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Free Shawty Redd


By which I mean “Shawty Redd’s music is being offered here for free,” not “Shawty Redd should be set free.” It’s unfortunate that dude is caught up in whatever he’s caught up in, not because I know anything about the specifics of his case but because this is the most media attention he has gotten in a minute. His catalog and rep – album track/third single status – are both too thin to reflect his talents.

The Jeezy sound is *his* sound and his fingerprints are all over the work of many Atlanta dudes who have had greater successes. But where most of his peers were content with simplistic melodies and presets, Shawty buried some genuinely complex synth compositions under all that trap hop menance/drumroll action. (At the same time he had a real generic streak that probably hurt his bottom line reputation.) There probably isn’t another rap producer better equipped to produce a new age ambient album. It seemed like he was about to start a major trend with his modern bass “Drifter” and “Sexual Seduction” sound but that fizzled almost as quickly as it started. Subletting that aesthetic to a Snoop gimmick record probably wasn’t the wisest move for progressing his solo career. His album was shelved, though leaks are floating around and it sounded really good, if a little bit all over the place.

Below the line I’ve compiled a quick Shawty Redd top 10, some lesser known tracks sprinkled alongside some classics. Youtube probably isn’t the best medium for his sound, but deal with it. I would have also added Drama’s “Left, Right, Left,” except it’s not on Youtube at all. Weirdly, that probably still stands as his second biggest hit, behind “Seduction.”

Young Jeezy – “Hypnotize”

Shawty Redd – “Special”

Gucci Mane – “Pyrex Pot”

Shawty Redd f/ Big Gipp – “Drifter”

Black Jak f/ Project Pat – “Ride & Swerve

Shawty Redd – “What Up Tho”

Young Jeezy – “Got What It Takes”

Pastor Troy f/ Fabo – “Digital”

Gucci Mane f/ OJ Da Juiceman – “Do It Do It”

Young Jeezy – “Bottom of The Map”

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33 Responses to “Free Shawty Redd”

  1. jordan s Says:

    “nickelodeon” is def my favorite gucci/shawty redd track. & i guess “who dat” might be a bit obv but that beat is insane

  2. still trying to put some dick up in vanity six Says:

    That “Who’s With Me” song on Reloaded was actually pretty good too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJAi3iZbWKk

    Here’s to hoping TM103 has a lot of his work on it.

    I always wondered why they left “I Got What It Takes” and “Let’s Just Say” off The Inspiration, those are two of the best songs Jeezy has ever done. That whole Street Dream tape is massively underrated.

  3. mark p. Says:

    Man “She Is Digital” is on some Jeff Mills Waveform Transmissions shit.

  4. Hey Zeus Says:

    What the fuck?! Charged with murder??? oh mane

  5. Tray Says:

    “I Got What It Takes” might be my favorite Jeezy song ever, and yeah, Street Dream is a pretty fantastic tape, probably better than (though obviously not as important as) Trap Or Die. As for the generic streak, yeah, he had one, but so does pretty much every major producer, and even his generic stuff has its charms – like ‘That’s How You Feel,’ it’s pretty easily the worst thing he ever did for Jeezy but it’s still a lot of fun. He’s the sort of producer who is very formulaic, but has such a great formula that one doesn’t care, and he never reached the point where he’d beaten the formula to death. And now he may never reach that point. Not to sound all faux-elegaic and shit.


    PT Cruiser’s “Saddam Hussein” is def a top ten Shawty Redd track. And lets just say it- alot of cats jacked this dude style.
    Remember back in the early ’00s when dudes was askn for that ‘lil jon’ sound?(even nas!) Thats how it was from ’04 till…..hell even still now with rappers sendin request to fruity loop beatmakers like “yo,let me get a Jeezy soundin track”.
    Shawty def created his own lane.

  7. Chevy Sit So High I Can Give E.T. A Ride Home Says:

    And FTR, “Air Forces” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Any Jeezy beat IMO. I wasnt even feeling Jeezy at the time but when I heard that song on the ‘Trap or die’ mixtape, shhhit dude got $15 outta me for TM101.

