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I Wish I Could Be A Part of That Loooggg Caaabinnn Crewwwww…

Log Cabin Crew- “Trophies
Log Cabin Crew- “1 Eyeball
Log Cabin Crew- “Erotica
Log Cabin Crew- “Submental

unreleased, 199?

A few days ago in the comments emil fucked around and got me thinking about truehiphop.com and my days of west coast dubs and no coast dorks. So here are a bunch of songs from my favorite underground LA rap group that didn’t have any direct involvement in the project blowed (although there was a heavy influence). The Log Cabin Crew had Murs and Radioinactive and Eligh and Scarub and Tom Slick and a bunch of dudes who are irrelevant in it I honestly forgot just how much I loved this shit. When was the last time i posted FOUR mp3s? (answer: september 15th).

But yeah these dudes actually got clowned by the blowed cats on the regular. The afterlife faction in particular made a bunch of songs about how they were lumberjacks (geddit? chopping down log cabins! underground rap beef is by and for geniuses). But now they all love each other. Part of that might have something to do with most of the dudes who were in Log Cabin pretending like it never existed.

In this interview Anti-MC speaks on the blowed beef and the history of the crew in more detail than I’ve heard anybody in years:

A lot of it is shrouded in myth and mystery and egos… But really, it’s Eligh and Ellay Khule in the past. Eligh went to junior high with the East Side Badstads (a good life group consisting of c.r., misfit, and i can’t remember the other dude’s name. They did a tape called “The biggest of the baddest” or something like that, that had ellay khule on it) . They were definitely rapping before but he came to junior high already being a rapper. There’s videotapes of Eligh, Scarub, Demetrion (who was in the Badstads) and a couple of other dudes rapping together at 52 nd Street elementary school, all of them rapping fast as kids. I think that it all started because the Log Cabin said “we’re gonna do it ourselves, we don’t need you to have credibility”… It was a harsh attitude to have. People would say that the Log Cabin was biting Project Blowed, but the only persons that really rapped fast in Log Cabin were Kamal and Eligh. Tom Slick rapped kinda fast but not really, Malik the Problem Child sounded like a regular g-rapper, Pooridge didn’t really rap fast, I was on some bullshit, Murs never really flipped it very much, Saga could flip it but he didn’t very often… He had a song ‘Lake Under The Forest’ that never came out that was like a 130 bpm. I had never heard anybody rap like that. It was fucking ape-shit! But it never was released and he rapped pretty slow on the Log Cabin songs he was on. So I think a lot of it was between Kamal, Eligh and those dudes.

At the same time, it totally came back when Kamal and Omid were working together for some songs of “Pyramidi”. Kamal met Khule one night at the studio and he was wondering he was gonna get punched in the mouth. But Omid introduced them and was like “this is Radioinactive”. Khule was like “you were in Log Cabin, right? You were that dude rapping like the goat” Kamal was like “oh, shit”… But Khule said “that shit was crazy, man”. So it was all cool and now they see each other on a homie-vibe and they totally adopted him. But when I was with Xinxo on the plane to Hawaii, he was like “Log Cabin, y’all some biters!” and I was like “Fuck you!” But, anyway, the shit Elusive was producing and the shit Eligh or Conflict were producing didn’t sound like anything C.V.E. or other Afterlife guys were doing. It was more jazzy, almost more new-yorky… So I don’t know. I know Khule likes to say he broke up the Log Cabin, but money broke up the Log Cabin! There was a record deal on the table through the guy who had the studio where we recorded our songs. His name was Henry and he was from France and he had a French investor that wanted to sign us… Yeah! France always showed us some love! J’adore Paris ! (laughs) So there was a pretty good-size contract on the table and it got pretty ugly like “should the money be split evenly across or should it be based on work?” Because there were guys like Pooridge who was on one song. And it was like “should he get an equal share of money as Kamal or Tom Slick or Eligh who’s on every fucking song and produced even songs that he’s not on?” So what really took it under was people being young and inexperienced with a lot of money in front of them…

And it’s easy to write them off as merely blowed biters, but they notably did a lot more of the intentionally (?) offbeat sort of thing, altogether ignoring rhythm, where the blowedians were merely expanding it’s confines. And as far as content goes, I’d say the log cabins were much bigger nerds (and I think i mean that in a good way, but right now i got my nerd credibility and street credibility radars so twisted i’m not even sure anymore). They who were making ten minute songs about gnomes and sad loser in love anthems like “Erotica” or “Trophies”. And as such I think Log Cabin doesn’t really get their just due in the grand scheme of nerd rap – when I listen to anticon (err… not that i listen to anticon…), I get more of a log cabin sentiment than a blowed. This might be part of the reason the legends/3MGs branch of the group consistently overlooks particular period of their backcatalog. I guess they’re successful on that count because if I mention Mikah 9 or whoever to an Anticon fan (err… not that i talk to anticon fans…) they’ll get all starry eyed whether or not they’re actually familiar with their actual work, but I don’t think it would even register if I mentioned Tom Slick. But I digress.

