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AIN’T MY VAULT: Luke Interview Pt. 2

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Part one, in case you missed it.

How did you feel about the other artists coming out of the bass scene at the time?
I think Miami does not have a sound right now… Oh you said back then? Back then I was excited because we had a sound that you could identify Miami with. It was the bass sound it was uptempo it was what we created and you had other artists around here piggybacking off of what we were doing and they were doing really good. Not on a national level but on a regional level. Then you had 69 Boyz and they were doing good on a national level and you had Quad City doing good when they did the Space Jam movie. that was a major movie for them and that was a bass record. I was really excited about the sound and the sound was something that you identify Miami with. You know that was southern music, that was the only southern sound at the time. We were the only ones from anywhere else that was really doing something. I mean you had Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta but he wasn’t really doing nothing southern. Only person in his camp that was really doing the southern sound was Lil Jon. Not in ’88 but a little later on. The sound was there, you heard a bass song you thought of Miami. (more…)

Get Well Soon, Guru

Monday, March 1st, 2010


Gang Starr – “Credit Is Due

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from Lovesick 12″ (Chrysais, 1991)

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is currently in a coma after suffering a cardiac arrest. He is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

(And please check your “Primo made the group” internet revisionist idiocy at the door. Keith is one of the greats.)

Update: Guru’s surgery was a success.