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New Rap Music

Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin Changed
from The Best That Never Did It (Year Round, Coming Soon)
Blaq Poet is an ageless headbuster. I mostly posted this to balance out the next selection.

Drake f/ Bun B & Lil Wayne – “Uptown

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from So Far Gone (Mixtape, 2008)
So Far Gone may be the first decidedly post-808s & Heartbreak mixtape, in fact roughly the first third of the tape sounds like producer 40 was told to “make something that sounds like ‘Say You Will’.” Drake later raps over the “Say You Will” instrumental. (Then there is a remake of June 27th freestyle on here, which just seems disingenuous, if not completely out of place.) But beat selection aside, my man is just not a very good rapper. Dude is like Wayne if you stripped him of all his charisma and style and just left the awkward punchlines. And it’s odd that, in the era of Officer Ricky, his credibility has remained unchecked. Far be it from me to suggest that someone can’t rap well (or rap/sing, as there is surprisingly little rapping going on here) simply because they are a soft handed Canadian television star, but when they actually can’t rap well and are also these things it should raise a few questions. This is the most tolerable track on the tape.

TD f/ Peedi Crakk – “Goin’ Off ’09

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from DJ E Stacks – Welcome To Trilladelphia 3 (Mixtape, 2008)
Philadelphia getting back to what it does best – jacking old school breaks. Ike Turna (great name!) just loops up Biz’s little oscillating voice box effect for three minutes straight while TD and Peedi snack like Scooby Doo. (||?)

Droop-E – “May I Transform”

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from Hungry & Humble (Sick Wid It, Coming Soon)
More departures. It seems like just yesterday that young Droop-E was slapping young ladies with wads of cash, now he’s matured into one of those guys who raps indiscriminately about girls and religion over acoustic guitar beats. Basically, he made an Atmosphere record. (Only have a myspace link on this at the moment.)

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19 Responses to “New Rap Music”

  1. mr pilly wonk Says:

    wow i really hope all of Droop-E’s album isn’t like that. you heard the new one with 40 and Cousin Fik? I was actually excited for Droop-E (no B-Slim?) after hearing it, but now i’m not so sure.


  2. julio manchvegas Says:

    that’s one of the more exciting premier beats ive heard in awhile…

  3. Safari Says:

    I’m surprised that “Well Isn’t this awkward” by C. Hamilton wasn’t mentioned. I do think the Drake sounds very 808s..

  4. PURPLE HULK Says:

    He remade June 27th? That faggot piece of crap. I wanna see soneone beat the shit out of him, I hope I never see that piece of scum.

    You’re right about the canadian tv star crap, thats why I’ve never even heard a track from this guy. I hated that show, and he was the gayest character on there.

  5. TSF Says:

    “I’m surprised that “Well Isn’t this awkward” by C. Hamilton wasn’t mentioned.” LOL and good point! Man, ’09 ain’t off to a good start. Anyone heard that Jay Rock tape? The song with Wayne is actually pretty good, and the rest of the tape ain’t bad.

  6. Tray Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about Premo sampling Akon. It’s like, on the one hand, way to kinda put his garbage ass to good use, and it’s nice to see Premo turning to more unconventional sources for his boring scratched hooks, but on the other hand, it’s still Akon.

  7. matt Says:

    man turf talk would demolish that beat…droop needs to stick to producing

  8. deej Says:

    tray — who cares dog

  9. barns Says:

    i imagine a lot of folk rolling in their grave over that june 27th.

  10. Sonya Says:

    Ok let’s go in order:

    Blaq Poet track – Solid

    Drake feat. Bun and Wayne – I thought Drake was a singer

    TD feat. Peedi – They did the beat justice

    Droop-E – The beat is cool

  11. R Says:

    ur ridiculously offpoint on your Drake critique, dude is tight as fuck.

  12. noz Says:

    what do you like about him?

  13. TooShaney Says:

    Fuck that guy. Nobody can evolve from this…


  14. andre blunt Says:

    where the fuck can i get that blaq poet song?
    shit slaps.

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  16. TdotMo Says:

    I’m sorry…I completely disagree with you about the your Drake Critique. I was shocked all through out the tape. Just his shit is on point and his craft is going to be on point.

  17. Blah Says:

    Drake is overrated. He’s nothing special at all. He’s got a really lazy and phoned in flow; no mic skills whatsoever.

  18. Dizzy D Says:

    DRAKE is on TOTAL CLUB HITS 3 with I’m Still Fly. IN STORES NOW!

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