I don’t really think I need to tell you what Murs, Scarub & Eligh are doing. They left one of the most innovative west coast underground crews for the most middle-of-the-road of them and have spent the past ten years making a half dozen goodnotgreat rap records a year. Murs dumbed down his style the most. He’s still a fun(ny) performer, but I think he’s yet to parlay that into making a record that fully makes use of his charisma (which has grown to be his strongest trait as his rapping deteriorated). Scarub is a beast of a performer and “Saavy Traveler” was pretty dope (incidentally, the success of this track was at least partially due to the involvement of almost in house blowed producer omid). And I can’t think of anything to say about Eligh right now, and i mean that with the upmost indifference. And I know some rabid legends will jump up like “why you hating on the greatest rappers ever?” and I hate to break their little hearts or scuff their kicks, but I’m just not. I can’t even muster up the emotion of hate with these guys. I mostly only think of them when I’m thinking of Log Cabin or if they open up for a rapper I actually like.

Radioinactive (often with Anti-MC) has gone completely off the deep end into weirdo rap territory, he’s expunged on the log cabin thing and adopted a very sun ra aesthetic. It’s nice, but in 2005 that sort of thing’s just not as cool as it would’ve been 10 years ago. I will still check for his shit on occasion and I did enjoy his last record Free Kaamal record quite a bit.

I don’t know where Tom Slick or any of those Universouls dudes who’s names I can’t remember are. If they are still making music I feel a little bad for them.

(by the way i realized i already made a similar post a year and a halfago, except i said the same thing in a much more succinct manner, and i don’t mention anticon, but i do mention walter/wendy carlos. i’m falling off.)


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58 Responses to “I Wish I Could Be A Part of That Loooggg Caaabinnn Crewwwww…”

  1. Aurich Says:

    “dose did not serve p.e.a.c.e.

    only in “scribble jam” land, which is whiteboy bizarro world for hip-hop”

    I don’t recall it being Dose, it was one of the Mid-West white dudes though, which I guess was a bigger deal back then. Is that redundant? White Anticon Rapper? Anyway, I wasn’t there I just saw bits on tape, but P.E.A.C.E. wasn’t that tight, sorry. And that Bone Thugs line was hilarious. How many lines from some random freestyle battle do you still remember 10 years later? (You pencil-necked, piss-colored Gumby you can’t fuck with me.)

    I like how you dismiss Scribble Jam as being whiteboy bizarro though, like that’s supposed to mean something. I’d like to see the Lil Wayne post, with the underlying question being who has captured more of the white abstract hipster audience that’s now ashamed of their Log Cabin-lovin’ past, Wayne or Dipset? I think the Dips got the Carter beat when it comes to selling records to suburban America, but I have no evidence for this.

  2. Aurich Says:

    Hmm, I gotta listen to these to see if you posted a track I remember, but none of the titles sound like it. It’s notable really only in the context of your post in that they kick rhymes about eating cereal or some shit in it, it’s been years since I heard it, but they sample Freestyle Fellowship (“CRUNCH!”). Mildly ironic, I guess.

    It’s funny how sometimes things get referenced backwards. I remember hearing a (somewhat) contemporary Aceyalone flow, if memory serves it was his verse off of Level of Difficulty, and thinking damn, he sounds like Log Cabin. But hey, we all know Freestyle Fellowship just bit all their styles from Bone Thugs right? (Speaking of Anticon, wasn’t it one of their homies who served P.E.A.C.E. with that line in a battle? Scribblejam?)

  3. Aurich Says:

    Man, listening to these (no CRUNCH) takes me back… Reminds me of another random Log Cabin story. Back in maybe 1998 my man Jabberjaw had a hip hop show on KZSC (UC Santa Cruz) and one night he played a Log Cabin track, I don’t remember the title but it had some line like ‘I stepped in cowshit/wearing a maternal oufit’. Typical abstract shit for them. Anyway, someone called up to the station to let us know that it was the worst song they had ever heard in their lives. Certainly not for everyone.

    Eight years ago this post would have been a lot more exciting, it’s hard to muster up too much enthusiasm now, but thanks for the memories and the little hidden history. I haven’t seen Eligh in years, I pretty much lost track of him after I burned out on Legends.

  4. Cleanhobo Says:

    Why not post the entire album? I’ve been trying to find this shit for years.

