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IMUS Blunts & IMUS tapes

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Blogging is dead. Only IMUS remains. So believe that it’s IMUS I drop IMUS shit.

What do rappers think? Willie D, Wise Intelligent and Paris weigh in on IMUS.

IMUS also incited an Effeminate Bald Man Conference on Oprah. Russell Simmons held it down like a motherfucker, if I ever need to go on Oprah I’m rolling with Rush. Sadly it would seem that Common is no longer interested in generously housing more hoes than Spelman. At least we’ll always have classics like “Can-I-MUS?

Saul Williams responded to that response. I liked his points, but it definitely needed more IMUS. I mean, what about the children?

YZ’s got an online radio show, Fridays at 6 PM EST. David Banner guests tomorrow. Should be interesting. I mussume there will be lots of IMUS talk.

BBQin With DJ Paul has nothing to do with IMUS. Except one of the dudes is wearing a cowboy hat.

This post has been sponsered by FAMOUS IMOS brand COOKIES. If you have any further questions feel free to IM us here at cocaineblunts.

West Coast Vaccine Tracklisting

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

UPDATED 4/19 (via jake one/slstrt) Mostly Droop & Rick Rock slaps. Works for me.

Waving a little fanfare for what could be one of the stronger 2007 rap releases, courtesy of E-40’s cousin Turf Talk. His 2005 debut and last proper solo record, The Street Novelist was a favorite of mine and possibly the finest full length realization of the hyphy movement to date. West Coast Vaccine has been mainly a product of faint message board murmurs and if Sick Wid It’ CD inserts were to tell it, it’s been coming soon for almost two years. Like similarly AWOL Wise Intelligent and Cormega CDs, it was one of my most anticipated for 2006. So It’s nice to see that it finally has a release date and a tracklisting (and a FREEWAY cameo), although we know that sort of thing means very little in this day and age. Also the artwork is dope as fuck, with a nice Down & Dirty nod.

Turf Talk – West Coast Vaccine (Sick Wid It)
April 3 25 June 5?, 2007

1. Intro f/ Akronems of Writers Block (Produced by Nick Fury)
2. Bring The Base Back (Produced by Rick Rock)
3. Doe Boy ft. E-40 & B-Legit (Produced by Droop E)
4. Record Company Skit
5. Super Star ft. Lock Smith (Produced by C.M.T & EA-Ski)
6. I Got Chips ft. E-40 (Produced by Rick Rock)
7. That’s That Turf Talk (Produced by Tha Bizness)
8. Broke Niggas! (Produced by Droop-E)
9. PoPos ft. E-40 (Produced by Droop-E)
10. Back In The Day ft. Kartoon (Ruff Rider West) & Jelly Roll (Produced By Rome)
11. Money On Ya Head ft. KnockaMichie (Produced by Rick Rock)
12. Let Me Holla at You ft. Rick Rock (Produced by Rick Rock)
13. Fresh Is The Word ft. E-40 (Produced by Jake 1)
14. X ft. Yuk Mouth (Produced by Rick Rock)
15. Liquor Store Skit
16. I’m Ghetto (Produced by Rick Rock)
17. Stop Snithchin ft. E-40 (Produced by Droop-E)
18. Minnie Minnie ft. Freeway (Produced by Droop E)
19. Rippah ft. Too $hort (Produced by Troy Sanders)
20. Shinnin (Produced by LA)
21. Groupie (Produced by Traxxamillion)

200 Word Devin Live Review

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Devin The Dude, Backyard Band, UGK & The Product @ Club Lime DC 4/6/07

Noz’s yearly rap show: I wrote a lot about Devin over at XXL today, so I am keeping this short, sweet and sporadic. They de-batteried my camera so no pictures. $60 at the door, which is a weeks worth of food money for me and meant that I could only afford water bottles all night. Backyard killed it as would be expected. Legend has it that some big name rappers have contractual clauses that prevent them from sharing the bill with go-go bands, as it’s pretty much pointless to expect any rapper to show them up. Devin holds his own specifically because he is such a mellow compliment to their sound. And because DC loves The Dude. He opened up performing “Just a Man” with BYB, then switched to DAT, mostly rocking material from his first record. Only did “What a Job” from the new joint. He is a charasmatic showman. Club closed at 3:30 before UGK hit the stage, if they were even in the building. The Product did not perform either. Frustrating but predictable. EDIT: Readers have informed me that The Product & UGK were performing on another stage DURING Devin’s set. WTF? Still two long sets from very dope acts is better than four 15 minute ones and eight boring openers, which is more often the case at rap shows.

I Know You Motherfuckers Ain’t Gon Believe This!

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

KRS One f/ Poet – “Victory”
from Hip Hop Lives (to be released, 2007)

An unexpected collabo considering Poet basically dedicated the first half of his career to dissing Kris. It’s like a “Black Republicans” for old grown heads. Except Poet never made an Illmatic (though on the other hand he never made an “Oochie Wally” either.) KRS does the talking loud and saying nothing shit that has bogged the later part of his career but he does it really well. He seems to be reigning in the crazy to mere self importance for this album. Poet kinda kills it in the same way he’s been kinda killing it for twenty years. Marley’s (Ghost Producer’s) beat is fire. The “Where are They Now?” remixes proved that most of the old guard rappers just need some solid production to sound great. Hip Hop Lives might end up being a better album than Hip Hop is Dead.

This is a Future Flavas rip and cuts off during KRS’ last verse but you get the basic idea.

Paul Wall’s Top 10 Similes

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Post-Chamillionaire ghost writing, of course.

1. “I’m on the block, posted up like a mailbox”
2. “I’m on the block posted up like Yao Ming in the low post”
3. “I lay the pipe down like a plumber”
4. “Swinging like a swing set”
5. “I’m posted like a stamp”
6. “Grippin’ wood like a lumber jack” (PAUSE)
7. “I’m posted up on the block like a stop sign”
8. “Crawlin’ like a baby”
9. “On the block posted up like Jermaine O’Neal”
10. “I’m On the block, holding posts like Jermaine O’Neal”

Paul Wall’s Get Money, Stay True is in stores tomorrow. Personally, I’d advise against purchasing it.