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No Limit Week Day 1

Don’t You Know That THE TANK Can’t Be Dented?
Back up in this bitch like…

So after a much needed break from, I’m returning by finally getting No Limit series, which has existed as just bunch of scraps on my hard drive for the past two months, off the ground. Let me just preface this entire thing by saying that I am in no way a No Limit expert. Far from it. They put out a few tapes I love, some that I like, A LOT that I’ve never heard and some absolute trash (unfortunately, more often than not, people unfairly judge their legacy by the trash). In any label with a catalog that’s damn near in triple digits, that’s the best you can hope for. Frankly, I’d be a little frightened by anybody who’s completely in love with every single release from the label.

This is an attempt to wade through that catalog for some of the dopeness. It is not intended as a comprehensive overview. If you think I missed out on something, feel free to mention it mention it, but don’t get all aggy about it. I’m only one man knee deep in NL tapes and about 8,000 pages of fold out “GAMBINO FAMILY COMING SOON” inserts. If you think somethings missing go to the board and request it or up it your self. Or start your own damn blog.

And seriously, folks, no haters allowed. Last time I posted some P, i was met with some resistance. I know that he’s not the most well loved cat in certain circles, but trust that I’m only gonna put up some dope shit. If you’re still on that 12th Grade “i only listen to what stretch & bob say is good” follower just stop checking this site already. shit you might as well just stop listening to rap altogether. Anyway, on to the music-

Master P – “Jack Of The Jackers
from Get Away Clean (No Limit, 1990)
EA-Ski – “Ski $ CMT
from Ski $ CMT EP (No Limit, 1992)

Because he’s so often identified as the man who brought the south to the mainstream, a lot of people fail to even realize that not only did P actually get his start in Richmond, California, but that No Limit spent the first several years of it’s existence as a primarily bay label. Before P’s jump to the NO, they were distributed by bay powerhouses In-A-Minute and Solar Music Group, respectively. P even ran his own No Limit store front at the time.

Get Away Clean is (I believe) the labels first release and finds a very immature sound Percy over an uncharacteristically traditional selection of sampled loops and hard ass gangsta beats (self produced, or at least that’s what the credits say). Despite the fact that homie sounds like a damn 12 year old, it’s pretty dope. He even delves into sociopolitical commentary territory on the albums closer, “You Only Live Once”. The full length is definitely worth copping.

NL was also the first of four labels to not release an album from the now legendary EA-Ski (and CMT). They did manage to drop two EPs, this, their eponymous debut and, One Step Ahead Of Y’all. The duo also laced a bunch of other shit for the labels releases (including much of P’s second joint Mama’s Bad Boy)

Also worth checking out from this era: TRU’s Understanding The Criminal Mind. And P’s wife Sonya C put out a tape, which I’ve never heard, but imagine is far from essential (and the amazon audio clips don’t disprove that theory, even though the production seems kinda noice).

Elsewhere: Plum Drank breaks down some more early P; Excellent SF Bay Guardian article on EA-Ski & CMT; As close as you’re gonna come to a complete discography of No Limit Releases

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17 Responses to “No Limit Week Day 1”

  1. Remy LeBeau Says:

    Damn, is this EA SKI song on an album? Or is it unreleased shit?

  2. noz Says:


  3. p-oz Says:


  4. likwidx Says:

    Ski’s got some great shit that would be blowing up if anyone listened to the west coast anymore…Bag Of Chips with Boss Hogg is the best song I’d heard in months, and I had to hear it first on college radio…sad

  5. TSC Says:

    HAHA, these songs cracked me up, but both were cool. I had no fucking clue P started out on the westcoast. In retrospect, that Tupac tribute song makes more sense.

  6. Binkle Says:

    Master Percy was a titan in the game, then he had Romeo ( I would guess that’s what made him fall off… ) and he straight sucked.