  5. emil Says:

    I used to love this shit, but got over it pretty quickly. There’s still some songs that knock me on my ass (like eligh’s absolutely insane verses on “When I Put On My Uniform” or whatever the hell it’s called. He murders that powerranger verse… but, anything you can knowingly refer to as a “powerranger verse” probably isn’t that significant in the grand scheme of things, no matter how good the rapping is in it, is it?

    I’m being slightly sarcastic.

    I do think Log Cabin was good for “west coast underground” hip-hop in the short term. There was so much mystery and myth about those dudes going around the internet for a long ass time. “Log Cabin Beef” posts would pop up on messageboards seemingly on a weekly basis and since I knew Anti MC, I’d chime in with some corny insider info (MURS IS A CRIP!) and stir everyone’s emotions up a bit and this shit is hot to me because it brings back a lot of really good memories. I mean, the music doesn’t do all that much for me now, but every now and again I’ll tap into that emotional state that I was in and can sort’ve relive how blown away I was when I heard this tape. And the mythic status of it definitely helped me enjoy it more. I dunno though. That tape really really blew me away at the time. I’d never heard anything like it and don’t think I will ever hear anything like it again. And, having separated myself from the emotions of all that fan-boy shit, I think I can safely say from a distance that I really don’t see them as that big of blowed biters. They were certainly influenced to a large degree(Anti MC even told me at one point that somebody was like “Yo, rap like Micah on ____”), but you’d never catch the badstads or khule referencing power rangers or munchkins or saying something like “sodering people together to make a human sculpture” no matter how fucking cool it sounds (which it does).

    I dunno. This post just takes me waaaay back and as lackluster and largely irrelevant as I find the music now, I can still pop that shit on and sort’ve remember why I loved it, and tap into that emotional state where I was just blown away by this shit.

    You know what? I think I’m just kinda scared to say it outloud or something because I recognize how “irrelevant” it is, but fuck it. I do love a lot of this shit… for nostalgia? Perhaps. But I still do love it.


    I’m getting old.


  6. emil Says:

    I also I think it’s funny that we both get so much enjoyment out of writing huge solilquoies about this shit, too.

    Good post, homie.


  7. moon Says:

    dose did not serve p.e.a.c.e.

    only in “scribble jam” land, which is whiteboy bizarro world for hip-hop

  8. noz Says:

    thanks… and i think it’s time you just swallow your pride and admit that you secretly would rather listen to eligh than juelz.

  9. emil Says:

    I’d rather listen to “As They Pass” than this “Back Like Cooked Crack Vol. 3” trash that I just bought. Vol. 2 was way better.

    There’s no one I’d rather listen to more than Weezy right now though. Come to think of it, he’s kind’ve a good middleground between thug rap and weird funny-style rap.


  10. noz Says:

    i challenge you to write a lil wayne as logical log cabin successor essay. GO!

    bonus points if you can mention MIA.

  11. des Says:

    speaking of 90’s LA abstract underground Does anybody remember moonshine or have any info on them?

  12. SergDun Says:

    that was eyedea with the bone line.

    most people have already said what I was thinking but yeah this post took me back like a motherfucker.

  13. SergDun Says:

    oh and noz, you have the wrong image on ebay for the sacred hoop record

  14. Aurich Says:

    That Sacred Hoop record is still dope by the way, in a way the Log Cabin shit isn’t. And the blood red vinyl is sick, someone oughta buy that shit RIGHT NOW. ;)

  15. ana Says:

    good post per usual.
    here’s an old article someone sent me when i was tape trading quite a bit, which is around the same time i was listening to log cabin on the daily. my favorites were uniforms and trophy hoes.
    if memory serves, didn’t some of the songs you posted appear on murs-comurshul tape?


    bonus fact: bokeem woodbine rapped in log cabin…


  16. noz Says:

    lauren that was a real nice read, if a little confusing at times. i assume pedestrian put it together? it’s funny the disdain they (especially pouridge) seemed to have for whoever was giving the interview like “fuck your discography, you’ll never have everything”.

    and on that note does anybody have a full log cabin discog? here’s what i have on my computer/can think of:
    ‘elephant man’
    ‘it’s not my imagination’
    ‘1 eyeball’
    ‘supreme strategy’
    ‘lost in space’
    ‘collective meditations’
    ‘path of emptiness’
    ‘time and space’
    ‘acid reign’
    ‘dire straits’
    ‘melancholy manuscripts’

    i thought i mentioned coMURShul in my post but i must’ve deleted that paragraph at the last minute. “sunsprayed” is my fuckin shit word to kurt cobain.

    in retrospect i’d say ‘trophies’ is my favorite log cabin joint. i know people always talk about ‘uniforms’ but i’ve never really felt eligh like that. i dunno.

