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No Biting Allowed For At Least 45 Minutes

B-Ice-Cool – “Toothache

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from Toothache 12″ (8th Ave, 1988)

Have you ever heard a rap record about a toothache? I’ll bet you haven’t.

Bonus Beat: ‘Big Doc’ on the case: East Memphis dentist produces album of child-oriented rap. “Pulling Teeth For The Hood.”

Bonus Bushwick Typo: Motherfuck a war / that’s how I feel / sendin’ a n*gga to a dentist to get killed.”

Buh buh buh wait it gets worse: Hiphopdentistry.com.

Rammellrelated: I couldn’t drill into teeth, so I make sure they bite.

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6 Responses to “No Biting Allowed For At Least 45 Minutes”

  1. Elijah Says:

    “Brush Yo Donkey Teeth” sounds like genius.

  2. faux_rillz Says:

    What about that Muhammed Ali vs. Mr. Tooth Decay joint?

  3. noz Says:

    Are you trying to resurrect the “ALI WAS THE FIRST RAPPER” debate?

  4. stanned_and_delivered Says:

    I know people who go to jail just to get their teeth fixed.

  5. MAYNHOLUP! Says:

    Noz mayn u missed de best rap eva dat talks about dis shit mayn!!!!

    de wun, de only, Eli Porter. youtube him if u aint know.

    “u need ta go to de Dental!”

  6. CR Says:

    “send a n**a to the dentist to get killed” … hilarious … possibly better than the original line.

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