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Bounce For Relief

Cocaineblunts.com Bounce For Relief CompilationREREREREUPPED 8/15

1. DJ Jimi – Where They At? (Soulin, 1990)
2. Lil’ Elt & DJ Tee – Get The Gat Gemix (Parkway Pumpin’, 1993)
3. UNLV – Another Bitch (Cash Money, 1993)
4. Silky Slim – Sister Sister (Profile, 1992)
5. Juvenile – Powder Bag (Warlock, 1994)
6. Cool D – Bitch Watcha Gonna Do? (Mr. Tee, 1994)
7. Lil Goldie – Act A Donkey On A… (Mobo, 1997)
8. DJ Jimi f/ Juvenile – Bounce (For The Juvenile) (Soulin’, 1992)
9. Cheeky Blakk – Lemme Get That Outcha (Tombstone, 1995)
10. Everlasting Hitmen – Bounce Baby Bounce (Mr. Tee, 1992)
11. Sporty T – Sporty Talkin’ Sporty (Big Boy, 1993)
12. 2 Blakk – Second Line Jump
13. Magnolia Shorty – Monkey On The Dick (Cash Money, 1995)
14. Partners N Crime – We Don’t Love Them Hoes(Big Boy, 1994)
15. MC TT Tucker & DJ Irv – Where Dey At? (Sioul, 1990)
16. Bust Down – Nasty Bitch (Effect, 1991)

To show support for the our folks who have suffered (and are still suffering) down in the NO as well as pay respect to the areas rich musical history, I’ve put together this little compilation/mix of rare and classic New Orleans Bounce music, perhaps the most underrated/misunderstood of all hip hop offshoots. Now these days most people will refer to anything from the south with triplet hi hats as bounce, but that’s not the case, as you’ll see when you download this.

Lyrically, it mostly involves not so elaborate vamps announcing elaborate dances (ie: “Monkey/Donkey On The Dick”), demanding sexual favors (“eat my pussy”) and repping your hood. All over the omnipresent Show Boys “Drag Rap”/Triggerman loop (you’ll recognize it when you hear it). It might seem a bit primitive in comparison to what’s coming out of the area now, but bounce was crucial to the development of that sound. Here we got Juvenile’s first appearance, early Mannie Fresh & KLC (Beats By The Pound/No Limit) beats alongside a ton of heads that aren’t quite as recognizable.

Sure the superstars are accounted for, and many have stepped up to help but who could even guess their current health status of the true local celebs, like many of those listed above,

I was gonna do this whole thing where i’d sell CD-Rs in exchange for donations but I’d imagine you all have no use for hand burnt cds as it is, y’all got ipods and what not. plus it’d be on soulseek in ten minutes anyway, which would totally defeat the purpose. The deeper I got in the project, the less practical it seemed. So understand that by downloadingyou’re entering into an agreement that you have or will either Donate or at least bid on the soulstrut string of charity record auctions that the vanguard squad has spearheaded. Just do something, whatever you can. Yadidamean? I shouldn’t have to bribe you.

I know the yousendit’s gonna go down in like ten minutes. I’ll try to update the link periodically, even though i’m not gonna be near a computer most of the weekend. And if you download it and want to throw it back up, either on a free server or your own server, please please do, and post the link in the comments.


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  1. socall911 Says:

    thanks for this compilation. True Rap for so.

  2. glavet Says:

    Noble gesture, noz. I’ll for sure donate. It’s a horrible thing that is going on down there and even more horrible that our “wonderful” goverment has dropped the ball on this whole situation

  3. mattsoreal Says:

    thank you for this mayne. ME and Paul Wall and Mo Betta boys are organizing a benefit man… I think that we seriously need to donate CDs along wiht money, clothes and food. Shit, if I lost EVERYTHING including my music, I’d be thinking A LOT about my music, and photo albums. Anyway bro thanks for being soreal..

  4. Yogi Says:

    hey man, I was searching on google for some cannibal ox info and I accidentaly found out your blog. thatÂ¥s fuckin’ great and I already added it to my fave links.
    go ahead with it, that¥s great!

  5. Matthew Africa Says:

    Noz, the compilation is incredible. Thank you so much for putting this together.

    Everybody else, get on over to http://www.soulstrut.com! There are some incredible auctions and all funds are going to relief efforts.

  6. dooms Says:


    I’m french, and we (french people) follow the disaster with lots of attention…

    I put the link on my (quite recent) blog.