  17. Brett Says:

    that scribble jam comment about eyedea serving peace is weak. If you watch the 99 jam, and watch how the kids in the crowd reacted to what peace was saying and doing, they had no idea what was going on. i can understand the whiteboy comment based on the make up of the crowd. peace completely tears dose to shreds in the semi’s, so much so that dose resorts to stripping during his verse because he has been outstyled at the only style he can do. eyedea comes off with “your dopest track is six tray” and “what happened to we will never fall the fuck off we promise” ,then eyedea wins it with “i’ll leave peace in pieces”. come on, that is pure doo doo. six tray is peaces dopest track, in 99 i wouldn’t have said the fellowship or peace for that matter had fallen off, and like peace say’s repetedly throughout the battles “wheres your album, let’s see it” .the audio of the battles won’t do it justice, but if you see the video, when peace drops the mic and keeps on rapping louder than he was with the mic, and when he drops dead at the end of his verse, you’ll see why peace should have won that shit. now if you said someone served ab rude i would believe you, i don’t think dukes made it out of the pre-lims

  18. Aurich Says:

    Wow, touched a nerve. :P

    I wasn’t there, I didn’t see the whole battle (I did see video, this wasn’t just the audio), and quite frankly I can’t say that I care who ‘won’. If I ever did I sure don’t now. Eydea’s Bone Thugs line was funny as fuck, I still remember it, and all I remember of PEACE was that he wasn’t that dope.

    I really don’t give a shit how many white people were in the audience, let’s be honest about who’s been buying Freestyle Fellowship records all these years. It’s silly to even talk about it.

  19. ana Says:

    yikes i don’t know what’s up with the formatting..i’ll fix that.

  20. jose g.r. Says:

    Brett told the truth, except PEACE’s dopest solo track is “Souf’ west rydah”…

  21. Brett Says:

    Aurich, i’m not attacking you on this, i could care less about scribble jam as a whole, shit the only 2 i have ever seen are the 97 and the 99. i’m as white as they come and i buy fellowship records, so i hear you on that note, the bone thugs line was dope don’t get me wrong, i just think that peace was robbed of that win because 3/4 of the crowd had no idea who he was and what he was doing. he wasn’t just blabbering, setting up another punch line about what the other guy was wearing or how many records he had sold. he couldn’t do that because eyedea hadn’t sold any yet. the 99 jam is why i don’t pay any attention to that event anymore, its became a popularity contest. i just needed to get that off my chest, sorry if it came off like i was attacking you.

  22. Aurich Says:

    Let’s be clear, if I exposed you to my hairy white legs you would be blinded. Don’t sweat it. :)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    i love it when fucking internet mp3blog dorks try to diss anticon like it gives them cred. those motherfuckers actually make a hundred kinds of music and put it all over the world in people’s faces. you do nothing, or less than nothing: you reduce.

  24. noz Says:

    i do nothing because i don’t make (a hundred kinds of) music? where does the person who anonomously attacks people on mp3 blog message boards fall in that spectrum?

    i don’t think because i mentioned anticon and implied that there’s a stigma attached to listening to anticon means that i was dissing anticon, per se.

    if i wanted “cred” i wouldn’t be writing on a fucking blog.

  25. Aurich Says:

    Haha, I love the idea that people who talk about Log Fucking Cabin are looking for “cred”.

    Regardless, what’s with the old chestnut about the only people who can have musical opinions are other artists? I own a hip hop record label and have released several of my own albums under it, want some vinyl? I got a garage full. Hell, I know Sole through my man Sixtoo, does that make me down enough to have an opinion? Is it okay now for me to say that Anticon make nerd rap for disaffected art fags? How the fuck is my voice online any different from noz’s just because I’ve got my name on wax and he doesn’t?

    I read this site because noz and I share a lot of opinions and I enjoy the content, but I come back often when I’m bored (more like procrastinating) because the comments are so damn entertaining. I was in college once too, but chill out man. :)

  26. Kreme Says:

    Hey Noz,

    Thanks for mentioning these dudes.
    West Coast Underground rap scene is so deep…all your posts could be dedicated to it.

    http://www.bstwst.com (BestWest)

  27. rodney Says:

    people who actually produce things and contribute energy to that production have precious little time to prop themselves up as two bit tyrants of taste.

    “Is it okay now for me to say that Anticon make nerd rap for disaffected art fags?”

    it’s only okay to dismiss anybody’s work with so little specificity, accountability and shithead internet hostility if you say it to their face first. i’m no sole fan, but i fucking despise these snide little internet bitches.

    upping dipset don’t make you less white, mp3ing 8ball and mjg demos don’t make you cooler than any other kind of fan. you’re still an obscurist dork king.

