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Push A Ton


I recently interviewed Pusha from The Clipse for DX. We talked about my two favorite subjects: hipsters and Rick Rubin.

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8 Responses to “Push A Ton”

  1. Abe Beame Says:

    What a great interview. (Don’t really understand the title but splitting hairs) That last answer sounds like something I can swear I read before concerning Jay-Z and lyric writing. The level Pusha understands the machinations of the industry and the nature of the market today is insane. He should be running his own fucking label.

  2. dv Says:

    Great interview but Im a little worried that the three “ok” singles they’ve dropped are representative of the album as a whole.

  3. August Says:

    Pusha offered some really good insights regarding the new demands of radio. I thought the singles released so far were better than mediocre, but admittedly a little different than what you’d expect from The Clipse.

  4. ANU Says:

    hey noz, where’s the response to bol post ?

  5. david Says:

    lets be honest…they still riding off theyre 1st (dope) album

  6. noz Says:

    “hey noz, where’s the response to bol post ?”

    I wrote it, published it, then set it to private.

  7. titchyschneider Says:

    great interview but ive a feeling the album is going to be not as hard as they talk it up as being. they sound different and less hungry now too (well one of them does, not sure which). rick rubin might be saying they can do what they want but they probably want to sell more and get more hits this time.

  8. titchyschneider Says:

    “He should be running his own fucking label.”

    not if hes going to be signing sandman and ab liva.

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