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Big Ole Words



hurdle my opponents, run through problems
unstoppable i jump over obstacles
stopping my grind’s like stopping sunshine
so improbable, probably mission impossible
I say it two times n*gga n*gga, stop lying
bullshit you’re selling I am just not buying
flow so nice but the kid’s not kind
swag sicker than a new flu that got called swine
staying on point like a unicorn, strapped with a unabomb
every day’s a work day but don’t wear a uniform
Gucci Mane the dapper don, capper like a Capricorn
trapper month goin on a money making murder
You the joker I be robbing and The Riddler’s the Batman’s stone (?)
trying not to fuck my money up in rap career like Pacman Jones
thumbprint me, fingerprint me
but can we agree to disagree?
I’m from East Atlanta 6
where the boys dump bricks
but we don’t bump The Blueprint 3
want to box me just like Max B
but you can’t fuck with me like Raz B
like Ali I float like a butterfly sting like a bee
cause it’s big Gucci

The streets derailed me, but God didn’t fail me
opportunity didn’t knock, but it just emailed me
DA nailed me, Rice Street jailed me
took it like a champ while the whole world mailed me
Young don’t like me, Jay outsells me
nothing in the world Kanye could tell me
you could be anyone but Gucci
job so hard I can hardly do it
cause it’s nothing that I’ve heard recently that moves me
bet if you had the chance to you’d mute me
convicted felon, my left wrist yelling
my stash ego and my bozack swelling
crazy so I need prozac really
my vocab scary and my folks so eerie
so hard working that my soles feel weary
fall in the club and the hoes start cheering
hear me, hear me, I know you hear me
I don’t like lying too much, not really
high like Britney, stoned like Jimi
got a second chance like Vick in Philly
this ain’t snap music this is trap music
New Boyz in Cali they got a jerk movement
Brick Squad boys we rep the block
Gucci Mane I will ??

Fill in my blanks and explain that whole Batman thing to me when the inevitable droplets hit your forehead. Or just wait until Decemburrr 8th. I’m too tired.


25 Responses to “Big Ole Words”

  1. dv Says:

    Maybe the color of his stones are purple and green (i.e. the color of Riddler’s costume.)

  2. Dante Says:

    This is nice. I really wasn’t expecting Gucci to flow like this.

  3. still trying to stick some dick up in Vanity 6 Says:

    Unsurprisingly, the best song are the ones he’s on alone. Posse cut of the year (“OMG WHAT ABOUT 4EVER?”) withstanding, of course.

  4. Detroit P Says:

    “but you can’t fuck with me like Raz B”

    with the Batman line…my guess is…he’s Robin…so the riddle is why did Batman(his boss) try to fuck his money and career up.

    you’re the Joker, I be Robbin'(Robin) and the Riddle is(said to sound like Riddler) the Batmans(stone? phone?…?) tried to fuck my money up in(and?) rap career like Pacman Jones.

    thats my guess

  5. AK Says:

    A unicorn strapped with a unabomb?

  6. August Says:

    That Blueprint 3 line is awesome.

  7. david Says:

    one of those rappers who flows forever, and you know what hes talkin g about, but he aint sayin shit

  8. noz Says:

    “A unicorn strapped with a unabomb?”

    Ha. Missed a comma.

  9. DR. NO Says:

    That Blueprint 3 line is awesome.


    Yes. also more checks that czeckslovakan or whatever. great album.

  10. Killahh bee Dublin Says:

    Dudes smarter than we think …by the lookz of it …

  11. DQ Says:

    Strange that you asterisk the word “nigga”. Why do you do that?

    I see how it could be offensive and presumptuous to use the phrase in your own voice, of course, but printing it censored when quoting its use seems dumb as hammers.

  12. harv Says:


  13. Santana Says:

    what’s your take on yo gotti, noz?

  14. Bruce Says:

    I think it’s “the riddle is the Batman’s con.”

  15. HP Says:

    Gucci’s album is straight CRACK!!

    time to make the MILLI

  16. barlo Says:

    yo gotti = budget jeezy. clpise should have paid for the real thing cos dude ruins an amazin song

  17. J Will Says:

    Brick Squad boys we rep the block
    Gucci Mane I will ??

    I think he said

    “Brick Squad niggas we rep the block
    Gucci Mane, I work forks and pots”

    Love that song tho.

  18. david Says:

    yo gotti is a good rapper & doesnt sound like jeezy

  19. DQ Says:

    maybe i’m crazy but the ? phrases sound flipped.

    anyway i made up what they should be, “and i riddle the batman’s dome” & last line “gucciman! owww! it’s over, rock” because this is classical u see, but which obviously has to be censored for the metal head demographic.

  20. Giraffo Says:

    Am I the only one who is a little underwhelmed by this album? It’s hinged.

  21. Suga Fist Says:

    It’s wright street.. not rice street. The jail is almost a rite of passage passing through their hallowed halls as a youth in atlanta.

  22. Crimson Says:

    I listened to this joint a few times because with all the hype I thought that maybe I was sleeping on Gucci. Nope, he still sucks. That song is mad corny, with the opera singers saying “Gucci!” Ol boy still sounds like someone impersonating a rapper. You know, the same way that Kanye and Drake sound.

  23. san Says:

    gucci mania is great

  24. Z0K1 Says:

    I be robin’ n tha riddle is the batman’corn… mean n he rob a nigga n he bag his shit in a batman bag….. lmao

    gucci mane always foruth cocked, like a biblical statement get it lmao

  25. Z0K1 Says:

    ya burrrrrrrr print me, finga print me

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