  28. noz Says:

    for one thing don’t attribute aurich’s comments to me. (not to say that i entirely disagree with what he has to say).

    for the most part i’m not upping anticon music because i just don’t particularly like it. if you want to attach some sort of racial or credibility issue to what is essentially a matter of taste then i guess that’s your prerogative. but you couldn’t be further from reality.

    i’ve never denied rap nerd status. i don’t think you’ve been reading very carefully if you seriously think i consider myself to be this sort of propieter of cool you’re making me out to be. i like rap music. i like to share and discuss that music with people who have similar tastes. where’s the fault in that?

    safe to say if i were looking for cool points or (cringe) dodging my whiteness i wouldn’t do so by starting a blog. especially not one where i fawn over log cabin, busdriver and 8 Ball & MJG equally. i’d probably get ‘thug life’ tatooed on my stomach or something.

    i often fall back on the phrase “informed outsider” when i get these all too common credibility assualts (usually from detached white kid types. in my experience, heads *that were there* are just happy that anybody’s still talking about/distributing the music they love) and i’m pleading that once again here.

    as far as anticon goes i hold no ill will against those guys, in fact, as i’ve mentioned here (and in fact what inspired this post) is that shit like true hip hop, triple bypass and pedestrian’s usenet postings were invaluable resources to me in learning about a lot of rap music. (were they “propping themselves up as two bit tyrants of taste” at that point? maybe so…).

    i’ve been listening to rap before the development of this “rap aesthetic for/by white people”. as such my tastes derive from the standards set by that era, anticon does not meet those standards. they don’t make music i enjoy, therfore i don’t really fuck with anticon. end of discussion. i think in the tapes post comments i said something along the lines of “whatever those guys might do musically, they’re cool with me”. because when you get right down to it they’re rap nerds like me who’s nerdom was just manifested in a different medium.

    jesus fucking christ i’ve been doing this website for damn near two years and i’m still having the same endless argument. if my whiteness/dorkness or lack therof bothers you, then don’t read the site. it’s that easy. but if that’s the case you should probably never read another word about rap music again, as almost everybody writing about it, be it for elemental or murder dog, is about as much of a geek as i am. they (we) are writing about music. at the end of the day there’s nothing cool about that.

  29. Aurich Says:

    “it’s only okay to dismiss anybody’s work with so little specificity, accountability and shithead internet hostility if you say it to their face first. i’m no sole fan, but i fucking despise these snide little internet bitches.”

    You want to talk about accountability? I’m not the one posting anonymous shit with no e-mail address. Act like a man Rodney, that’s kid shit.

    I *am* a Sole fan. I pretty much stopped listening to him and Anticon completely, but hell, I’ve got his fucking Live Poets 12″. He’s actually a nice guy, with great creative impulses and hustle. He invited me to send beats over the Anticon way years ago, and while I never got around to it, I would have been happy to have any Anticon MC rhyme over them if it had gone down like that. Doesn’t change my opinion of what they’re doing, you’re the one who read it as dismissive. You’re living in a fantasy land if you think what I said about them isn’t true.

    You know who I often don’t like? Anticon *fans*. You know why? Because many of them are touchy little bitches who are so insecure that a little criticism sends them into hissy fits. These are the same dumb asses wringing their hands over whether or not DJ Shadow did a song with Turf Talk because it would sully their little precious backpacker bubble. I really couldn’t care less if they were white, black, or tangerine – nerds or not. It’s the closed-minded attitude that colors you.

  30. Clark Field Says:

    1. PEACE was indeed robbed at that Scribble Jam corny-whiteboys-as-rappers validation fest.

    2. Wasn’t it Erule’s crew that at one point had some of those Logcabin dudes running down the street like ninnies?

    3. Blah blah blah, white people buy the brunt of Project Blowed releases. Yet that only comes after Project Blowed situates itself as a community outreach center in the heart of black-LA. You survey the freakin internet and sure, you’re gonna find a lot of white Blowed fans. You go to South Central and you will surely find different. None of this changes the idea that the Blowed will beat you down with a beer bottle if you deserve it…and you know you do.

    4. I’ve picked up a Logcabin record or 2 in my day…IMO straight garbage.

  31. noz Says:

    1. yeah i actually listened to this battle today and i think peace kinda served em. i thought it was telling that dose’s response to the allegation that he was just kicking busdrivers flow was “99% of this crowd doesn’t know who busdriver is”

    2. i dunno

    3. i deserve it? I heard RA The Rugged Man’s got first crack at me.

