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Producer Of The Year: Drumma Boy

Even though year end lists are played like King Tee’s baby grand, I did want to give one last nod to Drumma Boy. 2008 has been a landmark year for the Memphis producer and nobody is really talking about it. (If only there were some sort magazine dedicated to the work of prominent hip hop producers.) It’s crazy how he has evolved from the dude who placed loose cuts on Gangsta Boo comeback albums to literally the most consistent and diverse beatmaker in hip hop. He helmed the biggest hit off the year’s best album (Jeezy – “Put On”), the greatest record in the year’s best beef (TI – “What Up, What’s Happenin’?”) and the best Dracula impersonation ever (Gorilla Zoe – “Lost”). All the while he was refining this completely unique and sort of morose aesthetic, gothic crunk, as the Clipse’s favorite blogger might have put it.

It looks like Drumma also produced about half of the Rocko album, which umma bout to listen to. Wish me luck.

Honorable mentions, with consideration for originality and consistency: Bangladesh (“A Milli”, multiple fake “A Milli”s), Best Kept Secret (The Mixtape About Nothing), Black Milk (Tronic), Block Beataz (Starshipz & Rockets), Jake One (White Van Music), Jim Jonsin (a bunch of fruity radio joints that were still kinda good), Kidz With Machine Gunz (Killer Mike – “God In The Building”, Tracey T – “Swagger Right Check”), No ID (Kanye – “Heartless”, “God In The Building” [co-prod.], Spree Wilson – “Word”), Ron Browz (E E ther Boy), Sid Roams (Product Of The 80s), Zaytoven (8,000 Gucci joints).

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26 Responses to “Producer Of The Year: Drumma Boy”

  1. david Says:


  2. WalkMasterFlex Says:

    Drumma Boy had a sick year but I think I have to give this one up to the Block Beataz- they came out of nowhere to produce some of the best and most original work this year. Also what about Mouse? Dude produced some of the best shit out of Baton Rouge this year: the best tracks off the Webbie album, Lil’ Boosie’s strongest cuts, and “2 Pieces” by Jimi Jump

  3. noz Says:

    “Lil’ Boosie’s strongest cuts”

    You sure about that? It sounds like the dude BJ was doing most of his mixtape shit this year. But I agree, both probably deserve mention. I forgot Savage Life 2 came out this year, I thought it was older than that, there was some heat on there.

  4. Blast Says:

    Nicely Done.

    Like I said on PF, the way Drumma Boy’s beats on Jeezy’s album all share elements that build toward Put On is pretty incredible. Especially on a big budget major label with a ton of other producers on it.

    You do need to check out Serve and Collect 2. Mr. Lee does work.

  5. Ill Swill Says:

    Rocko’s shit is flat-out unlistenable.

  6. Blast Says:

    Swag Season is much better, but DB’s production on the album is outstanding.

  7. DocZeus Says:

    The T.I./Shawty Lo beef was the beef of the year? Eww. And you’re probably right, too. Hip Hop should be ashamed of itself if that’s the best it could produce.

  8. Tray Says:

    I thought you didn’t care much for the Milli beat.

    I used to think very highly of Mr. Lee but I wasn’t impressed by his beats on the ABN. Still Throwed, of course, not counting towards that assessment.

  9. ANU Says:

    rocko is a bad rapper, but the beats are bangin…

    also mr lee and rick rock had their thing going pretty wel this year

  10. noz Says:

    “A Milli” has grown on me and its impact is undeniable.

    I’ve been kinda undwhelmed by Rick Rock. He seemed like he was about to go crazy after the Turf and Feds album, and then everything he did this year was just by the numbers hyphy shit.

  11. noz Says:

    I still haven’t listened to Rocko either. I feel good about that.

  12. Carl Says:

    Bangladesh should have an asterisk for “A Millie.”

    Some other dude (“Cha Lo”) hooked up the sample; Bangladesh just perfected the beat.

  13. Trevor Says:

    Hey Noz, if you like the “More Bass” or whatever it’s called beat from Busta Rhymes you should check out this mixtape track from The Pack called “My Boy”, they take that rediculous Bangladesh beat n actually rap to it. You should like it.

  14. beez Says:

    Droop-E>Rick Rock in 2009.

    I can’t believe something good eventually came of that shitty “I Left My Wallet..” remix. That song is monumentally shitty.

  15. dv Says:

    Anyone know who produced the new Killer Mike song “Grinding” from that new Green Lantern (+ 8 other DJs for some reason) mixtape.

  16. ri067953 Says:

    Ha ha…played like a fucking piano.

  17. ri067953 Says:

    BTW, Noz…I would like to know what you think about the two albums dropped by Above the Law in the mid to late-ninties, Time Will Reveal and Legends. In my opinion, those albums had some of the tightest and innovative production to come out of the West Coast. I think that Hutch and company deserve more credit in shaping the sound of west coast gangster rap.

  18. MAYNHOLUP! Says:

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  19. MAYNHOLUP! Says:

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  20. MZA Says:

    glad to see Zaytiggy got an honorable mention.. and yeah, Drumma Boy did his thing. Shawty Redd and Kanye also did their thing, imo.

  21. Tray Says:

    You got your own domain?

  22. DocZeus Says:

    I still refuse to believe Maynholup! is not Noz.

  23. ANDY HAMS Says:

    good to say zaytoven on there. drumma boy has to be in the lab 20 hrs a day, dude sold soooo many beats this year.

  24. Tray Says:

    “If only there were some sort magazine dedicated to the work of prominent hip hop producers.”

    How’d I miss this? There was for a year, but then this magazine rapidly commenced to sucking and doing cover stories on Eminem and imaginary Nas/Premo albums. Though occasionally some mysterious blogger who shall go nameless sent some good work its way.

  25. David S Says:

    Not the best of the year, but don’t sleep on Young L. The Wolfpack mixtape Vol 3 (Screaming Demons) was made for my ride

  26. CJ Says:

    I think this cat lives in the apartment above mine.

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