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Mixtape: Gucci Mane – The Burrrprint


Gucci Mane – “Frowney Face

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Gucci Mane – “My Shadow

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from The Burrrprint (The Movie 3-D) (Mixtape, 2009)

Another Movie already? On my first before bed skim it’s at least sounding a lot darker and more street than the previous installment. LOL Smiley Face at the inversion on “Frowney Face” and this “Shadow” beat is some straight up Giorgio Momurder shit. It’s about conversations with his shadow. I’m not sure how folks can perpetuate the myth that Gucci is one dimensional or not a serious rapper when the guy consistantly churns out new and original themes like this. I mean if you don’t like his message or rap style that’s one thing but at least respect his creativity. Very few rappers are able generate new ideas at his pace.

The dentist who just fixed Gucci’s teeth can’t be feeling too good about the implications of this cover. Tracklisting after the jump. (Via DGB)

01. Intro
02. Dope Boys
03. Frowney Face
04. Watch Cost A Bently feat Bun B & Rocko
05. Think I Want Her
06. “Yelp” I Got All Of That
07. Trap Goin Crazy
08. Gucci Speaks
09. My Shadow
10. Gucci Speaks
11. Real As They Get feat OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka Flame
12. Excuse Me
13. More feat Kandi & Sean ceasar
14. Gucci Speaks
15. Candy Lady
16. Candy Lady Remix feat Brick Squad
17. No No No
18. Foreign feat Shawty Red
19. Flexin feat Brick Squad
20. My Chain feat Brick Squad

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48 Responses to “Mixtape: Gucci Mane – The Burrrprint”

  1. Alaskan_snow Says:

    whatsup with all the gucci mane posts? really can’t give that fool any love

  2. dave quam Says:

    is that a fucking lean slurpee?

  3. p-417 Says:


  4. BlindWilliam Says:

    Still the best source of news and commentary. Keep on woikin.

  5. p-417 Says:

    well damm, Gucci comments on the MTV hottest mc’s list?? (track 10)

    U go Gucci, fuck these rappers-racists

  6. david Says:


  7. david Says:

    i’m in the bank making depo’s while yall be gettin repo’d
    i’m zero, zero, zero comma zero after zero
    my jewelry game sick i think my jeweler need chemo
    wonder woman bracelet on but i’m no super hero

  8. david Says:

    you are not the owner of that car it is a loaner
    i got money stacks as tall as you cuz that’s just my persona
    i got half a million on my neck so try me if you wanna
    keep a shooter with a chopper turn you to an organ donor

  9. Pabelow Says:

    so.. best mixtape of the year? I fucking love WOTW, and I like The Sequel a lot more than most people. But this is almost on another level. Gucci continues proving why he’s my favorite rapper, and has been for nearly four years now.

  10. noz Says:

    crack of dawn gucci fiends…

  11. noz Says:


  12. david Says:

    i was geeked up crazy last nite — woke up on some “must … have … water” & there was a new gucci tape waiting for me …

  13. david Says:

    ‘my shadow’ is zelda dream sequence music

  14. david Says:

    also, its fucking dope

  15. david Says:

    ok 1st off waka flocka (!) kills “real as they get,” & OJ destroys that shit too, best verse ive heard from him in ages

  16. david Says:

    also, he says jay-z aint the best rapper alive in an interlude …… thank u

  17. Abe Beame Says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but “Shadow” seems to be Gucci bragging and talking shit to anonymous lames more or less unrelated to the hook. I think it’s a mistake to try to sell Gucci as an New Yorkish concept rapper/”writer”, a style you don’t even really seem to advocate in the refusal to acknowledge anything worthwhile about Nas’ output this decade. For me Gucci’s concepts hit when he picks a theme and drops a bunch of clever punchlines around it like on Nickeloden, and his real talent as a writer is writing to his cadence. It’s not like he can just spit a Jay verse or even a Cam verse and have it come off in the manner we love, I’d love to see his process in the studio to see if the chicken comes before the egg but when you listen to a verse and think of it as something he’s mapped out it becomes even more impressive.

    Also, I need to spend more time with this, so far it’s good, but “The Gooch” is a top 3 2009 album at the moment

  18. david Says:

    i dont think anyone has sold him as an nyc style concept rapper / writer; ive said he has a ‘writer’s mind’ which i think is true

    but who gives a fuck — shadow is hard as shit & this tape is like, on some instant classic shit. there is not a weak track on this — maybe some folks uncomfortable w songs 4 the ladiez might not be feeling “more” but even that is lyrical — no lazy verses, no typical dj drama willie the kid / la the darkman bullshit, not even label ‘associates’ like nikki minaj — only rapping guests are dudes from the crew & on the last 2 tracks they have some real chemistry, like they kinda capture this surreal cartoony vibe from the cover art bouncing off each other on ‘flexin’

    ‘real as they get’ is one of the most gangster tracks ive heard from anyone in ages … im talking like since jeezy was with bndh or something…

  19. david Says:

    real talk i forgot OJ could actually rap … dude needs to stay as far as possible from mariah collabs, he cant pull that shit off like gucci can, & ive said this from the beginning .. oj needs to stick w/ the gangster, would-have-gone-gold-regionally-in-the-90s type kinda-underground sound

  20. p-417 Says:

    damn second part of Guccis verse on “real as it gets” my head reeling

  21. david Says:

    never mind ‘more’ isnt that lyrical — thats prob the only garbage song

  22. Abe Beame Says:

    Yeah, not trying to disrespect this tape or Gucci at all, I just don’t feel he’s conceptual in the orthodox sense. “The Gooch” is nearly worthy of the same level of praise and I’ve been listening to it for three months.