    4. log cabin made records?!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    My comment about white people buying Freestyle Fellowship records wasn’t meant to imply that Project Blowed was somehow a whitewashed segment of South Central. All I’m saying is for someone to claim that P.E.A.C.E. lost a battle because the audience is white is ludicrous. Every whiteboy in that audience probably had a seventh generation dub of To Whom It May Concern kicking around in the trunk of his car. Maybe Eydea had more hometown juice, I have no idea where the fuck he’s from, but let’s not pretend that P.E.A.C.E. was some anonymous black guy no had heard of in whiteboy land.

    Really though, who the fuck cares? I’m basing everything I’ve said about it on hazy memories of a shitty VHS dub a couple months after the battle. How many years ago was that now? Maybe he got robbed. I’m sure it keeps him up at night. I think it’s telling I could remember the Bone Thugs line, but not the name of the MC that delivered it, and that’s really all that needs to be said about that.

    So I’ve lost track. Was it me or noz who deserved a beer bottle beatdown? By Project Blowed because I said Anticon makes nerdy hip hop?

  33. Aurich Says:

    My info didn’t autofill for some reason – that was my post above.

  34. jay Says:

    A lot of these debates come back to a couple of things I’ve found in my twentysomething years on Earth:

    – A lot of folks prefer to be able to box other folks into specific personality/attitude/fanboy/fangirl archetypes.

    – In the quest for uniqueness that people have, they often turn to music as the center of the universe that they use to identify themselves to the world. You say something negative about an artist to throw a ripple in that universe, and their image is shaken. Blah blah blah believe in yourself blah blah blah.

    I am guilty of the above observations, as well. It’s always great to be proven wrong to remind yourself of it.

    Keep the beer bottles on the table, preferably full of beer to be consumed while listening to your favorite music.

    I’ve been glued to hiphop since 1982 (at age 5). Yet, every time I come here, I learn about someone/something I never knew about prior. There are equal parts “yeah!” and “What the fuck?!?” with what noz says, but that’s one of the things I really enjoy.

    So, keep doin’ it. Everyone enjoy it, and keep building.

  35. faux_rillz Says:

    A****w and E**l, I am so embarassed for both of you right now…

  36. Skunk Foo Says:

    That Anonymous (anti-mc) quote is good shit, my homie Wisecracker went to 52nd St. school with Eligh (he looked up to the dude i think he was like 3 or 4 grades younger but I guess he rode the same bus or some shit), and had a crew back in the days with Scarub’s younger cousin called Enterprise back in the days (like 8th or 9th grade) but funny enough you know being a white rapper in LA in a place highly influenced by black culture (as opposed to bumblefuck, Maine or Idaho or Civilianville, Ohio) has its perks and non-perks. The perks is that Eligh and Radio and all these fools were doing this amazing shit in high school (speaking of the maternal outfit rhyme mentioned above – how much does that nerdy ass shit remind you of Paul Barman?! — Barman’s a BITER! LOL), when nameless other crews started dabbling in hip hop in junior year of high school, mostly because groups like Log Cabin hit the internet. The non-perks is that you are susceptible to more direct action against your authenticity, your right to rhyme, and whether or not you’ll quit or keep going. I give props to Eligh because a lot of multiracial rap crews, exactly like all the tagging crews that were both black and mexican, split up and kind of went there own ways at a certain point based on racial lines. instead of going the uber-nerd route (not knocking it at all) of Radio, Eligh stuck with it despite being hated on a little bit in LA and tried to make middle of the road rap music (okay all poltergeist / shamanistic talk aside). Anyways out of context now like 10 years later this Log Cabin shit is probably the weirdest shit you will ever hear in your life.

  37. Skunk Foo Says:

    Also was there a ‘Boof’ (strangely the prison slang for hiding items in one’s ass) in Log Cabin? My man Hooshang claims to have battled him at a house party and that he was from Log Cabin but his name is never mentioned.

  38. emil Says:

    A****w and E**l, I am so embarassed for both of you right now…

    Says the Mr. Complex fan.


  39. faux_rillz Says:

    I have never admitted to ever owning any Mr. Complex releases, you poptart. Stop lying to these people.

  40. noz Says:

    i heard d*niel’s got mr. complex’s face tattooed on his stomach.

  41. rodney Says:

    noz, i appreciate the thoughtful response to my remarks. aurich, much less so.

    overview: i like checking out mp3 blogs and catching mid-80’s tragedy songs, new southern shit, and the like, but i’m constantly put off by the superior, blacker-than-thou attitude a million white kids online have about rap. i’m usually silent about this shit because i don’t really fucking care what happens in this blog and message board realm, but i often see the symptom of that kind of bullshit in the way people dismiss musicians like anticon or whoever. motherfuckers can’t talk about the music, they resort to “art fag” aspersions like aurich above.

    and inflating dipset to the realm of genius despite the fact that only cam is dope, and even most of the 200 songs he makes a month are terrible, or liking log cabin ashamedly while posting 8ball and MJG demos with a worshipful awe, is the other side of the same coin.

    likewise, aurich imagines a heated internet debate about shadow’s authenticity between backpackers (i haven’t actually seen one of this “backpacker” species in like a decade) and the blacker white kids like him who understand and dig shadow’s turf talk/keek collaboration. this is all so much fashion. (the real point about that particular song is how dope it is until keek starts rapping and the fucking hook repeats nine times.)

    anyway, this conversation is dead. there’s something about know-it-all rap kids that drives me fucking crazy and i lashed out. i don’t apologize, but i also say that cocaineblunts is a good site, and i’ll continue to thieve your mp3s gratefully.


