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Labyrinth, in Perspective

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009


Freddie became the second rap [act] in the publication’s 29 year history to grace the cover. The first were NWA in 1989.

Correction via my old fact checking team at XXL: The New Boyz and The Knux have both appeared on the cover of the LA Weekly within the last year. Remind me to never again cite Rap Radar as a credible source.

LOCAL PRODUCT: Freddie Gibbs & Will Scrilla (Gary, IN)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Freddie Gibbs (Photo courtesy of Clayton Woodley)

Local Product is a new and hopefully reoccurring series where current day artists from smaller market hip hop scenes break down the untold histories of their cities. Freddie Gibbs, of Gary, Indiana seemed like a good place to start. His Miseducation Of Freddie Gibbs is one of the stronger mixtapes to drop in recent months, but the community that birthed him has been taking form since the mid to late 90s with groups like The Grind Family, CCA and the MCG’z. Here Freddie tells their story and introduces you to some of their classic records. He even gets Grind Family’s incarcerated founder Will Scrilla in on the conversation. (more…)

Medicine For Fuel

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Lil Wayne f/ Kanye West – “Lollipop (Remix)

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The original mix of “Lollipop” is downright despicable. This remix however… let’s just call it a grower. The obnoxious refrain remains. Kanye is on here and he afflicts the robot larynx for a whatever whatever guest verse. He is still not a very good rapper. But Wayne is, at least when he wants to be. Here he was wise to replace his fruity gurgles with fruity, rapped gurgles. The way the autotune rolls when he says “my nina” or the second syllable of “porno” is really just on some perfect glitch shit. Plus he’s rapping in this uncomfortable blur of stream of conscious punchlines: before the song is over he says “greedy mother fudge cake”, name drops a relatively obscure LL record and turns the whole record into a safe sex message. If Carter 3 consisted entirely of Wayne rapping, actually rapping, in this style, at this level of eccentricity, it might just be incredible. Dude is completely unhinged and hip hop might could use that sort of guy right now. The last safe bet helped bring about the genres ruination. Not to mention, the more subdued autotunage worked pretty well on “Damn I’m Cold“. So we’ll see. I may just have to eat my words. Or I could just be rationalizing my own gradual transformation into a robohomo. Quick, somebody put on some M.O.P.

Via Eskay.

After the jump: Robot Insurance (more…)

The Only Time I’m Ever Posting A Nelly Song

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Nelly – “Bay

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Nelly channels Spice 1, Too Short and E-40 on this, his tribute to the Yay. Strange career move for the nearly irrelevant rapper, but it’s a nice gesture. Produced by Droop-E.

I Never Even Read The Bible!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

II Main – “Forgive Me Father
II Main – “I Wanna Do A Murder

from Forgive Me Father (O’Shay, 199?)

Mystery rap is back. If my area code inference is accurate, this group is from Lansing, MI. It seems to be a family affair – just about everybody involved has the last name Mitchell. I just sold the tape on ebay, but in the past week I’ve become a little bit obsessed with it. And I’m not sure why. Superficially, the title track is the shallowest type of horrorcore. I burnt my girlfriend with gasoline and I killed my brother because my father molested him and my mother was a dyke but it turns out that I killed my self because I’m my brother and I’m crazy blood dripping from the motherfucking sheets type business. But they implicate a system of poverty as well: “I hate being hungry til my fucking stomach bleeds.” It’s heavy shit. And then the one guy takes a shit on the floor of the grocery store. Sort of an unexpected turn but ok. And “I Wanna Do A Murder” is a straight “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” knock off. But on the whole it goes kinda hard. I don’t know, maybe it’s the production? I really like this tape and I will miss it when I mail it to France tomorrow. Forgive me father I uploaded some generic random rap from the midwest.

If you know anything about II Main, you know the drill. Leave a comment or drop me a line.