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A Little Too Famous To Shoot These Pranksters

Doin all sorts of twisted shit with they fingers
Disrespecting the game, no home training or manners
I was doin this shit when you was shittin in Pampers

12 Responses to “A Little Too Famous To Shoot These Pranksters”

  1. monique r. Says:

    truth: you are a real live dude that lives in D.C. but also a little sad, lonely. So, you gots to chill.

  2. noz Says:


  3. Mike G Says:

    Say what what?

  4. brandonsoderberg Says:

    This is RIDIC.

  5. SukedowN Says:

    A little subliminal via the Old Man AKA 50 is the new 40?

    If not, I don’t get it.

  6. Pablo Says:

    Noz! Glad to finally have found you elsewhere than XXL. Love this track; The Watcher 2 was probably the best track on the Blueprint. Though, I think Rakim probably had the best verse on that track.

  7. king blair Says:

    i actually heard some chick bumping this down adam’s morgan a week ago i love this double cd aint nothing the last 5 years as discriptive an haunting as meet the parents

  8. noz Says:

    bp2 had some great moments for sure. “hovi baby,” “the bounce,” “some people hate.” it’s a shame that it was too little too late by the time he actually had the sense to consolidate it into one disc.

  9. David Says:

    and he did a bad job picking tracks for the one disc anyway

  10. Belize Says:

    good ashtray

  11. pileofshirt69 Says:

    While we’re on the topic, if you could pick and choose what a one-disc Blueprint 2 would be, which songs would you select?

  12. Zemz Says:

    @ pileofshirt69

    i just kept the tracklisting how it is on the double, just removing songs that aint make the cut

    1 – Hovi Baby
    2 – The Watcher 2
    3 – 03 Bonnie & Clyde
    4 – Excuse Me Miss
    5 – Poppin Tags
    6 – Diamond Is Forever
    7 – Guns & Roses
    8 – U Don’t Know Remix
    9 – Meet the Parents
    10 – Some How Some Way
    11 – Some People Hate
    12 – Blueprint 2
    13 – Show You How

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