  23. jordan s Says:

    i’m in the kitchen homie whippin up a deuce
    niggas lookin sick i call it chicken noodle soup
    chickens in the living room, we call it the chicken room
    birds everywhere it’s lookin like atlanta zoo
    pounds in the stash bag, chickens in the coupe
    birds like a bet shopper, pigeons on the roof
    workin with the fork turnin one into a two
    how these niggas snitchin you gotta watch out for your crew
    catch me on 285 im slidin round the loop
    if you want to smoke holla at me for the fruits
    if you want the x holla at me for a few
    i’m standin over pies like your momma cookin food

  24. jordan s Says:

    cockiest i’m rockin this cause ain’t nobody hot as this
    so hot as hot lava get and i’m not with that modest shit
    poppin’ cris, think that i need alcohol anonymous
    four-five in the club, i could kill a hippopotamus
    office chick, college chick, i got game for any chick
    i hang out with stars you would think i’m an astrologist
    bank should pay me back for all the fuckin game they borrowin
    thirty grand a feature and i don’t have time for bargainin

  25. noz Says:

    Abe – hip hop orthodoxy has twisted word definitions when it comes to writing. I mean we are talking about a genre where high concept is rapping the letters of the alphabet or an OMG HIP HOP IS A GIRL extended metaphor. when i call gucci conceptual i am just saying he generates concepts. the same way a lyricist is simply a writer of lyrics. there’s no judgement or opinion attached to these definitions.

    Jordan and David – we get it.

  26. ANU Says:

    the drum programming on “i got all of that” is insane.

  27. Pabelow Says:

    I love how the first half of the tape is some real gangster, treading muddy waters type of shit, and the second half is cartoony, experimental and quirky. It’s just such a perfect balance.

  28. MAYNHOLUP Says:

    maynn, Wilt went in on Frowney Face mayn!

  29. david Says:

    “and I’ve been listening to it for three months.”

    ^^^^yeah but … 3 months

  30. Tray Says:

    “I think it’s a mistake to try to sell Gucci as an New Yorkish concept rapper/”writer”, a style you don’t even really seem to advocate in the refusal to acknowledge anything worthwhile about Nas’ output this decade.”

    Because Nas’ output this decade – for the most part – is bad, and not because it’s conceptual (but rather because, besides the bad production, frequently soporific and halfassed rapping, the concepts themselves are either half-baked or don’t really get threshed out too well). I mean, I’m sure you see the missing link in your “if you like concept rappers you should like Hip Hop Is Dead” argument. I mean, it’s like saying that someone doesn’t like concept movies, whatever that means, because they’re not dim enough to like Crash.

    I will say that, though ‘Shadow’ may be great, I don’t feel the Giorgio Moroder shit is that well-suited for him. It’s a shame Jeezy has kinda lost it – surely there’s a million southern rappers I don’t know about who excel at this, but to someone who’s less engaged, it does seem like no one does the massive epic synth-hop thing too well right now.

  31. noz Says:

    Anyone else notice Drama actually trying to scratch on this?

  32. padraig Says:

    “Giorgio Momurder”

    that is the greatest thing I have read in like forever.

  33. david Says:

    gucci is perfectly suited for that beat … i love how the beeps come in off the rhythm, it totally complements deranged gucci rapping about the earth turning

  34. Hørdkore Says:

    thanks mate, I’m too old and listen to too much music to pay attention to when stuff drops in rap anymore. And you post all the new stuff I enjoy so thanks.

    Also, this Niki Minaj thing, I kinda like her, its like listening to Wayne without having too look at an ugly ghetto-troll but getting a prime ass instead. But have a nice girl eat a pile of do-do on a tv-commercial and you’ll see me walking down the street with a shit-sandwich in my hands so I don’t know really.

    And I like that Yo Gotti been eating these days. He looked like a Somalian in Dirty States, good to see him back on the scene looking healthy

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  36. t-3 Says:

    I’m feeling Gucci a bit on this, but he just doesn’t have the energy or delivery that I would like. He can be lyrical, but I just don’t feel what he’s saying, so he’s kinda boring to listen to for me.

  37. noz Says:

    I consider him one of the more energetic rappers out right now, actually.

  38. airmax Says:

    its great to see gucci hate erode over time. people who were dismissing him a year ago are all about his shit now. love it man. atl still run it

  39. gordon gartrelle Says:

    So, should Gucci be considered the GOAT yet or do we have to wait until next year?

  40. noz Says:

    Well he’s already amassed a better catalog than 21st century Jay-Z.

  41. gordon gartrelle Says:

    That’s really saying something considering how great Jay’s 00s albums are.

  42. Mikey Zips Says:

    Burrrrprint 3 blows Blueprint 3 out of the water- Jay-Z couldn’t hold a candle to Gucci… Gucci can’t be stopped.

  43. david Says:

    gucci will be the GOAT rapper before gordon gartrelle is a GOAT blogger

  44. gordon gartrelle Says:

    Oh shit! You sonned me, David.

    How can I go on?

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  46. nadia Says:

    ahh, thats a lean slush :P

  47. Trapp Says:

    Gucci Mane is the best Rapper alive –FUCK Lll’ Wayne Dick Suckin ass lmao

  48. Remix Says:


    […]CB » Mixtape: Gucci Mane – The Burrrprint[…]…

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