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Fwd: D.O.R. (death of rap) DISS TO DRAKE AND THE NEW BOYZ


Lil B – “D.O.R. (Death Of Rap)

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from the internet (2009)


i couldent take it anymore”


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  1. emynd Says:

    only thing i aint done is died yet

  2. Baz Says:

    One of the things that has had me checking your site for about 3 years now has been that you’ve always been objective and fair. You never hold any punches, but you give credit where credit is due. Now, this posturing for all things good about rap now sounds like whining from a dude who feels hard done by.

    This railing against the system has detracted from the reason why we come here anyway, to be exposed to new music and learn. You have a wealth of knowledge dude, share it. I don’t care about your thoughts on Jay and Drake. If you don’t like it move on. This is where a lot of cats first got re-introduced to UGK. Bring that vibe back.

  3. noz Says:

    This post has nothing to do with my opinion on Drake.

  4. Baz Says:

    Its the overall vibe man. Okay, you got burned by Warner, move on. You don’t like the new Jay, whatever. Lets stay focused holmes. You’ve probably set high expectations with your journalism, but if anyone can make sense of the good in the shit out there its you. As P Diddy would say “Let’s Goooo!”

  5. LIL B Says:

    this song was how i felt about the rap game this wasent a diss to them.
    it was me and showing how alot of people sleep on me lyricaly

    listen to all the words and u will see the pain,struggle,triumph
    and i feel that this song is building a warrior.

    if any rapper wants to go at my lyricaly i feel im ready.
    for any rapper, anoyone.

    i look up to Big L and watched his doc.

    that gave me big inspiration.

    so rappers gota problem now.

    shout out to ccb
    international friends

    listen to 6 new tracks i posted on myspace
    holla and if u want to be on the list to buy my new book and get updates


    please support the positive

  6. hotbox Says:

    “from the internet (2009)”


  7. charles Says:

    Lil B is the Future

  8. faux_rillz Says:

    Wait, does the one “BAZ” think Noz = Li’l B?


  9. Johnny Sagan Says:


  10. dj intro Says:

    dont hate, congratulate!!!

  11. Mr. Beaumont Says:

    I think that most people who visit this site would like nothing more than a few thousand words of opinion on Drake and whatever Jay-Z has turned into from Noz. Though, posting this Lil B track that sounds like he just threw it together but is hotter than anything Jimmy has ever done or probably will do, gets the point across nicely.

    Baz sounds like some shady industry apologist who likely doesn’t get the irony in quoting P. Diddy’s twitter here.

  12. david Says:

    yea quoting diddy is beyond suspect…

  13. YoDaddysDaddy Says:

    whats he say bout drake i missed it, new boyz diss was cool tho Pack shuld go hard on those lil punks they stole packs style and renamed it jerkin.

  14. ease Says:

    What I love about Lil B is that dude does not filter anything that comes out his mouth, and thats why hes so real. Every time there’s a new B track online you don’t know what to expect. That’s really how hip hop should be–unpredictable. I can tell B stepped up on this one. “I’m God” has been on heavy rotation in my iPod for a while now. Glad to hear some new B.

  15. p-417 Says:

    FUCK YEAH this shit is whats up

    and Baz:
    “This railing against the system has detracted from the reason why we come here anyway, to be exposed to new music and learn.”

    eeeehhh… did you listen to the track? That Lil B track is NEW and if you listen to it you might LEARN something (hey, cheap shot I know but it had to be done),

    And about the Drake “diss”, the line goes:
    “I’m not Drake, I ain’t come in the game rich”
    This is nothing but facts. Drake was a successfull teenage actor in Canada long before he blew.
    And nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t make for very interesting raps, in MY book. But as a singer I have no problems at all with Drake, “Best I Ever Had” is stellar RnB. But as a rapper he’s just like Kanye, “smart” and competent and really uninteresting.

    Lil B on the other hand, if this is what he sounds like when he’s pissed off I hope he stays mad… and it sounds like this was somewhat written as well, which just further proves your argument Noz about how rappers rap better when they write their raps. Not that the kind of free-flow rambling-rapping Lil B is known for can’t sometimes be fantastic, but you know what I mean

    ah whatever GREAT track Lil B keep doing you

  16. ease Says:


    “I’m not Drake, I ain’t come in the game rich.”

    Since, you know, Drake was in the TV show Degrassi and raised in a rich neighborhood in Toronto.

