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Patience & The Second Amendment


Please, a definition: A hibernation is a covert preparation for more overt action

Okay. Expect a full relaunch within a week or two. Until then, I am selling my pharmaceuticals on ebay and giving my non-sequiturials on the twitter.


26 Responses to “Patience & The Second Amendment”

  1. Luca Brazi Says:

    The King is back!

    Good to see you aint dead.

  2. big zunkle Says:


  3. david Says:

    yo man yer a breath of fresh air…dotn leave us hangin…all the other blogs got new york nuts in their mouth while they jerk chicago dick off

  4. er4se Says:

    oh word?

  5. mush Says:

    finally. it was about to be RIP rap blogs….

  6. raggamuffin airhorn Says:


    they say a picture is worth a thousand words. i think this one is worth much more. month long panel discussion on the doin thangs album cover, anyone? i wish i had something insightful to say about it, other than when i die, i want to come back as one of those bears.

  7. DocZeusX Says:

    You know, I never want to actually hear “Doin Thangs” because I’m afraid it might ruin the cover for me.

    Like it can’t possibly top the sheer ridiculousness that the cover is so no matter what I’d be disappointed.

  8. Hawg Says:

    piss myself.

    i though i was the only one obsessed with that cover

  9. bding7 Says:

    hawg, apparently you missed this.


    and this is good, too.


  10. Tray Says:

    Doc makes a good point. I downloaded Mo B. Dick’s album the other day and there’s not a single ridiculous moment on the whole thing. The song titles are funnier than the actual songs.

  11. DocZeus Says:


    That’s the piece that just wont die. I’m still getting links for that and it’s been almost six months since I wrote it. You will be shocked at the places I’ve seen it linked to.

  12. boi-dan Says:

    Actually that cover makes sense, I believe the guy is from Alaska or the Northwest. So I guess his region is deep within him.

  13. TSF Says:

    This video is hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfqdaAGqmSk

    Why does the cgi Big Bear have titties? Wtf?

  14. Grimey Says:


  15. djeff Says:


  16. Jonny Says:

    had me scared for a second.+

  17. bump&grill Says:


  18. yall are children. im a hyacinth Says:

    man yall are stupid ass lil white children.

    its called being over the top.

    you might call it ‘ghetto fabulous’…cause you seen bullworth. i aint seen bullworth.

    especially you doctor zuess. what you think? ball and mjg are sposed to scrutinize the fuck outta their album cover, back in 93? maybe you all should put up your middle school photos so we can rip em apart. im hella insulted by this shit.

    that dude aint tryna front like hes down with some muhfucking bears. this the kinda shit that we like to do, see, make, sorry if it aint high enough production values for ya. id rather have a scraper bike than a fucking nascar. thats my word.

  19. 'a different person' Says:

    yeah, i agree. why donchall scrutinize some cave drawings. ‘aww, that bitch has hella ridiculos tits, haw haw!’

  20. bding7 Says:

    i’m hella insulted “yall are children. im a hyacinth.” i must have been out of the loop, b/c that’s not the kinda shit i like to do, and i would prefer a BART pass to a scraper.

  21. 'a different person' Says:

    the thing you mist, the thing i sposed to have referred to, is doctor zuesses


    basically hes just ridiculing all the 90s pen n pixel covers. big deal. not hard to do. some shit id expect from hipster blogs. these album covers are the equivalent of costume jewelery. no one is tryna play it off like silkk really live in a golden palace.

  22. Slizzard Says:

    Noz has spent hibernation smoking speed and reading Raw Vision

  23. DocZeus Says:

    “especially you doctor zuess. what you think? ball and mjg are sposed to scrutinize the fuck outta their album cover, back in 93.”

    In a word, Yes. Yes, you are supposed to scrutinize a product you are going to be sending out for mass consumption. Otherwise, you are going to get clowned.

    And for the record, I love those covers but bad production values are still bad production values. I’m sorry you have no sense of humor. Life must be really hard.

  24. Slizzard Says:

    whatever production values are in those covers are the good kind, you got it twisted. Rear End, Give it 2 Em Raw… and the 8ball cover too… these are some of the best covers I know of.

  25. Lil Jazz Says:

    This Big Bear Doin Thangs album cover is a great example of Pen & Pixel Graphics going overboard on skill and cheeze. lol

  26. Donnie Oster Says:

    the dislike clubhouse must be thinkin ‘what the fuck am i doing here? ‘

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