  7. ricardo Says:

    Thanx for this compilation !!!

    a frenchie

  8. mwhitt Says:

    great compilation for a great cause. if you’ve not donated yet give money to the red cross or salvation army, especially if you are from the southeast. it very well could have been any of us that live on/near the Gulf Coast.

  9. Lindemann Says:

    This is a nice excuse to give some more money to charity. Thanks.

  10. MrBastard Says:

    she giving me loooooove/oh love

  11. theghostrobot Says:

    you told us to stay off the okayplayer gushing tip, but i’m going to. like pushermania said, your blog so soreal. thanks for doing such a good job.

    ps- i heard you can make the number of downloads on a yousendit unlimited if you change the “.com/d” part of the address to a “.com/e”

    but i could be wrong. the seven day yousendit thing still applies.

  12. w&w Says:

    this is great. big up for the effort and the sentiment.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    That brings back old memories, I hope the 504 can recover.

  14. B-Cause Says:

    Whaddup NOZ~

    Good SH*T mayne!
    Thanks for that, I really needed to hear this right about now. I been pulling discs too, gonna make a NO/Mississippi soul mix and tho it on the board. Keep it up (the good work that is) homeboy.


    Josh B

  15. hash Says:

    porco d-yo, supportate padre p-yo

  16. Marco Says:

    Can you put the link up again to the mix please?

    Over here in the UK a lot of people have donated to the Red Cross relief effort. It seems strange though that the US need to look to other countries for support, being the worlds richest nation and all. In Cuba when a hurricane hits the people are shipped out in good time, provided with food, clean water and medical supplies; it made me laugh when Fidel offered Bush assistance. Maybe it takes an event like this to get the Government machine to re-evaluate their priorities, but don’t hold your breath.

  17. noz Says:

    can someone else repost it? i’m not at the computer i made it on this weekend.

    if not i’ll throw it back up on monday.

  18. BIG O Says:

    this site is hot, let’s exchnage links…my site is http://www.thabocks.com

  19. drill_here_fore_seismics Says:

    If it’s under 50 meg maybe you should think about putting it on http://www.rapidshare.de, or if it’s bigger it might be worth comsidering http://www.megaupload.com (file stays up until it hasn’t been downloaded for 30 days. Just a thought, I’ll check back on Monday for the comp. Great site by the way.

  20. the deletist Says:

    i dont kno how tha rest of the blunts readers feel, but im jus about tired of all this southern shit. go back 2 postin east coast rarities and b-sides. do u hav tha fabled a tribe called quest “scenario” remix with de la soul and the jungle brothers? that would b nice

  21. noz Says:


  22. votecaligula Says:

    hey can you put a new link to the mix online? im from new orleans and since i evacauated i’m really fiending for some bounce tracks

  23. fuckery Says:

    the mix was hot as hell, and i appreciate the message behind it. god shit noz. was nice to hear that old juve shit, cuz i never heard anything prior to his cash money days to be honest……

    what’s the deal with the forum? is it gonna be down for a while more?

  24. noz Says:

    i’m reupping and trying to fix the forum right now.

  25. the deletist Says:

    jus 2 clarify, i wasnt knockin tha bounce for relief compilation. it’s 4 a good cause and anybody who can donate money 2 tha new orleans victims should. i grew up in tha vandeveer projects in east flatbush, brooklyn so im down with helpin out tha hood east, west, north, or south, especially 1 that has contributed so much 2 music such as new orleans. i guess that was my bad 4 postin my comments on tha bounce for relief blog entry. im jus tryna say that i miss tha old blunts wit nas, natural resource, and ghostface shit, thats all. thanx

  26. noz Says:

    eh man i honestly think you’ve been thinking about the wrong website. yeah i’ve posted nas and natural elements (just like i recently covered that bq in full effect), but even a cursory look at the archives will show that southern rap has always played a big part in this site.

    there a bunch of mp3 blogs covering traditional “classic” nyc boom bap, and fewer people looking at music from other parts of the country (at least, in terms of older music, there are a few looking at southern and west coast rap thoroughly, but they are more focused on current trends).

    a lot of it has to do with the time of year. my motivation for writing about shit on this site has always been just whatever i happen to be feeling at the moment, or whatever i’ve recently bought. i’m not really trying to cater to any particular demographic and i’m not really bumping liquid swords on a sunny ass day like i would be if it were the dead of winter.

    anyway, i updated the usendit link, for those that missed it the first time. and dogs i don’t know what the hell is going on with the message board. i think im gonna have to start from scratch with that. sorry. don’t blame me, blame turkish hackers.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    fucking fag hackers.

    what the fuck.

    hit something worth while, would ya? this is just gay.

    noz, you know how it was?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    who not how……my b, tipsy as fuck.