  17. MAYNHOLUP Says:

    all i got ta say iz mayn hol up Lil B went innnnn on dat shit mayn

  18. NFLTrackSTAR Says:

    Seriously… Nothing about this track is good. Let’s not play the game of “approving” of music simply because it’s contradictory to mainstream hip-hop. FOH.

  19. p-417 Says:

    ^^ who’s playing games

  20. noz Says:

    I approve of everything Lil B does. He has carte blanche at cocaineblunts.com.

  21. walkmasterflex Says:

    wow, this track is actually really dope

  22. MF POON Says:

    the pack took plungers up the ass from some east oakland doods
    that sounds un fucking bearable
    ther music sucks tho, if one could mix psuedo-pretentiousness, ignorance, and a weird synths in one, you get the pack
    lil b is pretty much the same as the new boys, except the new boyz have less money and less entitlement
    drake>>>>>>>lil b
    even stunnaman>>>>>>>lil b

  23. MF POON Says:

    (alert) that plunger shit is purely rumor tho
    only they know if its true
    and if it is, theyll never tell

  24. noz Says:

    “lil b is pretty much the same as the new boys, except the new boyz have less money and less entitlement”

    I have been to Lil B’s house. The words “money” and “entitlement” did not come to mind.

  25. MF POON Says:

    maybe I’m wrong with the money(or just overall), but you have to have some entitlement to take on such a style(swagga?…ideology?…no words really come to mind ) change as he went through as he went through in the past year
    “i am god”?????????????

    its not necessarily a problem, its not like the rza, cee lo, or any other eclectic musician arent, but i’m just saying that because in my opnion theres not really any difference

    you could say that its biting, but it really is something that is pretty commonplace in rap nowdays, one rapper(group) sets a trend on a song, and everyone copies it

    how many people both respectable and horrible ended up following the whole rock/hip hop trend that the shop boys did, i know the pack cant really talk,
    what about the new euro-synth trend? is pretty much every1 biting kanye?(im saying this because he was the first person to get EVERY1 listening to it.

    i just dont really see new boyz and the pack on different levels

  26. MF POON Says:

    plus its not like every1 makes a platinum dance hit anyways, lil b isnt necessarily a starving artist

  27. AK Says:

    Lil’ B keeps getting better and better.

  28. AK Says:

    And Drake needs to sit the fuck down, because he keeps getting worse and worse.

  29. Kyle Says:

    Ay, speaking of UGK I was looking through the archives and is there any chance you could re-up that You Don’t Know Me joint off the Ridin Dirty tape Noz? Also I’d like to hear that Ridin Clean 12″ sometime, I have a remix of Pocket Full of Stones along the same lines, it always throws me for a loop that Bun doesn’t say ass but they’re still talking about slangin yay, haha

    Oh, and this track/Lil B in general is fuckin dope

  30. Jonathan Says:


    This is great man.

  31. DR. NO Says:

    what about the new euro-synth trend? is pretty much every1 biting kanye?


    ain’t nothing new about that. It’s been there at least since Bambaataa started playing Kraftwerk.

    Lil B is the truth. Time will tell where he goes with it but you can’t honestly say he’s approaching the game like anyone else.

  32. D.O. Says:

    Lil’ B is one of my favorite rappers making music right now alongside Gucci, Lil Boosie and Roach Gigz.

  33. t-3 Says:

    I was just about to finish that Freddie Gibbs mixtape you posted until I listened to this. Now I’ve got it on repeat just trying to absorb everything. This shit bangs!

  34. ease Says:

    What is MF Poon smokin?

  35. airmax Says:

    we need a new compilation of lil b shit for those of us who suck at navigating myspace

  36. AK Says:

    I agree with Airmax. Wandering through myspace is slow and painful, and while maybe that’s part of the appeal of Lil’ B’s myspace project I still have little patience for the site’s ads and general bullshit.

    Best of Lil’ B! The mixtape! By Cocaine Blunts!

  37. noz Says:

    In due time.

  38. MF POON Says:


    naw but really, its obvious that bam started the euro synth thing in hip hop, but its not like hood rats know that, all they think is that before kanye was doing that nobody else was

    i think i was going a lil too hardbody into this whole thing, i gues what im trying to say is when you put all the background stories aside, and play both songs for what it is with a fresh view, i cant really sense any difference between this and everything else in rap

    i dont really think im gonna win this debate, i kinda realized that thats just my personal opinion

  39. Wobby Betworok Says:

    Lil B.. while i commend his efforts and really want whatever the fuck he smokes is kinda lackluster as rapper. His positive vibe is also a little amusing considering 80% of his songs talk about gats and bitches. Kinda like the eccentric nature of Wayne 2 years ago with 10% of the talent.

