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Head Busta, Heart Stopper

DX ran my Lil Boosie feature today. It’s not the definitive Q&A that I had hoped for, slightly sabatoged by some ratchet ass cell phone issues, but it picks up a little towards the end. In any case it’s an important interview because it inspired one fruitfly to inaccurately describe Boosie’s fade as a “bowl cut.” And thus my imagined photo of Boosie Bad Azz with a Lloyd Christmas style mushroom do has surpassed this tape cover as the greatest non pornographic image to enter my head today. If my computer didn’t hate Photoshop so much I’d be putting together a Boosie & Webbie in Trill and Triller movie poster at this very moment.

Superbad drops 9/15/09. I’m as concerned by all this “for the women” talk as you are. But it will still probably have 2-3 great street records. Which is 2-3 more than Blewprint 3 will.

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6 Responses to “Head Busta, Heart Stopper”

  1. dv Says:

    May want to check that release date again or have labels gotten so good that they can prevent leaks even AFTER the album drops.

  2. noz Says:

    Ah right. Forget contributors, it might be time for me to hire a copy editor.

  3. boi-dan Says:

    I always say Boosie mixtapes are far better than his albums. If he would showcase the deep side more, he’d sell more, b/c thats what people like him for.

  4. TSF Says:

    Since when did “deep” help sell records?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Boosie does deep/introspective/”emo”/whatever the fuck you wanna call it better than anyone EVAR, and it’s one of the reasons I big him up. There’s other reasons too, like he’s a great rapper, good punchlines, tight flow, etc. But none of that shit matters to the buying public. That’s why Blueprint 3 will go plat and Superbad will be lucky to go gold.

  5. mark p. Says:

    “Since when did “deep” help sell records?”

    “Dear Mama”. I think that’s what he’s trying to say he’s going for.

  6. TSF Says:

    “Dear Mama”. I think that’s what he’s trying to say he’s going for.”

    ^^ Point taken. I was responding to Boi-Dan, tho.

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