  29. E. Lit Says:

    New Pharoahe Monch single, “Book of Judges” (dropping on Counterflow Recordings, interestingly enough!):


    Diggin it, some angsty rock ish.

  30. noz Says:

    dude that monch beat is just weird. it sounds like a reject from that bad saul williams album. i hope he doesn’t go all fusion when/if he finally drops an album. it would be a travesty if he made a new danger type album.

    and it breaks my heart that legends like monch and cee-lo are forced to slum it up on a low tier indie like counterflow. and it makes me even sadder that the music they’re making kinda justifies it.

  31. Dayrell Says:

    cool beans. i’m going crazy over here. i haven’t listened to any of these cats since college. 3 years ago. *awww* the memories. haha.

  32. wedrinkbitter Says:


    Here’s another YSI link.

    I broke off a G for the Red Cross on Sep. 4th, when it was already apparent that no one had any idea what the fuck was going on down there. Then I was broke up til I got paid again today. Thank you, again.

  33. noz Says:

    good looks wedrink

  34. wedrinkbitter Says:

    Hey Noz, when are you going to post some Bow Wow and Omarion songs? That would be spiffy.

  35. bambouche Says:

    word the fuck up. my head just cleared and i remembered you talking about doing this. peace. i hope you win terry’s nastiness. paypal can suck my nuts. this is real.

  36. fleetwood mossberg Says:

    been looking a decade for dj jimi

    id like to use this time to give a special shot out to club odyssey in dayton ohio 1990-’94

  37. Fesser Says:

    Good work. Would have liked to see Put Ya Ballys On, but a great way to help. If you downloaded this and promised yourself you would send some money when you got paid, you probably got paid since then, so pay up. If you are looking for a different way to help, you can donate to get WWOZ back on the air.

  38. noz Says:

    word what fesser said.

    and nasty bitch > put cha ballys on. though both are dope.

  39. Jurij Ganjov Says:

    could you update the link? please, please, please

  40. noz Says:

    link updated.

  41. tom Says:

    This is a fantastic idea – can you re-up again please. Thanks.

  42. jace Says:

    yeah, a(nother) re-up would be appreciated for us latecomers..

  43. JD Says:

    I am from the NO and I thank you for putting this relief effort out. The response from everyone has just been more than I could ever imagine. My fam is fortunate to have found housing and jobs, so now I’m trying to do what I can to share what I have. Whoadai, I’ve been trying to get my hands on this MC T.T. Tucker song for years!!!! Please re-up the link so I can get that outcha, man! Thanks again…for the help and the trip back to the ol’ school. Holla!

  44. elisamaza Says:

    Hey, I just caught wind of your site (from a candian guy at a wedding in London — go figure). Any chance I could get you to reup that mix? I’m from N.O. and have already made a couple of donations to the Red Cross (giving more when the end-of-year money rolls in and will add on some $$ for the music). No problem if not, but I’d love it if you could!

    Thanks for doing this, either way :)

  45. o Says:

    Yo whats up man. I met you through phil at ya crib last semester and we went to adams… i dont know if you remember.

    this poet topic is totally on point. poet is the truth. i got those screwball album from phil and they’re both tight. i got a QB mixtape and its got a track with Poet and Premo called We Go’on Ill. Its tight. Its tight to know he’s been rapping since back then. Those last two links dont work for me, but that Hell Breaking Loose is crazy!

  46. cbw Says:

    can we get a re-up of this album?

    thanks man

  47. Anonymous Says:

    u gotta be kidding i been looking for these songs for forever, help a miami dj out with a reup.

  48. shelly Says:


  49. E double Says:

    HELL YEAH… dats what I’m talkin bout… Keep that bounce alive!!!!

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  52. thomas drummer Says:

    I NEED THAT NEW ORLEANS BOUNCE THROW BACK tyte2huh2000@yahoo.com

  53. upenda Says:


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  56. nate Says:


  57. DJ Real Juicy Says:

    Re-up? Any chance? Would be dope!

  58. Tupring Says:

    Thank you very much for this rerereup!!!

  59. arbs Says:

    please reup this g compilation

  60. Matt Says:

    Really excited to hear this but it needs to be rehosted

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