    I wanna see a post with Mr. Magic on it!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i can see how people may front on Non Limit, but when you hear some of their hits it’s undeniable.

    check this allhiphop.com feature a while back (http://www.allhiphop.com/features/index.asp?ID=1071) on Master P.

    The guy definitely hustles. And I think Romeo is wack as f too, but I’ll still check for P’s new album.

  8. jayo Says:

    i’ll never forget my first real job, working at video store in el cerrito. chilee powdah (TRU) came in all the time… because his baby’s momma worked there.

    side note response regarding E-A Ski: check out my site, i’ll be posting up the new e-a-ski feat. too short single in a few days.

  9. Big Surge Says:

    thank you for the heeeturz.

  10. doxx Says:

    I was a big fan of P and No Limit during their Richmond, CA days. People in the Bay hate on him now, but his impact is undeniable. Herm started the compilation game out here with “Trying To Survive In The Ghetto,” but P went above and beyond with the first “West Coast Bad Boyz” comp.

    Nice post.

  11. jose g.r. Says:

    I’ve always felt that E-A-Ski helped produce “Keep their Heads Ringin'” for Dre, I can just hear it in the beat…

  12. kilaa Says:

    wqho is ski

  13. kilaa Says:

    holla at the kid

  14. Diggedy Dan LeCount Says:

    Yeah I loved that old bay shit when I was growin’ up on the peninsula. I always used to bang out Master P s’ “the ghetto’s tryin’ to kill me album” which i think earned him capital to drop westcoast badboyz. You know, no one talks about totally Insane, Chunk, C-Funk AKA Captain Crunch or any of the other clizzassic EPA(East Palo Alto) artists. RBL Posse,JT and the GLP got a little notoriety but most of the love went over to the east bay cats like E-40, MacMall, MacDre, etc. who I got love for too.

  15. Mike G Says:

    I love the early No Limit stuff, but I gotta say Mama’s Bad Boy is way better than Get Away Clean. Get Away Clean is almost dope, but almost every song has annoying scratches, over all the verses! I’m down with scratchin, but cut that shit out when a man is talkin.

  16. Download Master P’s Al Capone Mixtape « The FADER Says:

    […] P—the man who founded No Limit in Richmond, California, moved the label to New Orleans and brought Southern rap to the mainstream before starring on his […]

  17. NotAmerican Says:

    Master P… man, I bought everything the man put out, even when he was on that wack-azz “I’m gonna release a No Limit LP every 3 weeks… don’t worry about trying to tell them apart, cuz they all the same, each one has all 922 artists signed to NL…” And then his only fan up North here starts catching him in his lies… “Oh, ‘The Ghetto’s Tryin’ To Kill Me’ was my first underground record!… ‘Why the hell would you name your record label ‘Drug Slangers Market’ or some negative thing? That’s why it’s always been, and always will be, No Limit for me! [Oops, he changed his record label’s name to “Dope House Records” after “The New No Limit” didn’t work out!!]… and I don’t watch much reality TV, but my wifey watched Season 1 of “Dancing With The Stars”, and I know Master P was filling in at the last minute for Romeo, but really – he wants street cred back so he wears sneakers to dance the Tango in? His dance partner goes out and buys him a pair of shoes and he THROWS THEM AT HER? Seriously? You gotta be an asshole on national TV to keep up your rep? And the last thing I heard was he was gonna “stop cussin’ on records, team up with Will Smith and Oprah, and do a positive black thing!” Oops, guess nobody cared! I’m sorry, but whenever I hear about a singer/porn star/whatever saying they “found Jeebus! Saved, sanctified, and filled with the holy ghost!”, and they’re NOT in prison, it reminds me of Marilyn Manson’s master plan – when the “shock rock thing” stops making him money, he’s gonna become a reborn krisschan and make money protesting whoever is “shocking” in the 2030’s. Master P has more money than you, me, the Illuminati, and gawd – all combined – so he could put out an album called “Bitch Killa” now, and he’d still have money for Romeo’s great-great-grandkids. Ha ha, fuck Master P!

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