ve played 3 ATLiens cd’s to ruin since the age of twelve so maybe I’m a bit partial on that one.

  10. k Says:

    great list – heard some new stuff, including that Curtis track.

    (LOOKING 4 NIKKI would be in my top 25, too)

  11. bding7 Says:

    isn’t “6 Minutes” done by Earthtone III? what about including “White Gutz?”

  12. mrfrosty Says:

    oh yeah, and i forgot. i would like to add phobia by outkast.

  13. bding7 Says:

    oh, and “Crow 5.”

  14. Chris Cool Says:

    naw 6 minutes is onp and @ hördköre
    “6 minutes” is a df song from even in darkness
    ”lick” is a song by joi from her album star kittys revenge
    “the ancient sahore” witchdoctor song from a s.w.a.t. healin ritual
    and “private party” from sleepys theme

  15. noz Says:

    Sleepy produced “Lick” on the solo tip, so I don’t think it really counts.

  16. hördköre Says:

    Thanks Chris, got all of them except Joi, I just haven’t had hard editions so I never knew the songs names, not cause I wanted to pirate stuff, but it wasn’t available over here at that time. I haven’t heard too much on the Witchdoctor’s album though, I think I gotta do that.

    And I have to check out Miss Joi, looking forward to it!

  17. Kang Munir Says:

    The Roscoe song has no business being any where near that list. Good job though.

  18. Still Syl Says:

    Where did you get that ONP pic?

  19. celestino Says:

    that pic is blowing my mind dude!

  20. Chris Cool Says:

    “oh no” is a good song as well.

  21. Grapes Says:

    Ancient Sahore is by far the SIKKKKKKEST Beat i’ve heard by them.

  22. nocoast Says:

    Pretty sure the drums on the Mista song are from a Shuggie Otis cut.

  23. chillinmc Says:

    organizes noize had it for real back in the day. Good to see people remember them and producers still holding it down for years at a time, like dre & puff today still. Dre on the headphones now, puff going hollywood with get him to the greek, ol

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