  42. noz Says:

    i’m sorry rodney, i just don’t see how i project a “blacker-than-thou attitude” by merely prefering 8 ball & MJG to anticon.

    are you sure you’re not confusing “blacker-than-thou” with “better-taste-than-thou”?

  43. rodney Says:

    you exaggerate my point.

    and liking anticon is way beyond that point–in fact, who fucking cares? i only brought up the way some people talk about shit like anticon as a temperature-taker of other attitudes.

    i see a whole lotta white rap experts online who seem to be subtly taking blackness to somehow be an aesthetic quality.

  44. Aurich Says:

    rodney you need to cease with that hot sauce and get with the ketchup.

  45. Godfried Satan Says:

    greetings from amsterdam…those four trax were mighty tasty. may i have some more please?

  46. Breece Says:

    About the living legends crew – for me I’ll always be a fan.
    The Grouch put out two albums “Making Perfect Sense” & “They Don’t Have This” which I consider classics.

    I will pretty much purchase any Grouch release without a second thought.

  47. Matty Beep Says:

    i got the internet goin’ nuts.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Well Well Well, interesting to hear the thoughts of some of these people, i can say that in my opinion the Log Cabin Crew will forever be the greatest underground hip hop group……It was those 10 mintue songs about gnomes that made them what they are, alot of people would say that shit sucks but alot of people are simple minded and ignorant and dont know what real music is, really all i have to say is that when it comes to “rapping fast”” there is no comparison to these guys, meloncholy manuscrpipts, time and space, metrognomes are some of the best somgs ever made, ya and by the way whoever posted that shit about the fellowship getting all there style from bone thugs? i mean cmon now wtf is that r u serious?…….im getting frustrated
    peace out hip hoperz

  49. KNOWS Says:

    Its funny how involved everyone still is about this crew.Anyways there are still alot of misconception about it and false info even by that of ANTI-M.C.Dont worry youll all find out soon enough.The log cabin shit was pretty dope and wack at the same time for different reasons but it made us all who we are to this day.If you feel sorry for anyone….dont.We all are living pretty damn good lifes if you ask me.By the way Bone bit off the fellowships song MARY as confirmed by Aceyalone himself.If you want to know more hit me.Also Submental is NOT a log cabin song and murs does not even appear on it.This was probably recorded in about 93 or 94 definately not 99.The group was Miscellaneous minds.If you dont know dont say.And if you dont say you have less chance of looking like an idiot when the truth comes out.Hip Hop is about evolution and I dont see any growth in these conversations whether about the cabin or not.They’re still the same misconception and mishaps talked about 7 years ago.As far as blowed beef goes there was a misconception at first and everyone realised they were tripping so it got squashed without words.Most of us realised it was dumb anyway.As far as a lot of clowning at blowed about the cabin…I was there every week and I dont remember this clowning happening.The Badstuds myself and 3Mg go back to jr high(thats 32nd street not 52nd street neo)and its allways been cool.Anyways if you would like to know ant real info about the cabin I’m probably one of the only people from it that will talk truths.Hit me up.

    P.S. there are a few songs going around that people think are cabin songs and are not…..also some of the are titled incorectly.Lets get our facts straight and hopefully from a reliable source next time.

  50. KNOWS Says:

    Also its not my imagination is Not a log cabin song…..And about me having some disdain about the discography,I really dont care.But I do know for a fact that there are songs that only I have in my possetion on my 4 track tapes that are not on the “internet” so yeah basically you’ll never have it unless we give it to you.Meaning me and anyone else from the cabin who have songs that are unreleased and personal.
    Hopefully soon you all will have all the correct songs from the album and even the ones after that were not from that album.Peace yall and keep looking(listening)

  51. KNOWS Says:

    I’ve also never been personally run down the street by any of E-Rules crew.And as far as a ninnie…..at anytime anyone (except for a couple unnameables)from Log Cabin would have been willing to throw blows with anyone.The two fellows who dont participate when their homies are outnumbered, they my friend….are the ninnies.

