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Tried By 12

East Flatbush Project’s “Tried by 12” (Uproar, 1996)

Pretty much the greatest one off beat of all time. I couldn’t imagine there being anybody who was freestyling in the late 90s in NY who didn’t spit over Spencer Bellamy’s “Tried By 12.” This is my first time seeing the video, but it’s about as grimy as you’d expect.

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  1. steve Says:


  2. nico nss Says:

    Yeah, c’est du bon son ! :) J’ai découvert “Tried by 12” via un remix electro de Squarepusher.

  3. fresh Says:

    Spencer’s working on a new album for East Flatbush Project that should be out sometime this year. Here’s one of the new tracks if you’re interested –> http://33jones.com/blogentry.asp?EID=432

  4. Don Shelby Says:

    Shit is classic.

  5. Phil Says:

    Squarepusher did a tight double-time remix of this track that can be found on the third disc of Ninja Tune’s Xen Cuts collection.

  6. Phil Says:

    Should have read the other comments first. Oh well.

  7. Ninoy Brown Says:

    thats a find. i never even knew a music video existed for this. thanks mayn.

  8. rar Says:

    wow, could someone put this up on yousendit? really feeling it

  9. bse Says:

    Damn. Never knew this had a video. The bit at the end after DeS is done rapping is the best bit. No Spencer cameo?

  10. zahkee Says:

    east flatbush project is my sh*t…change…my life has changed….

  11. TSF Says:

    Hell yeah, this was one of my favorite songs growing up! Never saw the video though

  12. lords of flatbush Says:

    […] for more info this morning, and came across this post on COCAINE BLUNT$ (go figure) – there was a video! Word, life. East Flatbush Project, Funeral […]

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