    Having said that.. I will download the Noz mixtape because i have an affinty toward trainwrecks and bedroom recorded distorted synth freakouts.

  40. Chavez Says:

    Please…don’t rap anymore…..just….go get a nice little government job making 30k a year….live in a basement…and…..stay there…..thanks….

  41. blazedandazed Says:

    B is the most honest man alive. I promise you this.

    Whether it be good, bad, ugly, nasty, crazy.. B does not hold his tounge for anyone. You cant do anything but respect honesty.

    Sure he does those crazy based freestyles, but this mans life story is told vicariously through his music. So.. you mean to tell me you’ve never been through a situation that was good, bad, ugly, nasty, OR crazy ? Come on now.. be forreal.

    This man is a genius.

  42. supafly Says:

    @blazedandazed – u right yo, that make sense. everything really makes sense if u understand the pain and the struggle b’s been thru.

  43. chronwell Says:

    His bars hit real hard here!

  44. p-417 Says:

    hold up noz, you been to Lil B house? Is there an interview I missed?

  45. daws Says:


    “houstatlantavegas” was hot. i listen to r&b

  46. BasedLord-CWELLS Says:

    Lil B is the rawest rapper alive!
    Promote Positivee! Based Lifee!
    I support u Lil B! to tha FULLEST!

  47. noz Says:

    p-417 – in due time.

  48. p-417 Says:


  49. dukes921 Says:

    This is terrible. Lyrically its nothing special. Research hip hop and its meaning before you put garbage like this out and bash anyone else that has obviously been working harder than you to be where they’re at. Drake is Rich yeah, but how did he get there? Years and years of work and dedication and commitment to his craft. And know he’s made a smooth transition from acting to rapping. Who else has done that? New Boyz aren’t bad either. You’re a Jerk has better lyrics, cadence, and overall musicality than this song. Your flow is boring and repetitive. This is nothing but a name dropping cry for attention.

  50. KeyboardKid206 Says:

    Man B comes real nice on here…i feel people need to step outside the box a lot more…jus cuz he don’t rap like ur favorite rapper doesn’t mean he don’t spit hard… Dukes is trippin..how much strugglin u gonna honestly do if u been rich and then u try and get in the game…not much it’s not hard..cuz hella rappers get shine that can’t rap a lick cuz they got money and ties u lame..and ur a jerk wow..ur a fag for that lol..B keep doin u.

  51. drsaulgood Says:

    I wonder why people sleepin on you lyrically with lines like”you gay, you fuckin gay, you faggot” zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. nico Says:

    lil b bumps once in a great while

    this ain’t one of those examples…

    song is just a mess.

  53. Rex Says:

    WTF! Was I somehow transported into a parallel universe where crackheads are praised for their lyrical miracle rhymes? …. face palm… As long as this retardation doesn’t end up in some future time capsule that’s believed to be the key that will save humanity from the 100 ft mutated cockroaches that control the planet than I guess it won’t hurt anybody.

  54. T-3 Says:

    This actually kind of reminds me of the stuff Lil Wayne did with Sqad Up.

  55. wrain Says:


    BEST OF LIL B: THE MIXTAPE (volumes 1-30)

    PLEASE SOMEONE (lil b or a trusted friend maybe) go through it all and find the good shit/funny shit/weirdest lofi shit and post it up as a mix. the world needs it.

  56. J Will Says:

    This song is the shit.

    Dude goes off and you can hear real emotion, real passion in dude voice.

    Definitely will be looking for more B material in the future.

    NOZ should definitely throw together a nice lil mix for B. I’m just now checking dude out and would like to hear more.


  57. man man Says:

    about time diss drake and new boy

  58. D3nZY! Says:

    Screw you!!! DRAKE is the shitt! Dont hate niggA

  59. lil.star Says:

    Dude, this song is amazing i cant stop listening
    u are realy good and nigga you are hot
    u have a big future

  60. yung.gangster Says:

    yall sum bitch ass niggas get off my nuts. i fucked all yall mommas and mi dick taste like applesauce.

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