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Who Taught You How To Cook?

Society Of Soul – “Peaches n’ Erb

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from Brainchild (Laface, 1995)

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13 Responses to “Who Taught You How To Cook?”

  1. Elijah Says:

    Yeah, pretty much a spot-on review. Am I the only one who was actually kinda bothered by Snoop’s little “R.I.P.” shout out? It shattered the illusion, and made it feel, for half a second, like the kind of album you talked about at the beginning of the review. To me, anyway.

  2. raggamuffin airhorn Says:

    that’s just the best photo of ugk ever, especially bun. i love it.

  3. MAYNHOLUP! Says:

    bought dis on itunes as soon as i heard it on de new record mayn!

  4. red dirt Says:

    just finished another gucci mane remix (“stoopid”)



  5. Davey Boy Smith Says:

    Part one of our exclusive in-depth interview with Lord Infamous up now only @ Southern Hospitality

  6. SukedowN Says:

    I got about 3 paragraphs deep into the 2007 Underground Kingz review and was thoroughly confused; never having remembered your writing to be that lengthy or fruity, only to see it wasn’t you who wrote it. Ha!

    You are so spot on with everything on the 4 Life review, barring the “less than adequate” characterization of the Ron Isley hook. He balances that song perfectly and I dare I say, it would be worse off with Pimp on the hook.

    And, is it safe to say that not only is Bun back, but ALSO here to stay???

  7. tkane Says:

    yo peaches and herb was the best track on the brain child album. u

  8. DV Says:

    Might rerelease UGK 4 Life independently as a 2-disc later in the year:


  9. Tucson Says:

    Is it just me or is Still On the Grind completely different from what Noz posted here?

  10. noz Says:

    “Is it just me or is Still On the Grind completely different from what Noz posted here?”

    The one that leaked a few weeks ago was a rough version. They changed it up some on the album.

  11. Tucson Says:

    But I liked the rough version better dammit, that idlewild vibe was tight

  12. NoHometro Says:

    Double-disc rerelease? Is the second disc new, or screwed? Either way, I’d by that mofo again; UGK 4 Life was sick.

  13. For the forgotten « You Must Learn Says:

    […] with most things dope and southern, I was first introduced to Society of Soul by Cocaine Blunts. You can buy their only album, Brainchild, on Amazon, so their work is not obscure to the point of […]

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