  52. RIFLEMAN Says:

    yo yall fools really dont know what yall talking about..this shyt is funny though..yall telling second & third generation stories..we were there..we lived this shyt..we we started doing what we were doing all yall were kids doing 4th & 5th grade homework,,on the real…1989…bone wasnt out,,log cabin wasnt out who was out..let me know,,goodlife hip sop started in 1989..& sinse they day of the open & before we were doing & creating they styles that everybody no & loves//fast shyt chop..mika 9 which was microphone mic had a reputation for the shyt he got known for sinse 1986 in LA no young kid @ all..CVE i saw these folls in battles in the mid 80s..me myself..100’s of battles & shows in the muthafucking 80s//not 1990s..so yall people need 2 really find out your history..then learn ours before u speak on it..some on us got kids yall ages..we didnt read the book . WE WROTE IT!!..hasnt nothinf 2 do wit conceit..& whomeever said that i had beef wit eligh..u trippping..everybody i had beef wit got..delt wit..u got half the story right..he went 2 school wit my lil homies..& thats about it..i dont beef wit kids..these dudes was babies..basic buttom line is this..we let EVERYBODY know back then..that we didnt play..we took our sounds & styles serious..& if u picked up on the style u was going 2 have 2 get into battles & let us know u worthy of doing that shyt,,it was just no fukkin log cabin,,it was EVERBODY..yall just seem 2 be on log cabins nuts so thats all u making reference 2…man we sweating.das efx.gravedigga..some wu tang cats/rioted @ the mobb deep show at the unity. we were young hungry hip hoppers..trying 2 take whomever head we could.if u really knew the goodlifes history..thats what we were known for..battling who ever came thru..even each other..thats how 2000 crows got clicked up with us,,they came 2 the goodlife 2 battle us..we thought that showed heart so we remained cool with all of them 2 this day..& then they said that lgo cabin had nothing 2 do wit the blowed..bull..i used 2 see scarub & radio(kamal)up there all the time…& murs used 2 be sitting up in the goodlife when he was like 15 or so..not ryhming just watching…u know they real history..i lived it..dont get it twisteed wit all these/blurry fukking stories…there is or wasnt no beef..people made a bigger deal then it was..becuase all i know is my homies fromthe badstads told me they had a group name log cabin\ & the sound like they bite the life..& we heard eligh come 2 the life when he was like 14 or 15..he blew up..but we all said that sounded like MC ellayfishace9..lol..we thought that he took a little from all of us..it wasnt like he sounded like any one in particular..just sound like he was trying 2 sound like the whole..& we all caught that @ the time..then i never saw him up ther again..but saw murs..then next thing i know they got log cabin,,& they chopping?..so yeha they didnt stick around..its like going 2 martial art school..then seeing what the teacher does..u show your technics then u leave.. & when the teacher sees u he sees u adopted more from what u showed that day & other occasions..yeah u might take it the wonrg way 2..but like i said..just know the history..im the only person onthe planet..that has the goodlife audio tapes..all of them..so i can go back & listen & let any one else listen..2 all this shyt im talking about..its documented..yall gone make me drop a LA underground dvd..& interview some ogs..2 give yall a real time scale & frame 2 how shyt was going..goodllife crew..is a 80’s crew..that emerged in the 90s..dont ever get it twisted//but we love all the emcees & hip hoppers now..wther u chopping or screwing..do u

  53. Nemanja Says:

    I think he schooled you, or may be, did he just pull the trigga.

  54. Ninoy Brown Says:

    I’d watch a documentary on the Goodlife.

    If it’s never made, though… Rifleman, I’d like to get some copies of those tapes.

  55. jackson Says:

    theres documentaries on goodlife/pb… check out the art of freestyle doc or somethin like that.

  56. ryan420 Says:

    here is the log cabin album

  57. Lumbajack Says:

    Fuck da Log Cabin. Eligh ain’t put out anything dope since Sidewayz or Tale of 2 Worlds, Elusive is couch surfin in Venice Beach tryin to bang 16 year old girls with his stinky dreads, and Tom Slick is suckin sailor dicks down at the pier.

    Log Cabin Syrup.

    We ain’t talkin bout Log Cabin, Eligh, Tom Slick, or even Radio much at all these days.

    We talkin bout the OG’s down at the Good. That’s what’s really hood.

  58. Buket Says:

    What Eligh,Tom Slick, Sacrub, and Murs were making back in the day is rediculous. It’s been 15 years since I was heavily collecting cassettes and I’m not as up to date with music now as I was back then but I definitely know this. I can throw on 4 tracks to LA and Sidewayzedaze to this day and bump that shit first song to last. People who were listening to those albums and attending shows in the mid to late nineties are a rare breed these days. Graffiti and Hip Hop at those times were a blessing.

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