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Mixtape: Bounce For Relief Vol. 2


Bounce For Relief: The Best Of New Orleans Bounce Vol. 1 & 2 (Reupped – 8/15, includes Vol. 1)

Today seems like an appropriate day to drop the long delayed follow up to this, one of the more popular compilations in the site’s history. The first volume dropped in the wake of Katrina and was a general primer on the very slept on New Orleans bounce sound. Here we veer into the gangsta bounce of early Cash Money and another of the stronger labels from that era – Pack. It’s also bookended by two proto-bounce tracks Gregory D & Mannie Fresh’s “Buck Jump Time” and the J Ro J’s brass band “Buck Jump” knock off “Let’s Jump.” Like the first the song selection consists of mostly classics with a few lesser known titles sprinkled in. Sorry about the crackle and fuzz on some tracks, you know how it goes. Please continue to support New Orleans in any way you can. Track listing after the second line jump.

Vol. 1
1. DJ Jimi – Where They At? (Soulin, 1990)
2. Lil’ Elt & DJ Tee – Get The Gat Gemix (Parkway Pumpin’, 1993)
3. UNLV – Another Bitch (Cash Money, 1993)
4. Silky Slim – Sister Sister (Profile, 1992)
5. Juvenile – Powder Bag (Warlock, 1994)
6. Cool D – Bitch Watcha Gonna Do? (Mr. Tee, 1994)
7. Lil Goldie – Act A Donkey On A… (Mobo, 1997)
8. DJ Jimi f/ Juvenile – Bounce (For The Juvenile) (Soulin’, 1992)
9. Cheeky Blakk – Lemme Get That Outcha (Tombstone, 1995)
10. Everlasting Hitmen – Bounce Baby Bounce (Mr. Tee, 1992)
11. Sporty T – Sporty Talkin’ Sporty (Big Boy, 1993)
12. 2 Blakk – Second Line Jump
13. Magnolia Shorty – Monkey On The Dick (Cash Money, 1995)
14. Partners N Crime – We Don’t Love Them Hoes(Big Boy, 1994)
15. MC TT Tucker & DJ Irv – Where Dey At? (Sioul, 1990)
16. Bust Down – Nasty Bitch (Effect, 1991)

Vol. 2
1. Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh – “Buck Jump Time” (Yo, 1990)
2. MC Heavy – “Gangster Walk” (Cash Money, 1992)
3. Cheeky Blakk – “Twerk Something Pt. 2” (Tombstone, 1995)
4. Lil’ Slim – “Bounce Slide Ride” (Cash Money, 1992)
5. Da Sha Ra – “Bootin’ Up” (Take Fo’, 1993)
6. PxMxWx – “Splift Out” (Hard Hood, 1992)
7. Full Pack – “Slide Giddy Up” (Pack/Brutal, 1993)
8. Mia X – “The Payback” (Lamina, 1994)
9. Pimp Daddy – “Got TTo Be Real (Pack, 1993)
10. UNLV – “Get Into It With A Nigger” (Cash Money, 1993)
11. Kimy P & Shorty T – “Where’s My Bitch” (Pack, 1992)
12. Black Menace – “Goin’ Off” (Prime Suspect, 1992)
13. 3-9 Posse – “Ask Them Hoes” (Parkway Pumpin’, 1992)
14. East Bank Gangstas – “Slide Second Line” (Lil Mac, 1995)
15. MC J’Ro’J – “Let’s Jump” (Rosemont, 1990?)

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22 Responses to “Mixtape: Bounce For Relief Vol. 2”

  1. kyle sv Says:

    AWESOME, thanks noz
    downloading this right now

  2. barns Says:


    Thiiiiis iiiiisss the way I liiiiive

  3. brad Says:

    Oh shit, you’re already coming through and it’s not even Monday yet.
    Thanks noz

  4. BLAST Says:

    Good stuff. “Goin Off” is the jam.

  5. Scott Says:

    Thanks! I sometimes hum “Bootin’ Up” when restarting my computer.

  6. AK Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks!

    Okay, so tell me: What the hell is that high-pitched percussive sample on almost every song going “dokkadokkadokkadokka” that is basically a bounce signature? Can anyone source that for me? Or is it just something done on the drum machine?

  7. AK Says:

    Also, “The Payback” is incredible. Good god.

  8. noz Says:

    It’s Showboys’ “Drag Rap”: http://www.cocaineblunts.com/blunts/?p=2526

  9. AK Says:


    So cool.

  10. BR Says:

    good shiittttt

  11. TSF Says:

    Thanks! WHO DAT?!

  12. Juice Mannen Hugo Says:

    Great compilation!
    The tracklist got me wondering how many of these artists are still making music, Black Menace, Mia X, Mannie and what’s left of UNLV maybe..

  13. MF Says:

    Only know Gregory & Mannie, MC J’Ro’J and the UNLV jams so this is very much appreciated.

    Man, Bounce Slide Ride is amazing. I honestly thought Powder Shop was Lil’ Slim’s first album. I love that Wayne and Juve’ have paid homage to those old underground Ca$h Money classics by interpolating them.

  14. emynd Says:

    Bounce is the best fucking music ever, especially on this fine day. Big up N’awlins! If y’all fuck with Bounce, feel free to check out http://www.nolabounce.com as well!

    Thanks for this, noz!


  15. Carpquiet Says:

    This shit is incredible, man.

  16. Dinero Says:


  17. ANU Says:

    Nice, even better than the first one.

  18. BENJY Says:

    dammit noz i love u i pumped vol1 all last night plus all dat sissy shit

  19. maynholup Says:

    fuck de saints, i neva seen a worse football team win a championship. Wikings were de best team by far fuck de saints mayn dis mix gon bang doe

  20. Michael Bateman Says:

    Shout-out to myself for providing the Black Menace 12inch! Anyway, a few corrections: “The Payback” is from ’92, “Bounce Slide Ride” is from ’93 & “Ask Them Hoes” first appeared on a 39 Posse 12″ in ’91… it re-appeared on a split 12″ w/ Lil’ Elt’s “Get the Gat” in ’92. And then again on their ’93 full length.

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