  8. Shawty Redd\wife Says:

    he is undeniably the best! n he is goin to b ok in this case

  9. J.scott?! Says:

    That Got Damn Ride Swerve is that SHIT!!!

  10. jasmin Says:

    aint drifter produced by fatboi?

  11. DR. NO Says:

    Let’s not forget ‘Dope Boys’ on Burrprint 3D. Manic. Dude’s 808 synth crescendos are on par with Three Six when he’s in the zone.

    And as far as underrated Jeezy tapes..”Prime Minister” was bananas, I never hear people mention that one.

  12. still trying to put some dick up in vanity six Says:

    Prime Minister is actually really good, but the DJ drops are so awful that it makes it a lot less appealing.

  13. maynholup Says:

    Pastor Troy mayn a legend mayn

  14. sheeeit « WEED$TEELER Says:

    […] sucks about shawty lo…. good compilation of songs over at cocaine […]

  15. Amor De Rey Says:

    Fuck it, I still trying to hear his first album, Da Youngest & Da Crunkest,


  16. padraig Says:

    @Mark P.

    well I dunno, at least about that track. but how great would it be if instead of all that swag Eurotrance, rap producers started looking to Mills/Hood/Underground Resistance militant black Detroit techno? UR is kinda like the P.E. of techno for those what don’t know. It has that same ethos as a lot of classic boom bap, too – gritty, hard-hitting, repurposing technology in the service of street music. especially like Drexciya & all that wild later electro. rap over stuff like that would be *great*. also IIRC Mills got his start as a cut & scratch hip hop DJ back in the 80s and he carried all those skills over to techno – he’s an amazing live DJ.

  17. Rob Pursey Says:

    Some quality picks here – particularly ‘Hypnotize’ – that shit is great.

  18. Hørdkore Says:

    where did I hear that “drifter” sample before? Its a good track, only one I haven’t heard before

  19. slizzard Says:

    thats fucked, i thought L,R,L had a vid I saw there….

  20. slizzard Says:

    it looks like the vid proper was taken down, but the instrumental, probably more relevant to this post anyways is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpYO5NG4RJs

    btw, this track and miracle’s bounce are the slowest bpm’d records I have! that fast half-time shit is so cool

  21. Mike Says:

    I never knew he produced Ride Swerve hot damn!

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  23. barns Says:

    i didn’t realize shawty redd made the “left, right, left” beat.

    he should do a 2010 version where he flips the “A-T-L-A-N-T-A-G-A is where i stay” line

  24. reezy Says:

    my fav’s… big kuntry – the baddest & shawty redd – orgazm.

  25. DR. NO Says:

    It’s a real shame he had to catch such a serious case to get recognized this way- not directed towards you Noz but hip hop media generally. This whole thing where legal trouble and bloodshed boosts an artists profile is a damn shame.

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  27. keepitreal Says:

    yeah i still bump that drama record on the regular. i picked it up for 2 bucks!

    shawty redd is definitely underlooked when it comes to that atl sound. i damn near blew up my trunk a couple times listening to “do it do it”.

    hopefully more details will come soon about this.

  28. G.P. Says:

    Damn, What Up Tho is a beast!!

  29. A-Game Says:

    Yo this is a good collection of Shawty Redd productions.

  30. Makell Bird Says:

    Alot of people may not know that Shawty Redd began his career working with DJ Taz (whom I also have been working with for the past 10 years).

    Shawty Redd began as a rapper and appeared on a song called “Throw Dem Bows” (circa 1999/2000) which is featured on my official mixtape “Makell Bird Presents DJ Taz – Classic: The Black Mongoose Edition” now available on itunes.


  31. t-o-b Says:

    this site is ill.

    sad to hear about redd being charged with murder, though. who knows what actually happened, hopefully this will get sorted out.

  32. Annamaria Eady Says:

    Awsome info and right to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to hire some professional writers? Thx :)

  33. Beatzbysqueak Says:

    Im doin a story/movie about this nigga

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